7 Best Alternative to Google Ads

Want to run some paid traffic but do not want to choose Google Ads? There are many best alternative to Google Ads to try to get more traffic to your websites or blogs.

Alternative to Google Ads

Whenever we want to make our website or blog more popular throughout the world, it is high time to run paid relevant ads on your website pages. In this online world, Google Ads plays a vital role in the paid search marketing field.

Due to the vast amount of searches made through Google by many Internet users, people are inclined to run more and more paid traffics to make their sites more popular and earn more revenues. Due to this, the cost per click on Google is becoming more expensive, and hence, small businesses or individuals are searching for the high quality and best alternative to Google Ads.

This is why we have assembled here to present some of the best alternative to Google ads that you can try to improve the ROI more. There are plenty of advertising platforms available, depending on the products and services your business is offering.

Whether you want to target adsvideo ads, several best alternatives must be tried to use your marketing efforts in the right place. Besides the price of Google Adsense, achieving approval for this Google Adsense has become a lot difficult. Apart from that, the customization options are also limited compared to its alternatives.

But, the above discussion does not mean that Google Adsense has degraded. Instead, it is still the one that stands first in the race, but due to high competition in Google Ads, more advertising platforms have reached the same position.

Therefore, let us check out the top 7 best alternatives to Google Ads listed below in no particular order.

7 best alternative to Google Ads

1. Bing Ads:

bing ads is google ads alternative

From the middle of the year 2009, Bing is there that serves as a powerful alternative to Google when Microsoft merged several search engines, and Bing has acquired the position of the third-largest search engine.

More likely to Google, Bing also serves as an advertising platform to display ads on the search engines’ result pages. Once you run some ads on this ads platform, that will also target ads on the Yahoo search, and hence those ads will show up on the Yahoo search engines.

There are a lot of useful tools provided by Bing Ads like the keyword research tool to create SEO-friendly ad campaigns and achieve more CPC. So, the Bing Ads platform serves as one of the best alternative to Google Ads and an ideal choice for affiliate ads too.


  • Managing this platform is easy.
  • Cheaper CPC but high quality traffic.
  • Customer support is excellent.


  • It does not support ‘call-only’ ads.

2. Amazon Ads:

amazon ads is google ads alternative

It is tough to trace out a person who does not know about this shopping website, “Amazon.” It is a popular name for all online buyers, but it also has proved to be the best choice for many bloggers as it can be featured as the best alternative to Google ads.

Amazon also supports an advertising platform that includes paid ads to let the bloggers incorporate sponsored content listings, display ads, and video ads to attract more customers.

The Amazon ads help your content to achieve a higher position among the numerable search results so that the conversion rates can get higher among the buyers. There are ad networks of Amazon that can ensure your ads show up on external websites other than Amazon.

To sell physical goods, the Amazon ads platform can be a good choice as an alternative to Google ads.


  • Starting a budget can be small to high.
  • The products’ reach will increase.
  • Organic rankings can improve.


  • Some of the product categories are expensive.

3. Adversal:

adversal is google ads alternative

We have picked up another renowned ads platform that enables you to create native ads within a few minutes. The easy and intuitive interface of this advertising platform enables you to start, stop the ad campaigns as per your requirement.

This platform helps you integrate display adsnative ads, and video ads for your websites/blogs. The default tag management system of this advertising platform helps in ad filtering to prevent various frauds.

It would be best if you met some eligibility criteria for using Adversal like 50k views per month and having the site’s domain name is necessary.


  • High CPM rates.
  • The reporting system is excellent to keep track of various ad campaigns.
  • Payout rates are low.


  • The minimum number of views required is 50k which is very high.

4. Adroll:

adroll is google ads alternative

Adroll is a popular platform offering retargeting options, but it also offers some extra features like creating video ads and other kinds of display ads. This ads platform combines more than 500 advertising networks and utilizes Instagram, Taboola, and Yahoo search engines to attract more visitors to your blogs.

With Adroll, it is easy to display ads to web users as it helps to keep track, and the various advanced tracking, AI predictions enable you to enhance your business through paid ad campaigns.

This advertising platform boasts that the customers get five times the return of the investment made through the ad campaigns, and so, it is the best alternative to Google Ads.


  • Retargeting set-up is more manageable.
  • Fairly responsive customer support.
  • The analytics are significant.


  • No real-time reporting.

5. LinkedIn Ads:

linkedin ads is google ads alternative

We have all heard about LinkedIn and its role in enhancing your online presence because it is one of the popular social media platforms globally with millions of business professionals.

Through LinkedIn Ads, you can reach the correct audience because there are several targeting options like the job title, type of industry, and more. Have you failed on the Google Ads when you tried to run SaaS and B2B ads, then LinkedIn can be your next best choice to try because with the help of so many advanced targeting options and prices, the B2B market has become cheaper!

LinkedIn Ads is a great option to directly reach out to various business professionals with a wide range of ad formats such as text, sponsored content, etc.


  • Being a business-focused social media platform, B2B advertising is excellent.
  • Straightforward interface with a lot of targeting options.
  • User-experience is incredible.


  • It is expensive than Facebook.

6. Instagram Ads:

instagram ads is ggogle ads alternative

All the social media users reading this are aware of the most popular name ‘Instagram’ which has gained many users being a part of the Facebook advertising network.

The massive amount of active accounts on this platform has enhanced various ads like video ads, images, posts, etc. Posting an ad on Instagram has a much higher conversion rate because of the large number of users.

There are some high quality targeting options like location, demographics, interests, etc., based on Facebook’s advertising system. As Instagram is much famous for various lifestyle products, it is a better alternative to Google Ads to make your ads reaching out to the right audience.


  • Enhances visibility.
  • Goal-based options for ads set up.
  • Considerable increase in the site traffic.


  • Less advanced features.

7. Bidvertiser:

Bidvertiser google ads alternative

Lastly, on our list of preparing the Google Ads alternatives, we have included Bidvertiser as another alternative to boost your website traffic.

Through Bidvertiser, you can target ads concerning the location, keywords, and channels. The ad formats can be customized as per your need to design it to go as per the website services.

Coming to the payment scenario, for every click, you will get a chance to increase your bank amount with the minimum withdrawal threshold of 10$. The range of ads you can set up using this ads platform is native ads, pop-ups, and sliders.


  • Immediate approval is not the case with Google Adsense.
  • Great support.
  • As many as ads can be added.


  • The stats for the revenue are not so user-friendly.

Make your website reach customer’s eyes

Since you have got the list of the top 7 best alternative to Google Ads, so it’s time to utilize your advertising knowledge and efforts in various other high quality platforms other than Google Adsense only.

Running paid ads is a popular marketing strategy that you must build up to earn more money through your websites or blogs. And for this, Google Ads is always the topper of all others, but sometimes, you may need to reach out to other audiences who are not reached via Google.

Thus, you must keep the above list of alternatives to Google handy so that you can be beneficial in the long run. Not only as an alternative, but you can also run paid traffic ads through other platforms mentioned above besides Google so that you can create a vast ecosystem of traffic for monetizing your content more strongly.

Thank you for reading, Stay safe, and all the best for your journey of becoming a super blogger!

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