6 Best Place to Sell Domains

Do you want Sell your Domain in Premium Price? If yes, in this article I give you 6 Best Place to Sell Domains in Premium Price.

Best Place to Sell Domains

Domain flipping is a famous and tempting online business option that is always in demand among online businessmen. Why do you think so? Learning affiliate marketing, writing content, designing websites through WordPress are also popular business models, but they are time-consuming. Thus people want to go for the buying and selling domains where you can buy domains at a low price and then list them at 10x, 20x higher prices. 

 When we say that you can list your domain, there are plenty of places to put your domains for sale. But, as a domain investor or simple domainer, you must be aware of the best place to sell domains that you own. Here, we will guide you through the six best domain name marketplaces so that you list your domain quickly.

 What is domain flipping?

 In simple words, buying and selling domains is known as domain flipping. Similar to the normal business that buys things that have a cost price and a selling price, that is, of course, higher than the cost price to get profit. That same concept can be applied to domains too. 

 If you want to establish your career as a domain investor, the first thing you need to do is to select a good domain name. Then you have to buy that domain either through your web hosting service or domain registrars at the lowest price. 

 You have to list your domain someplace so that buyers looking for the same domain name can purchase it at a higher price than you need to set up.

 Before going through the domain name marketplaces, let us roll our eyes through the necessary steps to put your domains for sale.

Steps to put the domains for sale

 The process is quite simple and basic. You have to follow specific steps, although individual marketplaces act as an escrow service to handle all these for some, you have to directly address these things.

 Step 1: Selecting good domain names in your domain portfolio

 You may have a million domains that you own but to list your domain you always should go for the good domain names in your domain portfolio. Thus the first step is to select the good domain names that you want to sell.

Step 2: Choice for a marketplace

 It would help if you chose popular domain name marketplaces to list your domain. But before that, you have to decide whether you want a domain auction or just listing them.

Step 3: Setting the price for the domain

 This step is crucial and challenging too as you need to set a price for the domain so that both buyers and sellers get benefitted.

Step 4: Setting up the payment process safely

 Ensure that the payment setup is safe so that there is no tampering after you have got your payment. Usually, most platforms serve as an escrow service to keep this protected.

Step 5: Sell the domain

 If an interested person visits the list and purchases it, there is no extra step. Sometimes you have to approve of the price and complete the selling process.

Step 6: Domain transfer

 This is the final step where you have to transfer the domain ownership as you have bought that domain from your web hosting service. This process is quite simple and easy to complete.

6 Best Place to Sell domains

1. Sedo and Flippa

 Although sedo and flippa are two different domain name marketplaces, they are the tie winners in popularity, so we have combined them and put them in the first place. 

 Flippa is the biggest platform for selling domains, selling websitesselling premium domain, and you can buy domains too. It offers free of cost listing for your domain portfolio. The premium version of this platform helps you to sell the domains more quickly. Apart from listing a million domains, you can also list websites or mobile apps on Flippa.

sell Domain on Flippa

Coming to sedo, it is also one of the biggest and famous domain name marketplaces, where you can sell a million domains that you own. The buyers and sellers visit this platform to buy and sell a lot of domains each month. There is a program called Sedo Parking program where you can earn money by parking the domains.

Sell Domain on Sedo

2. Godaddy Auction

We hope that most of our readers know Godaddy as it is one of the most popular domain registrars. Being the largest domain registrar, there are more than 72 million domains under management. Godaddy auction has a domain auction marketplace so that you can list your domains for sale there. For listing your domains, they take a minimal price of only 4.99$ per year.

Sell Domain on Godaddy Auction

3. Namecheap

sell domain on namecheap

Similarly, like GoDaddy, Namecheap also comes in the class of popular domain registrars, and they have a marketplace too for buying and selling domains. There is an option to suggest good domain names for your online business also, so it becomes easy for your site to establish branding in the online market.

4. eBay

sell domain on eBay

Most of you have heard of this greatest marketplace in the world, eBay. You may be wondering that they sell the regular daily use items. But there is a small category on their site to list your domains for sale too.

 5. NamePros

sell domain on Namepros

This one is not as popular as the other marketplaces listed above, but you can very well look for good domain names for sale here as well. However, this is more of a forum where people can discuss and share news or information too. As there are large members, you can consider this for selling your domains here.

6. Afternic

sell domain on Afternic

Afternic is one of the largest domain name marketplaces for listing your domains for sale. It is free to join, and the biggest advantage is the sharing of your listed domain with other forums so that your domain can quickly catch more eyes of the buyers. The domain listing is free, which makes it one of the best places to sell domains.

Direct Selling of domains

This direct selling is somewhat a matter of luck. I have faced this situation a few times in the past, although I am not a domain investor or something like that. Say a potential buyer wants to build his or her website and gets an idea of a good domain name, but he or she fails to get that as someone else is owning that.

 For this, you have to create a public email from where those potential buyers can contact you to buy that particular domain name. But, you have to be an extra concern while doing this. You must follow specific rules like you must transfer the domain only after receiving the payment. 

 Secondly, you should ask your buyer to make a written contract about the purchase. Thirdly, after communicating with the potential buyer, it is good not to proceed with the deal anymore if you get a weird feeling.

The Conclusion

 Hope that you have found this article helpful and gained the knowledge to list your domains for sale. Along with the process, we have provided the six best places to sell domains. Among those, we prefer sedo and flippa to be the largest domain name marketplaces.

 Thanks for staying with us till the end! Come back again in the future to know more about domaining and other essential tips for your blogging career.

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