Top 10 Best Cheapest Host For WordPress

Not sure which web hosting to select for your WordPress websites? Click here to get the finest list of best and cheapest host for WordPress.

Are you searching for the best web hosting services, but they are going beyond your budget? Don’t worry; we are here to provide you the list of the top 10 best and cheapest host for WordPress with detailed features, pros & cons, and pricing.

cheapest host for wordpress

Whether you are a beginner eager to host a website to create your online presence or run a small business and now want to gain customers online, you must ensure that you must buy a reliable web hosting plan.

But, if you try to search for the best yet cheapest hosting plans, then there is a lot that can confuse you. So, you may choose a hosting service that envelops you with many problems now and then. 

This is why we felt the urge to make a consolidated list of the top 10 cheapest host for wordpress so that you can compare among less to select the right one. This article is meant for those who have a tight budget, but even if you do not have any budget problems, there is no meaning to spend more pennies on hosting when you will be getting the same features with a cheaper host option.

Without searching here and there, stick to this article till the end to get enough information that can help you in the long run.

Here is the Top 10 Best Cheapest Host For WordPress are:-

NamePriceFree DomainDeals
A2 Hosting$2.49No Active Your 77% Discount
DomainRacer$0.99NoGet the Deal
Hostinger$1.4Yes Active Your 85% Discount
Bluehost$3.95Yes Active Your 56% Discount
Greengeeks$2.49Yes Active Your 77% Discount
Fastcomet$2.95Yes Active Your 70% Discount
Chemicloud$2.95Yes Active Your 50% Discount
Hostgator$2.95Yes Active Your 56% Discount
Interserver$8Yes Active Your 65% Discount
iPage$1.99Yes Active Your 75% Discount
Cloudways$10No Active Your 2 days Free Trial
Top 10 Best Cheapest Host For WordPress Table

How to choose the best and cheapest host for WordPress?

You may feel by the title of this article that the price of the web hosting services is the only thing that you should check while signing up for them. But, it is not so; there are some more supporting factors that you must check.


You have to decide after selecting the right host for website creation, and before making the payment is the duration you want to pay for that Hosting. Please note here that the first-time fee you have to pay is much lesser than that during the following renewal periods. It is better that you take at least a one-year plan initially, which can be better if you increase and have that one-time budget to invest.

Essential Features

Mostly, all the web hosting services out there boast a few similar features like a 99.9% uptime guarantee, easy-to-use control panelfree SSL certificates, free website domains, email accounts. But it is not right to go for that web hosting only because all these features are listed on their home page.

You must justify whether that provider truly offers all those benefits. Moreover, we have considered all these features by analyzing the customer reviews and researching a lot, so you can entirely rely on the below list to enjoy all these advantages. Some of the additional essential features include daily backups or weekly, unlimited bandwidthunlimited storage. So, you can also make sure of these features if you think they are necessary for you.

Customer support

Any web hosting services cannot be the best one without excellent and responsive customer support. Because whether you are just a beginner or an expert, you will always have to face various issues while managing a website, and that is when you have to reach customer support. So you must ensure that the web hosting you are going for has 24/7 support with quick response.

Page speed or load times

Though there are many plugins that you need to install from the WordPress dashboard and customize them according to getting faster load times of the website pages, still hosting also plays a vital role in enhancing the page load times. This is quite essential since most visitors tend to switch to another page if the former one’s loading time is relatively high.

These are the main things that you must ensure before going for web hosting, and obviously, you must also check the price of the Hosting you need, whether within your budget.

Site Transfer

It is also important to choose a web host that offers free site transfer so we can change our existing website to their servers easily without paying any additional charges especially if we are migrating from another hosting provider.

Server Location

Most web hosting companies offer a service that keeps your website data on more than one server across the world to increase speed and stability.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP is an essential tool to upload files directly from our computers to the website hosting server. Some web hosts only allow certain types of file uploads such as HTML, image, and other content on the website. So make sure the web host you choose to provide FTP access first before you decide which plan to go with if we want to upload custom content directly on our website.

Top 10 Best and cheapest host for WordPress sites

1. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting for wordpress

A2 Hosting is a trusted and popular web hosting provider that is the fastest choice for all WordPress users. It can also be categorized as the cheapest plan or more suitably affordable price plans.

For any plan that you select, whether it is the entry-level one or anything, you will be offered unlimited storageunlimited bandwidth, and free SSL certificates. The load times of all the WordPress websites are fast with efficient performance.

Also, A2 Hosting offers superb 24/7 customer support to manage any issues quickly with very little waiting time. It also supports free migrations with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. In the shared hosting plans, it is advisable to go with the Turbo option at a slightly higher rate to enjoy the maximum page speeds along with free daily backups to keep the safety of your WordPress sites intact.


  • Fastest page load times of only 279ms.
  • Reliable uptime guarantee.
  • Any CMS can be installed with just a few clicks like WordPress.


  • Renewal rates are higher.

Pricing – Starting rate is only $2.49/month.

1. A2 Hosting

a2 hosting for wordpress

A2 Hosting is a trusted and popular web hosting provider that is the fastest choice for all WordPress users. It can also be categorized as the cheapest plan or more suitably affordable price plans.

For any plan that you select, whether it is the entry-level one or anything, you will be offered unlimited storageunlimited bandwidth, and free SSL certificates. The load times of all the WordPress websites are fast with efficient performance.

Also, A2 Hosting offers superb 24/7 customer support to manage any issues quickly with very little waiting time. It also supports free migrations with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. In the shared hosting plans, it is advisable to go with the Turbo option at a slightly higher rate to enjoy the maximum page speeds along with free daily backups to keep the safety of your WordPress sites intact.


  • Fastest page load times of only 279ms.
  • Reliable uptime guarantee.
  • Any CMS can be installed with just a few clicks like WordPress.


  • Renewal rates are higher.

Pricing – Starting rate is only $2.49/month.


domainracer cheapest wordpress hosting

DomainRacer is the most convenient and accomplished hosting solution for WordPress sites. The enterprise grades level cheap WordPress hosting plans with the perfect fusion of advanced grown technology. Allows to let your website and grow quickly without any hiccups.

The unique server infrastructure with the well-designed cloud Linux environment of DomainRacer helps in providing best-in-class reliability. And 21x faster website performance with almost zero downtime server assurance. This opens several paths for you to handle the heaviest visitors (traffic) storm.

Enjoy the worry-free launching of your website in a fraction of minutes at DomainRacer. As they provide built-in management to install WordPress automatically.

Shape up your ideas and create anything you want with an easy-to-use interface. Get a highly customized free website builder with 1000+ amazing themes and plugins. Don’t worry about creating backups, changing your domain name and accessing your files.

As DomainRacer lets you manage all your WordPress websites from one single dashboard. This makes them a top cheap WordPress hosting provider.


⦁ Flawless 99.99% server uptime commitment without any interference
⦁ Infinite amount of SSD storage space and bandwidth
⦁ Top-class connectivity to the audience globally by 4 tier data centers
⦁ By- default SSL certificate with advanced security tools
⦁ Complementary JetBackup weekly process including RAID
⦁ Full fledge free ranking SEO Default Tool
⦁ Seamless scalability as visitors’ grow

Pricing- Get started with $0.99/month only

2. Hostinger

hostinger wordpress hosting

Do you have a tight budget and want a reliable and robust web host for website creation through WordPress? Then Hostinger can be the perfect solution to select among the many web hosting services.

Any website hosted by this Hosting is managed by BitNinja’s protection plan that ensures safety against malware and other cyber-attacks. It also supports a one-click WordPress install facility that has become effortless.

Hosting any website on Hostinger will be known for super performance and the load times are faster. Some of the unique features of Hostinger include free daily backupsfree SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidthunlimited storage, etc.

The 24/7 support is also great and ensures your issues get resolved in no time. 



  • Efficient and knowledgeable customer support representatives.
  • High speed with super load times and uptime guarantee.
  • Affordable and reasonable.


  • The prices increase after the first year.

Pricing – Web Hosting plan rates are $1.4/month.

3. BlueHost

bluehost wordpress hosting

BlueHost is one of the renowned web hosting services with a cheap starting plan that is popular among WordPress users.

Creating WordPress sites through this host option enables you to make them faster with a loading time of only 2.4 seconds. The 24/7 support is also good though it depends somewhat on the support agent looking after that issue.

You will also be offered free SSL certificates and a domain name for the first year. It is also affordable that beginner WordPress users usually look for. The automatic WordPress installation facility also helps you build websites within a little time and can thus be regarded as the best host for WordPress. Web Hosting $3.95


  • If you choose the choice plus plan of BlueHost, then the daily backups feature is there.
  • Fast, easy, and secure web hosting services.
  • Excellent uptime guarantee.


  • The support can be frustrating in case of urgent issues.

Pricing starts from $3.95 only (Basic).

4. Greengeeks

greengeeks wordpress hosting

As the name suggests, Greengeeks web hosting provider is one of the leading and eco-friendly hosting service that lets you create your WordPress websites in a fast and secure manner.

Starting from WordPress hosting, it has other types of hosting services, like WooCommerce hosting, reseller web hosting, and the VPS. You choose this web hosting as it offers reliable 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You will get SSD RAID-10 storage arrays that increase your website pages’ load times with easily scalable resources according to your needs. You will also be offered a 30-day policy for money return if you do not like the hosting plans.


  • Unlimited web space and email accounts.
  • It provides a guarantee of 99.9% uptime.
  • You can host an unlimited number of domains.


  • The first-line chat support is not so good.

Pricing – Starting price is $2.49.

5. Fastcomet

fastcomet wordpress hosting

If you search for one of the best host options for building WordPress sites, you can opt for the Fastcomet shared hosting plans or the cloud hosting plans as required. This is one of those web hosting services that can blow your mind with immense features and performance.

Once you have signed up for this host option, the features that you will get include free domain transfer with free Cloudflare CDN and provide SSD hosting too. It will also offer you daily backups or weekly backups to help in the safe processing of your data.

With an easy and powerful control panel24/7 support can be counted as the best host for website creation through WordPress installation. You will no longer need to bear the pains of site downtime with 11 datacenters globally.

This is one of those web hosting services with various recognitions like the best customer service, user’s top choice, and the best shared hosting plans and services.


  • 99.9% server-uptime guarantee enables you not to lose the visitors to your WordPress websites.
  • Free migration and daily backups included.
  • Free SSL certificate with one-click WordPress install.


  • The basic plan supports only one website.

Pricing starts from $2.95 (Fastcoud)

6. Chemicloud

chemicloud wordpress hosting

Featuring solid security, lower latency, and faster site performance, Chemicloud stands out to be one of the best web hosting services out there in the market that can be a reliable host option for your WordPress sites.

It is also known to offer some of the cheapest plans that include the free website domain name for a lifetime, a 24/7 support guarantee, and reliable uptime. Unlike the other providers, it offers a 45-day money-back guarantee 15 days more than other ones.

The control panel is very user-friendly and easy to use, enabling beginners to use it without any hassles. The website migration is also free and hassle-free, and the best part is you do not need to experience any downtime for the hosting account.

The 100% SSD storage is ideal for making the load times of your WordPress websites as low as possible, along with the advanced technologies including LiteSpeed Caching, free CDN, etc.

Get your Fast, Reliable, and Secure WordPress Hosting from ChemiCloud.


  • Free website domain in any plans.
  • The customer support is excellent.
  • User-friendly control panel with hassle-free migration.


  • There are many extra fees included.

Pricing – Starting rates are about $2.95.

7. Hostgator

hostgator wordpress hosting

Hostgator is famous as the powerful Linux web hosting service that can help you make your websites faster with an intuitive control panel.

It provides superb uptime for all the websites hosted on this hosting service with the best and reliable 24/7 support. Any scripts like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress installation can be done with a single click that makes the life of WordPress users easier.

This provider’s shared hosting servers are robust, ensuring maximum uptime with 100% availability that enables you not to lose your dedicated visitors. This hosting platform also allows you to build websites using coding in any programming language like PHP, Python, MySQL, etc.

You can also create unlimited email accounts and manage them with the enhanced features.


  • A lot of storage facility.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth provided.
  • You can buy the hosting plans for short to extended durations.


  • The daily backups option should be included.

Pricing – Starting price is only $2.95

8. InterServer

interserver wordpress hosting

Interserver web hosting can be one of your top choices as it comes with all the features that can power your website. You will get epic 24/7 support through live chat, phone, and email and managed to get an instant response from them.

You no longer need to worry about the higher costs like the other web hosting services with some of the cheapest plans at the time of renewal. All the plans include a 30-day guarantee to get your invested money back if you are not so satisfied with the plan.

If you use this host for website creation, you do not have to worry anymore about the load times since they will be much faster. The WordPress installation, drupal, Joomla, and other 458 scripts are just a click away to install it.

Moreover, you will also get a free migration service, and that is why WordPress users are going for this host option for more than the last two decades.


  • 24/7 support with excellent experts.
  • 99.9% uptime record guarantee for the websites.
  • Flexible VPS plan.


  • The datacenters are only in the US.

Pricing – With 8$/month, you can get unlimited storage along with other features.

9. iPage

ipage hosting for wordpress

iPage is another best and cheapest web hosting services that you can use to build WordPress websites efficiently and quickly. The WordPress users will love to sign up for this host option because of the plenty of pre-installed themes and plugins.

The starting plans of this Hosting will offer you unlimited bandwidth24/7 support for one website, along with the essential plan where you will get malware protection, dedicated 24/7 support in addition to the features mentioned above.

iPage has Outstanding Uptime and Performance

Though it is affordable, we still do not like it a lot for excellent performance or loading speeds as the other host options. Besides the above basic features, you will be offered easy WordPress installation, unlimited email accounts, search engine ad credits.


  • Pocket-friendly web hosting services.
  • Reliable with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Unlimited domains with site analytics facility.


  • The performance of the WordPress websites can be improved.

Pricing starting from $1.99 (intro).

10. Cloudways

cloudways wordpress hosting

Lastly, we have picked up another best and cheap host for WordPress that also guarantees to make your WordPress sites faster with 24/7 support, thus making it ideal for many eCommerce businesses.

You will be offered automated daily backups with real monitoring. The innovative control panel is very easy to use and makes your task simpler, even if you are a newbie. You can be ready with your website within few minutes with fast performance and seamless website scaling.

The servers possess dedicated resources that help offer you assured performance, and also the SSD-based Hosting ensures faster load times of the WordPress websites.


  • Excellent and knowledgeable customer support.
  • Unique cloud-based solution with Cloudways.
  • Free trial present.


  • It does not support email hosting.

Pricing – Free trial and the most popular plan starts from $10.

AccuWeb Hosting

Accuweb hosting

AccuWeb Hosting is a fabulous WordPress Hosting provider. They were established in 2003, based in Old Tappan, New Jersey (USA). They offer a wide range of hosting, including Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server, and much more.

AccuWeb’s WordPress Hosting plan starts at just $2.99 USD/Month. One of the best features you will get is highly secured, Fully Managed, free SSL, Free Domain Registration, Free Migration, and Truly powered by pure SSD’s.

You do not need to worry about it when you have WordPress Hosting from AccuWeb Hosting. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee with all plans.

Apart from this, when it comes to technical support, no one can beat their 24*7 technical support by their team of experts!


  • Fabulous uptime ensure of 99.9%
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Great worldwide stacking speed and performance.
  • Free MySQL Databases
  • Business Email Accounts
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • No plan with unlimited bandwidth

Pricing – starts at just $2.99 USD/Month


What is the difference between web hosting services and WordPress hosting?

Web hosting services are for building websites whereas WordPress hosting is specifically designed for running WordPress websites. So it is important to choose a web host that will provide enough resources to handle thousands of visitors to our site because most of the cheap plans have limitations in bandwidth and space so we may not be able to run our website smoothly with a cheaper package. So it is important to choose WordPress hosting rather than cheap web hosting for speed, security, and stability.

How fast should I expect my website to load?

It depends on many factors such as how much resources it uses, the size of your files, the number of visitors, etc. If you have a basic WordPress blog with fewer plugins that don’t consume too many resources then your website should load in under 1 second. But if you have a heavy WordPress blog with several plugins and it eats up so many resources and your server is not powerful enough to handle that many visitors, then it may take more than 5 seconds to load in some cases.

What’s the difference between managed WordPress hosting, unmanaged WordPress hosting, and shared hosting services?

Managed hosting means they provide everything for us from virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, or cloud-based servers. They will provide the operating system, database server, web server, and other required software for our website including WordPress core files which saves us time to do it ourselves. Unmanaged hosting means they are providing servers or virtual private servers with limited support by giving access to root so we need to install everything from scratch. Shared hosting is where their servers are shared by multiple customers with limited resources to manage.

What is better, VPS hosting or WordPress hosting?

Both of them are good but they have different uses. VPS hosting gives us complete root access to the server so we can install WordPress core files, MySQL databases on VPS hosting which is better for those who want to manage their website without any support from a web host. Shared hosting provides limited resources to manage installed software and manage our website using cPanel etc. which is good for those who don’t want to do any effort and prefer a fully managed web hosting service where they don’t need to do anything and get a fully managed WordPress website.

Some Final Words

I hope this guide has helped you pick up the right Hosting for creating your WordPress website. As the final verdict, we want to suggest that Hostinger and A2 Hosting are the best ones on this list since many of our websites are hosted on these two web hosting platforms. However, that does not imply other ones on the list are not good; they are also some of the top choices for WordPress users, which is why we have included them on our list.

Lastly, it depends on your liking and budget because most of the above listed have a money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like any of them, you can easily switch to another.

If you have no budget issue then you can try Fast Hosting for WordPress or try Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio for your WordPress Website.

Thank you, stay safe, Bye!

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