5 Best Free Website Creator

Are you upset that you do not know to code and not want to invest money to create a website? Don’t worry; here you learn the best free website creator (builder) of 2021.

Free Website Creator

Whether you are a digital marketer or want to shine in the email marketing career, or a freelancer, the essential thing you always need is a website. It is also necessary to make your small businesses large as it helps to create an online presence to attract more customers. 

If you are a beginner, you may not want to invest money and thus want some free options and easy set-up with SEO-optimization settings to rank high in the search engines. For your knowledge, let me tell you there are many free website builders available, but not all are good.

website builder

Therefore, we have listed the top 5 best free website creator (builder) of 2021, among which you can choose one as per your preference that will help you create a free site easily that can also be mobile optimized

In the case of website builders, there is no need to buy web hosting plans separately, as all these things will be taken care of by the builder itself. Some best free website builders also don’t need any technical expertise for building a site.

How Website Is Created

Let’s navigate through the top 5 best free website creator(builder) of 2021.

4 Best WordPress Website Builder

Reviewing the best free website creator (builder) that you can use

1. Wix

wix free website creator

Putting Wix on the top priority on our list is because it is the most popular choice that people select to create a free website. This builder can be used very quickly so that even beginners face no problems for building a site, and the features provided are just great.

Wix offers many free domains that can be edited to mention the brand name or keywords for better SEO optimization to help your site rank higher in the search engines if you don’t like it.


  • The freedom of showing your creativeness – With the drag-and-drop builder, you can customize your site as per your wish, and there is no restriction for doing that.
  • Many templates to choose from – Even the free version of Wix offers you a lot of pre-made templates that can get your website designed within minutes.
  • Options to undo the changes – Maybe, this looks simple to you, but it plays a significant role while building a site. Just a click of Ctrl+Z can undo all your changes.
  • Single-click changes – Thanks to this website builder’s easy usage that allows you to edit text, images in just a matter of few clicks.
  • Page limit – There are no page limits you have to face, which is a common problem for other free website builders.


  • Easiest free website builder to use.
  • You can create your custom domain.
  • Plenty of readymade templates, even in free versions.


  • For free plans, the site contains a big size ad that is visible.

Plans are starting Price – 14$ monthly.

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2. Weebly

weebly website creator

Similar to Wix, this also supports a drag-and-drop system for editing that makes it very user friendly and thus compelled us to include it on our list. In the case of free plans, you can customize your site with fantastic SEO tools, a free domain that can make it the best free website builder to enhance your small businesses.

Unlike the Wix free website builder, Weebly supports a few free templates but building a site is very user friendly or suitable for beginners.


  • Availability of structured themes – To create a free website in Weebly, there are some structured themes that you may or may not like, but they are helpful to customize your site or get your website designed in a right manner.
  • Easy and simple set up – When you first start building a site in Weebly, it asks you about the type of website you want to create and offer you the perfect option of themes to start.
  • Double-checking option – Weebly always wants to double-check first, which ensures you do not delete anything accidentally.
  • Page Limit and space – You will get 500MB of free webspace with no page limits and SEO editing options for all the pages that enable your site to be listed among the first few results of search engines.


  • Free domain provided that looks professional.
  • Quick and simple to use or set up.
  • Responsive themes with third-party add-ons option.


  • The large visible footer ad can be annoying sometimes.
  • Editing the text and color is a little bit frustrating.

Plans are starting Price – 6$ monthly.

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wordpress website creator

This can be your perfect choice for blogging due to the various in-built blogging features like analytics, comments, archiving, etc. Unlike the above-listed website builders, offers you a 3GB storage space.

If you are a total newbie, it is better not to go with this free website builder as it is not so easy to use. But in the blogging field, it is the best though building a site can often be problematic for absolute beginners.

If you want to stick to blogging only, this can be a great platform to start with.


  • Huge space – You will get almost six times of free web space than the other website builders in free plans too.
  • Support – You will be provided with live chat and email support that are available 24×7, and you can get immediate assistance if any issue creeps into.
  • Blogging made easy – For blogging, this can be a great solution to customize your site; you will have to face many limitations and require technical expertise to use the free templates for editing your sites.


  • A large amount of space is provided.
  • A super-platform for bloggers to carry on with their journey.
  • Easy to use if you are a tech-confident guy.


  • Not suitable for beginners.

Plans are starting Price – 4$ monthly.

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4. IM Creator

imcreator free website creator

Are you planning to create a website for your online store or business full of eye-catchy images? Then this can be your ideal choice to start with, but you may find it a little tricky to navigate sometimes.

There are many attractive templates to choose from, and another most significant benefit you will find is the unlimited storage space with no ad banners displayed. It also comes with a modern editor that makes it one of the top choices over others.

Thus, we cannot categorize it as the easiest website builder, but once you get used to the modern editor, you will indeed find IM creator as one of the hottest website creators.


  • Modern and latest editor – The editor is very trendy that does not support a drag-and-drop system that makes it cool but to start with, you may need to face challenges at times.
  • Catchy and classy templates – The templates of IM creator are much higher level than any other website builders. They are adorable with eye-catchy effects, with some super easy editing options like image uploading and text editing.
  • No ads or banners – This is a great plus point that is rare in other free website builders. Displaying ads or banners can be frustrating, which you can get rid of using this IM creator.


  • Lots of catchy designed templates that you can choose from.
  • No disturbing ads.
  • Free domains available, and you can also create a custom domain name.


  • The modern editor can be hard to navigate sometimes.
  • The URL is difficult to remember being lengthy.

Plans are starting Price – 7.95$ monthly.

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5. SITE123

site123 website creator

Coming back to the easiest builder that can be ideal for any beginners, this is the perfect choice for you as it is super easy to create a free site. However, the freedom of creativity is limited with the free domain consisting of jumbled letters and numbers.

In the free trial or plans, the builder assists you a lot in building a free site. It will feel as if someone is doing spoon-feeding while site creation.


  • Very user friendly – Are you worried about having no technical knowledge? This one can be your perfect choice as it helps you from start to end.
  • Support – The live chat support will help you if you are stuck with any issues while building a site.
  • Pre-made help – Again highlighting the user-friendliness nature, you need to choose the site name and wait for this builder to create everything for you with colors and fonts.
  • Responsive and eye-catching themes – This stands out to be another most significant advantage that makes it one of the best: the availability of responsive themes that are nice and attractive.


  • No page limits for site creation so that you can strengthen your online presence with SSL included.
  • Very beginner-friendly and super comfortable.
  • In the free trial, you can access the SEO settings.
  • It has an e-commerce online store and email marketing tool as well.


  • There are a lot of clicks involved to make some necessary changes.

Plans are starting Price – 12.80$ monthly.

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The Final Verdict

I hope this article has helped you to make the perfect choice of a website builder as per your liking. You do not need to worry about buying web hosting and all; select a free website builder from above and start creating a free website as per your liking. 

Wix’s most preferred choice, but you can also go with the other ones as all are the best ones. 

Thanks, and I hope you shine in your blogging career ahead!

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