How to Google Adsense Account Create

Google Adsense is one of the best money making platform introduced by Google. It is an earn money platform by showing Google ads on a website or blogger or youtube. Under the Google Adsense program, some contextual advertisements are displayed on your online published content, and you get paid against the number of clicks you receive on those ads.

Many people often fail in the Google Adsense account create method. In case you don’t have a Google account, you have first to create a Google account, and only then can you apply for the Adsense Program.

How to Google Adsense Account Create

Prerequisites for Creating Google Adsense Account

There are some strict guidelines before creating a Google Adsense account that is as follows:

  1. You must have a website or Youtube.
  2. There must be some original and genuine content.
  3. Your age must of over 18 years. Otherwise, your parents or guardians will have to permit you on your behalf while applying for the Adsense program.

How to Google Adsense Account Create

Google adsense sign up

  1. Go to sign up for the Adsense page, and click the signup option. It will direct you to open a new Google account or visit the existing Google account. You can also log in through your Gmail address or domain-specific email id. It is also recommended that you use a domain-specific email ID for signing up Google Adsense program if you have been using any domain. It will increase your three times chances of the AdSense application approved.

Enter Website Url and Email address on Google Adsense

2. Fill the Google Adsense application form. The website address and email address are must for proceeding further. You can mention either your blog address or website address by clicking continue.

Select country and tick mark agreement in google adsense

3. Fill in the contact information rightly in the AdSense program form. You need to enter the “payee” name correctly. You must mention the same name in the form as you have in your bank account. The other details are your name, address, country, phone number, and time zone required to fill in the form.

4. You first read out all the AdSense policies and check all three boxes. After you have checked all the boxes, click the submit button to complete the AdSense registration process.

5. Sign up again to login to your Google AdSense account and visit the dashboard. You can create ad units by copying the javascript codes and pasting them in your website sidebar or between your blog posts.

6. You will get an email mentioning Adsense pin from the Google Adsense team that you will put in your AdSense account in payment settings along with tax information for verification and approval. You have to give tax information regarding Certification of No U.S. Activities necessarily, and for Indian Adsense publishers.

Tips for Google Adsense Approval

Now Google follow strict rule for Approve your Website. If you apply for adsense approval and got rejected for Under construction, Scraped Content, Policy Violations, No Content, Covid-19 And Code Error problem, then follow these steps and reapply for Google Adsense.

New website also follow these steps so your website approve in one attemp.

  1. If your website is under construction like you mention some thing but that is showing to anyone in website slider or header or footer or in sidebar then Google not approve for showing Ads.
  2. If you translate other website content or spin content and published on your website, then it is Scraped Content. Google not approved these website.
  3. If you use Copyright Images and Videos without permission or use Adult content on your website, then you Violate Google Policy.
  4. Previously Google approve 500 words of 15 to 20 Article website but Now Google not Appeoved these website. Either you increase words or number of article, otherwise you receive No Content rejection error from Google.
  5. Due to Covid-19, Google slow the process of Adsense Approval. In this case you can’t do anything, just wait somedays and reapply for Google Adsense or Click on Review request.
  6. If you doing some mistake in copy code and paste on your website, then you received Code Error message. In this case again copy case carefully and paste on your website and reapply.
  7. Your website must have Home, Disclaimer, Privacy & Policy, Contact Us page.


Google Adsense program is a good revenue generation platform that can be one of the best money-making tools. Though, Google Adsense approval may take time from some days to weeks. After that, you can easily show ads on your website or blog. You will start receiving payment when your Adsense account reaches at $100 threshold.

For increasing your earning from your Google Adsense account, you should consistently provide valuable content to your prospective readers or users. So, the Google Adsense account create process is quite simple but requires quality content on your blog.

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