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How Does a Blog Make Money

Here I explain to you how does a blog make money, also explain what is a blog, What does blogger do, and how to start a blog. So read the complete article.

When I told to people make money from blogging, people generally ask how much money you earn from blogging? Is blogging still profitable this year? How much time does it take to earn money from blogging and there are so many questions.

I am sure you have also so many questions in your mind, right?

My simple answer is Blogging is not that easy to make money but not impossible, it takes some time. Maybe 3month or 6month or maybe 1year depending on your Topic.

You find so many videos on YouTube and articles on Google, say that making money from blogging is $1000/month in one 1month. That is not true. No doubt you can do it after establishing your blog. I explain to you how can you do it. Before that, you must know

What is a Blog

A blog is usually a website that consists of edited text, images, and links to other websites. A blog can also be a personal journal in which people post their thoughts, experiences, and opinions online to communicate with others.

What is a Blog

Blogs are a great way to express yourself and connect with other people. They can be used for anything from sharing personal stories, art, photography, or writing to discussing news events, politics, or social issues.

Some of the most popular blogs include those that provide amateur journalism about current events as well as those that offer commentary on various topics such as media, politics, and culture.

Blogs can also include more personal information about a person or a group of people such as a team or family members. Some blogs are part of a website that includes several different types of articles from news updates to general discussion forums.

Since they are constantly updated, blogs allow people to stay informed about current events and share their opinions on a daily basis. They can also serve as an effective tool for communication by providing a space for two-way dialogue between the blogger and his or her readers.

Blogs are usually maintained by an individual who posts new entries on a regular basis. Some bloggers share their blogs with others so that each person can have his or her own space to post frequently or sporadically. Others create two or more blogs for different purposes.

Different types of blogs are:- academic, business, entertainment, personal, photography, political, and travel blog.

What does blogger do

What does blogger do
What does blogger do

A blogger is an individual that uses blogging software to post comments or articles on a website either frequently or sporadically.

Bloggers may consist of one person running a personal blog or a group of individuals collaborating together on a blog about a common topic.

Bloggers usually update their entries with the most recent information, but they can simply add to the contents of the past entries. People who read blogs usually check back to see what’s new or provide comments, analysis, or suggestions for improvement.

How to start a Blog

Here are 10 ways to start a blog:-

How to start a Blog
How to start a Blog

1. Choose a Right Niche

Before you have started your blog, the most important part is choosing a perfect niche for your blog.

Choosing the best and profitable niche is more difficult because it requires lots of effort and dedication. You must conduct extensive research before choosing a niche because if you didn’t do this then your hard work may go in vain.

Keep the following points in mind while choosing a blog niche:

  • It should be unique and best for your blog.
  • It should be highly profitable and you must be able to make at least $500 per month from that niche or more.
  • You should have some experience in that particular field because it will help you build trust among your readers easily.
  • Finally keep in mind that choose a topic which you can monetize at the end i.e. find products or services for advertisers so that you can generate some revenue from your efforts.

2. Keyword Reseach

Before making a blog, you must know the topic on which you are going to write. You should do some keyword research so that you can let people know about your blog.

Keyword research includes finding out how many people search daily for the term of your topic.

Semrush is a good tool to do keyword research. By using this tool, you can know the exact number of people who search for your topic on Google.

Just enter your topic name or keywords into either the free or premium version of semrush and then click the search button.

3. Choose a Domain Name

After successful completion of keyword research, the next step is to choose a domain.

A domain name is the address of your blog, for example- It should be unique, easy to remember, and not too hard to spell correctly in order to attract maximum readership.

4. Choose a Hosting

Web hosting is a server where all your website documents, images, and codes are saved.

Choose a Web hosting which Provides:-

  • Host multiple blog
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Good number of Data center available
  • Good customer support

There are numerous hosting services available but I recommend you to start with Bluehost as they provide free domain name and hosting. or you can check our best cheapest hosting selection.

4. Blogging Platform

There are many blogging platforms available but I recommend you to use WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular blogging software. It has a good market share so it will give your blog a better ranking as well as allow you to have more customization options.

WordPress is available for free. Just buy hosting from Bluehost and get it installed by following their installation guide.

Squarespace VS WordPress For Blogging: Which One Is Best?

There are other popular blogging platforms are available like Squarespace, Jimdo, Wix, and Webflow. but WordPress has thousand of Themes and Plugins available which helps to build SEO-friendly, secure, and user-friendly websites.

Webflow vs WordPress: Which One is Best

5. Customize

After successful installation of the WordPress blog, the next step is to customize its look & feel, which includes styling the interface with a theme according to your taste.

There are thousands of themes and plugins available for free on WordPress directory which you can use to style a WordPress blog according to your taste and preference.

Themeforest and iThemes are popular marketplaces for premium WordPress themes.

In addition to that, there are many useful plugins that you can use to increase the functionality of your blog. You can easily find out all available free or paid plugins at

6. Write SEO friendly article

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process of enhancing a blog’s visibility in search engines. It increases the number of visitors to your blog through different search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Here are 5 tips to write SEO friendly articles:-

1. Title:- The title of the article plays a very important role when doing SEO. It should be attractive and very descriptive in order to attract maximum readership. It should contain your keyword.

2. Content:- This is the most important part of doing SEO for an article. The length of an article doesn’t matter but its contents do matter very much in order to get high rankings.

An article should be 400-500 words long which must contain your keyword, 2-3 times. It should also contain LSI keywords 2-5 times.

3. Images:- To get a better ranking in image search, put your keyword as ALT tag of the image and also use keywords in file name if possible.

4. Internal links:- This is also another important factor that helps in ranking articles on different search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. In this step, you have to add your main keyword or phrases at least three times as an internal link within the post or other related posts.

5. Permalink:- The permalink is a permanent link to your blog post which can remain unchanged even if you edit the article. It should contain your main keyword or phrase in a descriptive manner so readers can easily find it.

Now, you are ready to publish your blog.

7. Promote your blog

You must promote your blog so that it can get maximum readership. It is better to start promoting your blog right now because the earlier you will start, the more time you will get to promote it and the more traffic you will get.

Promoting your blog is a slow process that needs patience and dedication. After spending countless hours promoting your blog, if you don’t see any progress, then never quit blogging because lack of success in the starting days is very common for most bloggers.

8. Create Backlink

A backlink is important for ranking. So you should try to get it from other popular sites which are related to your niche e.g. if you are writing an article on healthy food then you can receive a backlink from a health or food website, which is more relevant to your website.

Try to receive backlinks from Higher authority websites because 1 backlink from a high authority website is better than 100 low authority websites.

9. Check Stats

To make sure that everything is working fine, you should check the stats of your blog after at least one week or more time.

It will help you to check which posts are getting maximum views and comments as well as other statistics like how many visitors visited your blog, from where they came, what pages they visited, etc.

To check your website stats create google analytics account, which is free to use and help you to find improvement of your website.

10. Write More Article

The more you write, the more traffic you will get. Traffic means your business as well as income so don’t stop writing and start earning money from blogging now.

People ask how much posts should I published in a month?

It depends on how much time you can dedicate to your blog and post. It is better to write at least one high-quality post per day i.e. a minimum of 10-15 posts per month, but if possible then try to increase the number of posts as long as you don’t compromise with the quality and relevance of your post.

Even if you can publish one high-quality post per day, you must not forget to give proper time for the promotion of your blog.

How does a blog make Money

There are many ways to make money from blogs.

How Does a Blog Make Money
How does a blog make Money

Here are 10 ways a blog make money:-

1. Google AdSense

This is the main source of income for most bloggers as it provides an opportunity to make money by displaying relevant ads on their blog posts based on the content of the post.

You can create Google AdSense account within a few minutes and start earning money immediately by posting quality articles or reviews on your blog.

You can also increase your earnings by putting more relevant ads on your blog posts to improve the CTR, i.e. click-through rate as that will help Google AdSense to identify you as a good advertiser and they will approve you faster for getting a higher amount of money from them.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is another way of making money online by blogging. If you are good at writing, then it will be easy for you to promote other products on your blog and earn commission from them if any of your reader’s purchases that product or service after clicking on the affiliate link that you have provided.

It’s just like Google AdSense where you don’t need to purchase any service or product and you just have to write quality articles on your blog which will help readers to take decisions easily.

3. Selling Services

This is another way of making money through your blog where you can offer various kinds of services to your readers which is related to your niche.

For example, if you are a blogger about cars then you can sell the service of fixing their car or they can purchase some products from your store.

4. Sell Resell Rights Products

If you can write, then why not start selling resell rights products on your own website and make handsome money without doing much work.

The only thing that you have to remember is to write quality articles on your blog to drive traffic towards your website.

The great thing about this business is that you can sell the same product several times because it’s just a PLR, i.e. Private Label Rights product which means that you don’t need to create anything from scratch.

5. Sponsered posts

If you have a good number of visitors on your blog, then it’s easy to sell sponsored posts through websites like Banned or Media buying so that you can get paid for mentioning a company’s website name in your blog post.

This type of business is profitable because you can get paid $5-$100 for each blog post and start this business as a part-time job to earn more money online from home along with your current job or even as a full-time job if you want.

6. Write Blog Posts For Others

If you are skilled at writing quality blog posts, then you can sell them through your own website or other content marketplaces so that others can use these blog posts to get high traffic on their websites.

This type of business is profitable because you can write a new blog post every day for clients and earn more money while sitting in your home only.

7. Create eCommerce Website

If you are good at designing, coding, and other technical things then you should create your own eCommerce website to sell products of your choice.

It’s an excellent way of making money online through blogging because it doesn’t require much time as well as effort.

8. Sell Ebook Covers

If you are good at graphic designing, then you can sell ebook covers on websites. so that others can create their own eBooks by downloading them from your website.

This type of business is profitable because you can sell ebook cover designs for $5-$20 only and start this business as a part-time job to earn more money online from home along with your current job or even as a full-time job if you want.


How fast can you make money blogging?

As I said above, it depends on your skill but you will get paid to start blogging for at least $5 per hour and if you are good at this business and work continuously without any break, then you can make big bucks in a month. So it’s up to you how fast you want to make money online by blogging.

What are the most popular blog topics?

Popular Blog Topics are Travel, Finance, Health. In my opinion, the blogging niche is not important as long as you are doing it right. In fact, the blogging niche is also a question of your interest and once you find something interesting to blog about, then start blogging about that topic instantly without thinking much because people always love contents which are related to their interests. So just start blogging about what you like and care about.

How long does it take to make money blogging?

It takes only 1-3 months to start earning online from your blog and for me, I started making money from my blog after 3-4 months of my blogging journey. And if you want more time, then it can even take 6-12 months to start making a good amount of money from your blog because anyone can’t become a successful blogger just within one or two months.

Why am I not making any money blogging?

If you are not making money blogging, then it’s nothing to be worried about because it takes some time to build your blog and make a profit. Blogging is a slow process but if you are able to attract more readers to your blog on daily basis, then there are good chances that you will make money from your blog in the next few months.

What is your best way to make money blogging?

My best way to make big bucks from a blog or website is Affiliate Marketing because you can get paid huge commissions for promoting other people’s products and services through your blog. But it’s not easy to get started and you need good traffic and readers on your blog before anyone will contact you. So, don’t wait and start making money blogging now!

Can I make money blogging without getting too technical?

Yes, of course, you can! It doesn’t matter if you are not good with HTML or CSS because it’s not required to have any programming skills to start your own blog. You just need to learn some basics about the blogging business so that you can start blogging for free on or can buy your own hosting to start blogging for making money online.

Why blogging is so important?

Blogging has become very popular because blogging can enable anyone to start their own online business or blog without spending too much money. You just need to have a domain name and hosting for your blog and a platform like WordPress.

Why do people choose blogging as their source of income?

It’s because they can work from home, office, cafe, college and anywhere else through their laptop. They don’t require any special training to start blogging for money and even a beginner can set up his/her own blog within a few minutes if you know about blogging basics.

do I need to buy my own domain and hosting before starting a blog?

Yes, of course, you need to purchase your own domain name and web hosting for blogging businesses. If you are on the WordPress platform then just get hosting from Bluehost, or WPXHosting otherwise you can choose any other good service provider like Hostgator.

Are there any other best blogging platforms except WordPress?

Yes, there are many blogging platforms available online like Squarespace, Wix, Jimdo, Webflow, and many more. You can choose anyone according to your choice but if you want to start your own business then WordPress is the best blogging platform for you because it’s free and has endless plugins so that you can fully customize your website/blog as you want.

Where can I find professional-looking WordPress themes?

You can purchase any good WordPress theme from websites like ThemeForest, Creative Market, Elegant Themes, and many more. These are the best places to buy your favorite premium blog or website theme for a low cost. And if you want free themes then you can always download them from


If you want to make money from a blog, then one thing to remember is never to give up because even if no one reads your blog today, it doesn’t mean that they won’t come to read your blog tomorrow.

If you follow the above 10 steps to start a blog and 8 ways to make money from a blog properly, then I guarantee that within a month you will get enough traffic on your blog which is very important for any blogger in order to make money online by blogging.

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