How to Become a Good YouTuber(9 Ultimate Guide)

In this blog post, I am going to be discussing how you can become a good YouTuber. Many steps go into becoming a popular YouTuber, and it is not something that happens overnight. To make your channel grow, there are some things you need to do, such as create quality content on a regular basis, interact with your audience, and explore different types of video formats in order to keep the viewers entertained.

How to Become a Good YouTuber

The following article will discuss each step in detail, so you know what needs to be done for your YouTube channel to succeed.

Steps for how to become a good Youtuber

1. Find your niche

When you are first starting out making videos on YouTube, it can be challenging to find a successful niche. The important thing is not to focus on trying to please everybody because that will make it very hard for your channel to grow. Instead, try to find a topic that you love and become an expert in it.

Would you mind spending some time researching the topic talking with other people about it? It will take time, but once you find the right niche for your channel, everything else will fall into place.

Some successful channels on YouTube are full documentaries, others are music-related, while others focus only on comedy. The idea here is to find out what type of content works best with your audience and then stick with this type of video as much as possible.

This way, you can get real good at the kinds of videos that personify your channel and make sure that you’re always having fun when creating them. One successful Youtuber who stands out from his peers uses comedy as his channel’s type of content.

However, this successful YouTuber said that he had to be careful about what topics he chose to cover in each video because some types of political or religious jokes could get him into a lot of trouble. If you’re starting, don’t worry; experiment with different kinds of videos and hone your skills until you perfect the type that works best for your audience.

Make sure that your content is original, and always try new things! Video games are great source material for gaming channels, while on-the-street interviews with people who have interesting pasts can work really well for certain channels. All successful YouTubers stressed how important it is to find your niche.

“When I first started, I made a lot of mobile review videos, but my channel wasn’t growing.” “If you want to start a successful YouTube channel, focus on one thing and be passionate about it because if you only do it for the money, you might get discouraged.”

2. Get the right equipment

If you are thinking of creating a successful YouTube channel, then one of the first things you should be thinking about is what types of equipment are needed to shoot videos, record voice, and software to edit your youtube video?

If you are a beginner, start shoot videos with mobile phones. It’s easier and more affordable compare to other equipment. But note that you should have a very good camera quality, vibrant light, and beautiful background for your youtube video.

It would be best if you also had software to edit youtube videos. So download free or purchase editor software based on your budget and requirement. We suggest using filmora or adobe premiere pro.

People always like good editing and a clear voice video, so try to choose good equipment because it is very important for your youtube channel.

3. Focus on Youtube SEO

SEO is an important game-changer for any aspiring YouTuber. It stands for search engine optimization and refers to the methods by which content can be optimized so as to rank higher when someone searches it on Google or YouTube.

If you optimize your channels, videos, and playlists correctly, then there’s a better chance of being found in those places because that’s what the algorithm will take into consideration: how well your titles match with search intent; if they are ranked highly enough (based on views); whether people interacted enough with them; etc., all things SEO related including keywords used throughout various media formats like video descriptions – optimizing these aspects’ ranking creates relevance through matching user interest while also making sure others find their way back easily via metadata.

It’s time to get your game face on and start researching keywords for the YouTube videos you’re going to be posting in no time! One of my favorite ways of doing this research is by looking at some popular search terms that people are using when searching on YouTube itself – these will give you an idea as to which phrases work best with their system.

If I am still unclear about how much traffic certain words can offer me, or if I need more insight into why one phrase would generate better results than another, then it’s always helpful checking out SEO tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush.
The best way to make your video rank better on YouTube is by adding a keyword.

I personally use SEMrush and Tubebuddy for my Youtube SEO.

Please include the word you want people searching for near the beginning of the title and description, as well as mentioning it at least three times throughout your content. Use keywords that are relevant to what they’re looking for when possible, so more viewers find your videos and click on them!

There are additional factors of how well you can do with your video content depending upon what type of keywords you use when searching through Youtube’s database.

For example, YouTube rewards those who produce engaging long-form videos because they want consumers to stay under the umbrella which they provide; furthermore, this allows them more time not only collecting data from users but also reaping advertising revenues while people watch ads at every video.

4. Use social media to promote yourself and your content

Use social media to promote yourself and your content

After Create and Upload a Youtube video, Now focus on Promote. First, you need to have a good social media strategy. Social media is very important for a successful youtube channel because it will help you get engaged with your target market and grow your audience base. And also, this is the best way to grow your content reach and boost your video traffic.

So that’s why successful YouTubers are successful because they know how to use social media as a marketing tool in growing their brand presence online.

You can also create Facebook, Twitter, YouTube page, Google+ page, etc., to promote yourself or post links on these sites about your Youtube videos by adding descriptions about the video so people can easily find out and see what you upload on youtube channels. But don’t forget to those social media, you have to post quality content also.

In the past few years, online video sites like YouTube are becoming more and more popular. The user-generated videos on YouTube are much appreciated by the viewers. The fact is that people prefer watching many different videos on sites like these rather than reading long articles because they interestingly get information.

A successful Youtube channel is usually very hard to make. It requires a lot of patience and dedication, but if you are successful in this type of business, you can earn tons of money by uploading high-quality videos on YouTube. You will be able to show your creativity through your successful channel, and you have the chance to become famous.

5. Create a schedule for what you will upload on youtube

Upload video on schedule time is very important for a successful and good youtube channel. You should create a schedule that includes upload videos on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, etc.

Upload a video when your audience is active mostly. Try to upload on weekends because it is the best time to reach your target audience. Sunday is a successful day for upload youtube videos.

If you usually upload videos on Monday and your audience is most active on Sunday, then it will be hard to attract the attention of your viewer.

Most successful YouTubers fix or schedule to upload videos on a particular day. I fixed it on Sunday every week. So, my subscribers and viewers are waiting for my new videos.

6. Use Youtube analytics for successful youtube channel

You also check when people more engaged on your video (for example, by going into a YouTube Analytics> channel> statistics > audience retention) you can see the average of your video ​​view more than other videos, it is possible to analyze the success factors that help those viewers bored.

Youtube analytics can help you find out why some people visit your YouTube channel or subscribe to it. With the statistics that are provided with this service, you can also get valuable information about your channels, such as the approximate number of views and the percentage of those who view videos.

Check on Youtube Analytics on which part viewers are more engaged, then use that on your next video. You can check which time and which country you got more views, so you schedule at that time. And also, you find what type of content is successful by checking in Youtube Analytics about video length, genre, and so on.

Perhaps you can get more views in the future if you are successful with those types of videos.

7. Become involved in discussions with other people who have similar interests or topics as you do

You also discuss with the audience who have similar interests or topics because they are your future followers or customers or potential partners in the future. They can give opinions about your type of content create next, where you need improvement so that you can learn from them.
You can jointly create Youtube video on similar interests and upload on own youtube channel. Through this, you can improve your brand or channel and got some subscribers, views, and likes. This one is the best way to promote your Youtube channel.

8. Work hard on perfecting your video content, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of videos, formats

When you are working hard on perfecting your video content, then it doesn’t mean you keep doing the same thing again and again if that thing is not successful. You need to try something new, like changing the type of content or experiment with different types of videos because no one wants to watch something video from someone for a long time and try to make those different types of videos entertaining but don’t forget the main topic.

Maybe some good videos then your or more videos available on Youtube, so people do not like to view your videos. Don’t worry, and it’s happened. Maybe you can do more unique and useful content in different niches.
So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of videos, formats.

9. Enagaging with your Viewers

Engaged with your viewers is key point for success in Youtube. Always ask some question on your video so viewers answer on comment. Try to reply all queries on comment section. You can create Youtube Poll and post images, GIF or any question or any recent update. So viewers always interact with you.


We hope these tips have been helpful for you. Now it’s time to take what you’ve learned and made some amazing content! If we could give one last piece of advice, it would be this – work hard on perfecting your craft and don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of videos, formats, focus, or styles.

Remember that the key is to find a niche that works well for your personality so people will want to watch more than once (or subscribe!). After that, you focus on earning from Youtube, If you have less idea about how to earn? Check out our blog post How to Get Paid On YouTube(6 Proven Technique) which should help get ideas flowing.

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