How to Change Favicon in WordPress

Favicons are small icons that display next to the website URL in browser tabs. Suppose you have any doubts like “How to change favicon in WordPress” then just read the complete blog to get the best-detailed info.

how to change favicon in WordPress

Have you seen those tiny images next to the title of the WordPress sites or URL in the search results? It is essential to help people identify your site among hundreds of search results

So, as a fact, site icons or favicons can make your site more popular among the visitors, therefore reduces the chances of losing your buyers.

Most of the time, people tend to forget adding a favicon to their sites, which is not good. Therefore we have prepared this article to make you aware of how to change favicon in WordPress websites.

Moreover, you can ask your frequent visitors to add your site on their home screen of mobile devices instead of opening various browser tabs for searching your sites. 

The favicon visible on the home screen when added and they can directly visit your website just by the image click like any of the other app icons that most of us aware of. So just go through the blog, you will get all ideas regarding favicon, and the most common doubt “how to change favicon in WordPress” will be solved.

favicon example

Therefore you may have got the importance to add a favicon to your site. Let us dive into the process in detail. Believe me; it is very simple to add or change a favicon either by directly appending ‘wp-admin’ at the end of your site’s URL and logging in or just visiting your site and clicking on ‘customize site’ above.

The process to create a favicon for your WordPress site 

For a favicon or a site icon, the recommended size should be at least 512 pixels. If you do not want to create a unique favicon, then the logo can also be used with some editing to match the accurate proportions. 

We recommend creating a unique favicon for your WordPress website, as the process is quite simple.

Create favicon from canva

You can use any image editor like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, IrfanView, or Canva to create a favicon as per your choice in the size mentioned above of 512 pixels

After creating, you can download the image to keep your device in the media library in .png, .jpg format.

After creating a unique favicon, let us see the process to add a favicon to your site.

How to Change Favicon in WordPress

You can create a favicon or a site icon and add a favicon to your WordPress site following specific easy steps. This has been integrated since version 4.3 of WordPress from the admin area. Let us see the steps below.

  • Step 1 – After logging into the WordPress admin area, you have to go to Appearance and then customize site, following which you have to click the Site Identity tab.

go to customize for change favicon on wordpress

This tab in the WordPress customizer consists of modifying the site title, description, and some other controls.

  • Step 2 – After entering into the ‘Site Identity’ tab, you will find a section for the site icon. Preferably try to create a square image and of at least 512 x 512 pixels.

click on site identity

  • Step 3 – Now, below that, you will find a button called ‘Select Image.’ Click on that button and then upload the image file from the media library of your device.

site icon and click on change image

  • Step 4 – If the size matches with the required size, then the WordPress website will accept it; else will discard it. 
  • Step 5 – That’s all! You have to preview your WordPress site in new browser tabs to see your favicon beside the site description on the top.

Bingo! You are done; it’s quite a simple process, right! Go ahead and add a favicon to your WordPress site from the WordPress customizer as described above.

For mobile devices, you can check the WordPress website from a browser of your mobile. From the browser menu, you have to select “Add to the home screen,” after that, your favicon will appear on the home screen of your mobile like other app icons.

Benefits of adding a favicon to WordPress websites

As mentioned earlier, when you add a favicon to your site, it will increase your website’s identity. Moreover, there is user experience also that gets improved by adding favicons. 

Whenever users search for anything, they open many browser tabs in their browser. Thus with the increase of the browser tabs, the title of the site gets hidden. 

That is the time when people can identify the tab of your site with the favicon. Thus they can quickly switch to that particular browser tab and visit your site. 

All in all, there are three main benefits of adding a favicon,

  • Strengthen the user experience to identify your site among many opened browser tabs.
  • Increases the visual identity among the hundreds of search results to attract visitors directly.
  • Makes your brand reputation more strong.
  • Easy to remember for customers whether this is the correct website they had landed earlier also.

One more method to add a favicon

Specific themes do not have the option to upload a favicon. Then comes the use of plugins by which you can upload the source image of favicons to your sites. The two popular plugins include Favicon rotator and All in One Favicon.

Some tips to create a unique favicon

Generally, it is suggested to create an image of 512 pixels and a square shape. But, if you wish, you can also create a rectangular image that you can crop while uploading the source image with the WordPress customizer option.

Please keep in mind that the favicons will be displayed as a small 16 pixels image in the browser tabs. Hence, make the image with an excellent display to see that image in those small proportions.

You can also refer to some guidelines of Google to create a suitable favicon for your WordPress sites.

The Final Thoughts

Hope you will find it useful and can decently add a favicon. Later even if you want to change the existing image of site icons, you can follow a similar process in WordPress customizer by clicking on a select image and upload it from the media library.

It is always better to make your website clean from every angle to help your site gain more traffic. Thus never think of anything as minute; every option has a certain importance in blogging. Hope you got the answer to the most common question, “how to change favicon in WordPress.”

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