How to Do Tags on YouTube Video?

Do you know Youtube tags are vital for ranking your video on Youtube search engine. so, how to do tags on YouTube video properly? Here in this article I give you brief idea about Youtube Tags.

How to Do Tags on YouTube

A Youtube Tag is a combination of keywords that you can select for your photos or videos that are somewhat related to your content, and it will help others find your content with much ease. YouTube’s algorithm uses these tags to help people find content relevant to the target keywords typed. The creators can carefully choose the specific tags. Then, more people are likely to find and watch your videos based on their search results

When it comes to reaching out to millions of people on Youtube, the most essential and crucial part is selecting the appropriate video title and description. Apart from these titles and descriptions, keyword tags also help the potential viewers consider whether or not to watch your youtube video.

How to use tags to get your videos discovered on YouTube?

For your video to be discovered on youtube auto-suggest, you might require some long-tail keywords that need to be associated with the video by an algorithm. When you select correct tags for your youtube video, you automatically enhance your video’s chances of being watched by other people entering those keywords.

It’s essential to incorporate tags to your videos that are more general type along with some specific tags that would indicate your videos when typed into youtube’s search box.

For example, if you have uploaded a video related to a traditional wedding on your youtube channel, then you would want to add the tags like “wedding,” “tradition,” “custom,” as well as “marriage.” 

Before diving into the pool of applying thousands of keywords to your video, you need to note that the process of adding keywords is not at all definitive. Cause the keywords to add the significant change in the growth of your videos and your channel. Here is the three-step process to follow before opting for any keywords:

1. Setting the primary keyword as the first and foremost tag:

Many believe that Youtube pays the utmost attention to the first keyword added to your content. According to the guidelines, you need to use words and phrases which are more relatable to your video, and, hence, targeting a good keyword sets the tone straight. So, always use your primary keyword as your first tag. For example, when uploading a video related to a wildlife documentary, the primary keyword should be “wildlife,” “animal,” or “documentary” as your primary keyword.

2. Adding relevant keywords from ranking videos:

To add relevant keywords to your video, you can install a free browser extension called Tubebuddy or vidIQ. I personally like Tubebuddy. After that, you can open up the first three to four top-ranking videos and get an idea from them. You can incorporate some of the keywords used in those videos into your videos to have a high chance of appearing on the search results.

3. Adding relevant keywords with search volume:

You can visit any of the famous keyword explorers and link the search engine to your YouTube. You can now copy-paste all the tags taken from the previous videos you opened in the first step and click on the search button.

You can now lookup the figures describing the monthly estimates of the search volume for a particular keyword sorted in order of preference. For example, while searching Android phones, the results might show “best android phones 2021”, “must have android phones,” or simply “Android phones” in search results.

How to Do Tags on Youtube Video?

You can easily plug tags into your video by simply following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Firstly, log in to your Youtube account, and then you can click on the camera icon situated at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Next, you need to select the “upload video” option from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Next, you need to choose the video you want to upload from the search volume and quickly begin uploading it.

Step 4: After selecting the desired video, you can upload it on your channel by giving it an appropriate thumbnail and description.

Step 5: Next, you can add a number of tags relevant to your video and separate them by constantly using commas. You can choose anywhere between five to fifteen tags depending on your content.

Step 6: Lastly, you can press “Save” to complete the uploading procedure.

What are the things you must know before adding the tags?

● You need not go overboard with the tags. Though YouTube has a limit of 1500 characters, the sweet spot exists somewhere between 200-300 characters. So, only use relevant tags and don’t stuff keywords in just because you can.

● Don’t spam or divert the users by using popular keywords but not related to your content. Using celebrity’s names or entering words which are in the news would malign your content.

● Tags should be added during upload in the tags section and not in your description box. It would be best if you were not stuffing your description box with a ton of keywords, as it might look misleading.

● Adding random and absurd tags with no relation to your content will interfere with your integrity as a content creator. So, use your common sense and add tags relevant to your content only.


While adding tags will boost your reach, it is not the thing you should be spending hours on. Instead, you can work on your content and then make your work speak for itself.

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