How to Edit WordPress Home Page

Are you looking to edit or create a custom homepage for your WordPress website, then this blog will help you to know about the process of How to Edit WordPress Home page

How to Edit WordPress Home Page

Are you planning to create an attractive custom homepage or front page for your WordPress sites as you do not like the blog posts pages to club into your homepage? This short and relevant guide blog on “How to edit WordPress home page” will surely help you.

Create a custom homepage for your site. You can add several other things like the product images, sliders, and offer banners to make your customers feel more confident to refer to your site, thereby increasing your visitors’ spending time on the site.

What is a homepage for WordPress sites?

We hope that the readers of this blog will know what is the domain name of a website. When people search for your domain name in their browser, then the front page that appears is the homepage.

Thus, it is essential to make your front page as the homepage attractive and consisting of relevant information so that visitors can easily click on the icons or images to redirect to the respective blogs.

Why should you create a custom landing page or homepage?

As discussed above, the moment you feel that the blog posts pages should not come at your homepage is when you need to create a custom landing page for your visitors. Some of the important goals for creating a custom homepage are as follows:

  • The time you want to increase the email subscribers.
  • Getting more leads.
  • Generating more traffic to your sites, thereby increasing sales.
  • More focus on the offered services of your sites.

Below is an example of a custom homepage for our site:

custom homepage example on wordpress

You can keep a cover image, small images for the products or services you are offering, or maybe call to action buttons on your custom homepage. For example, suppose you are planning to create a site for amazon affiliate products. In that case, you can add the Amazon link to your cover image so that visitors can click on that to directly visit the Amazon site and thus generate more revenues as a result of cache that gets stored.

Now, let us dive into the steps for editing your WordPress homepage quickly and efficiently.

How to Edit WordPress Home Page

Whenever you create any posts page and publish that in WordPress sites, it comes to the front page or the site’s homepage as a default option. Most businesses, bloggers want to create a custom homepage and create a different section for the blog posts page either by creating a category in the menu section or some other hyperlink text on the home page in WordPress.

If you buy premium WordPress themes, most of them will suggest you switch to a static homepage. Therefore, let us see in detail how to edit your homepage on WordPress sites.

Step 1: Log in to the WordPress dashboard

You need to login to the WordPress dashboard for any edit from the backend by appending ‘/wp-admin’ at the end of the URL of your WordPress site. By doing so, you will reach into your site’s backend, from where you can edit or create a new page to set that page as the homepage.

Step 2: Create a new page 

In the WordPress dashboard, you will find the Pages section from the left-hand black portion from where you have to click on “Add New.” You can name that page as the homepage or whatever you like and click Publish to make that page live.

On page section click on add new for new page create on wordpress

Note – If you already have traffic to your site, it is better to keep your WordPress site in maintenance mode.

Step 3: Setting reading for making it a static homepage

This step is required for telling WordPress to use those pages. For that, you can navigate to the setting reading section from the WordPress dashboard only. From there, under the ‘Your homepage displays’ section, select the static page option for making a static homepage.

select static page and home on homepage

Save the changes you make to this setting reading section.

WordPress themes’ in-built options to edit your homepage 

Many WordPress themes will present a default homepage for you. So you have to edit your homepage to create a custom one using the theme customizer.

There is an option to change the page template for your homepage in WordPress, too, that you can change from the page attributes. It has a dropdown list of several page templates, among which you can choose as per your choice.

page template on wordpress

Customizing the built-in homepage provided by the WordPress themes can be done by navigating to the Appearance section in the WordPress dashboard and then clicking Customize.

You have to go to the homepage settings from the many options and then proceed with editing your WordPress homepage by clicking on the blue pencil icons from the theme customizer. For making them live, you need to click on Publish, and then you are ready.

editing your WordPress homepage

So, it is as simple as that! You can also remove any section by the same process of clicking on the blue pencil icons.

Using the Page Builder Plugins for editing your WordPress homepage

Many page builder plugins are popular among the WordPress designers or bloggers that you can install from the Plugin section of the WordPress dashboard. The most popular ones include Beaver Builder, SeedProd, Elementor, out of which we prefer the Elementor page builder plugin. We have created the homepage for some of our sites using this plugin only.

4 Best WordPress Website Builder

Elementor has both free and pro versions, and it is evident that the Pro version offers you more elements in the widget area. If you are a newbie and don’t have much budget, then the free version will also do your job, and it is very simple to use so that beginners can also use it easily.

Firstly, you have to select the homepage and click on ‘Edit with Elementor’ to launch that particular page builder.

edit with elementor

From the widget area of Elementor, one has to drag and drop the widgets to the home page and create an attractive custom homepage as per your wish.

widget area of Elementor

You can also use a pre-made page template from a whole lot of templates or blocks available. This page builder plugin has plenty of essential widgets like the latest/recent posts, gallery, image, accordions, etc.

All the elements that you will add from the widget area of Elementor can be customized, like the shape, colors, text, border, size, and more.

Elementor library

It also has three responsive modes (desktop/tablet/mobile) to edit your homepage as per that screen size. Once done, you can preview it, and if you are satisfied, you can proceed with publishing it to make it live.

preview for desktop, mobile and tablet on elementor page builder

Wrapping it up

With this, we have reached the end of this blog. I hope that this was helpful for you to create an attractive homepage for your site. Maybe, you have already ended up making a homepage by now.

Thanks for landing here and staying till the end; please visit again to get more helpful tips and tricks or solutions to the problems that you may face in the path of blogging. All the best. Bye!

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