How to Get a gov Domain

Do you want to know how to get a gov domain? then you are in the right place. Here I guide you for getting a gov domain and how it is affect on your SEO?

How to Get a gov Domain

How to Get a gov Domain

In the Domain Name Scheme of the Internet, the domain name gov is a sponsored top-level domain (TLD). The name is taken from the word administration, implying government authorities’ limited use of it. The gov domain is governed by the General Services Administration (GSA), a separate federal government department of the United States.

In addition to its country-code top-level domain, the U.S. is the only country with a government-specific top-level domain. This is a product of the Internet’s roots as a research network funded by the U.S. federal government. For this reason, most nations usually delegate a second-level domain; for instance, is the Government of Canada’s second-level domain and all subdomains.


It is limited to government agencies to use the domain gov. This covers U.S. federal government offices, services, and agencies, according to GSA guidelines; federally recognized tribes, referred to by the GSA as Native Sovereign Peoples, which may use the suffix; state government institutions and programs; towns and cities served by an elected body of officials; counties and parishes represented by an elected body of officials;

Why are there such coveted mentions from dot gov websites? 

There is an underlying conviction in the SEO culture that the most important of all is .gov ties.

Why do SEOs claim this?

The Google algorithm gives more weight to blogs, educational institutions, and government offices that have innate or proven ‘credibility,’ according to the theory. Allegedly, these companies are less likely to participate in opportunistic SEO maneuvers for black hats.

The solution to the puzzle remains therein. Since that site is a trustworthy authority, the “link juice” from a .gov or. Edu site is substantial.

Therefore, more weight and greater importance are given to a connection from these websites to another website.

.gov and. Edu TLDs (top-level domains) typically have a high authority score, too.

For starters, compare the two numbers by using Moz’s Domain Authority ranking:

  • gov — Domain Authority of 97
  • — Domain Authority of 87 is a whopping ten points higher than one of the most heavily prized and known brands in the country.


A authorization letter of permission must be sent to the GSA for the registration of a gov domain. The authority for government agencies must be requested by a cabinet-level chief information officer (CIO). Authorization from the governor or state CIO is necessary for state governments. City domains require permission by the mayor or equivalent official; for counties, approval can be submitted by county commissioners or comparable officials or by county officials of the highest rank.

The authorization must come from the Bureau of Indian Affairs for Native Sovereign Nations. In November 2019, after a researcher impersonated the mayor of Exeter, Rhode Island, in a letter of authorization and GSA accepted the proposal without proof, it was found that the procedure was faulty. In reaction, CSA announced that to avoid a recurrence, it had instituted new fraud mitigation controls. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Management Department launched an initiative to gain care of all gov domains’ issuance.

According to SEO theory, attention from high-level websites provides greater importance to the websites to which they connect. Because most .gov websites have more extraordinary jurisdiction, they ensure that gov site is secure, and it is considered that their backlinks are more important.

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4 Suggestions for Mentions from Gaining .Gov 

True to form, I need to have a few alerts in advance:

  • These sources are not easy to acquire.
  • These statements cannot merely be “constructed” or “generated.” They have to be won.
  • For maximum SEO meaning, backlinks and mentions, no matter how valuable, should always be matched with a safe and hearty content marketing strategy.

Get active in the forums at .gov. 

The government hosts several sites. Such platforms are structured to encourage individuals to get support and insight on different subjects.

This Information Technology forum, for example, is hosted on the website

At, you can find the full directory of government web forums.

You will add value by posting on the forums if you have a company in a niche that is close to these forums.

The purpose is not merely to automatically acquire a backlink by posting on these sites, but rather to have value as a conduit of a reputable and trustworthy authority and gain recognition.

On a relevant subject, build the content. 

One useful way to get a listing of .gov is to make this initiative part of your content marketing policy.

Write any material on or on a government subject about a government department. It’s best to find a niche issue that appeals to a single organization with a website.

Contact the relevant government department, remind them of your content, and inquire respectfully for your content to be listed or connected to it.

Comment on websites on .gov. 

A small number of .gov websites allow article comments to communicate with each other.

You will locate government TLDs with commendable content using a tool such as “Drop My Link.” I searched “comment backlinks” with .gov domains, for instance.

You are possibly starting to see the difficulty of accessing backlinks to .gov. The chance you will find a commentable .gov website specifically related to your niche or sector is minimal.

Still smaller is the more possibility of receiving a correct do-follow backlink by posting a related comment. Nonetheless, you can begin to see some benefit from this approach by always discovering and commenting.

As a specified resource, have your website. 

Several government websites give a list of other websites as “resources.” It is a legitimate and even welcome way for .gov websites to list yours if you can find such a page. My free Detailed Guide to SEO provides a comprehensive overview of the use of this strategy, but here’s the basic idea:

To search for Google: [your keywords] + inurl: links, use a unique question


There are very few legal ways to get references to .gov, but here are some of them.

And don’t forget: this doesn’t just refer to .gov websites in the United States. Just as useful is .gov pages from other countries, it would take a lot of work, patience, and energy to get a .gov reference. Who knows, however? In your overall SEO plan, that might pay off.

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