How to Get Donations on YouTube(4 Methods)

Are you want donations for your Youtube videos or Non-Profit Organization? Then here I give 4 methods for How to Get Donations on YouTube. So read the complete article till End.

In order to accept donations for a YouTube channel, you must create a not-for-profit account with Google Checkout. This will allow the video-sharing website’s community members and viewers of your videos to donate money by credit card or debit cards directly on their personal accounts which are then transferred into an online payment processing service that helps manage all funds.

How to Get Donations on YouTube

How to get donations on youtube

Apply for Non-Profit Youtube Channel:-

The application process to become a member of the YouTube Nonprofit Program is available online. To join, you must be an American company with current 501(c)(3) status and not require membership, religiously proselytize or lobby politically.

Videos that serve commercial purposes are also prohibited by this program’s standards. Applicants should keep in mind that even if they meet all these requirements their applications may still get denied at any point during the approval process without explanation from YouTube itself!

Sign up Google Checkout:-

Making a not-for-profit YouTube channel? You’ll need to create an account with Google Checkout. First, you must fill out the required fields – organization name, website, contact information, and federal EIN (Employer Identification Number).

This information should match what was filed with the IRS on your 501(c)(3) status. Once that’s done you can view settings for more options by clicking ‘Settings’. The primary product type has two choices: Non-Profit or Other Business Types.

Link Google Checkout with Youtube:-

When you visit the Google Checkout Options page and enter your YouTube ID as well as a merchant key, you will be prompted to choose donation amounts for different levels. After completing these steps, a button that says “donate” or something similar should appear on the public profile homepage of your channel along with all video pages.

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How to get donations on youtube with Crowdfunding

When it comes to thinking about crowdfunding and donations for your YouTube channel, you should know that accepting donations has been a revered practice for almost as long as humans have existed. Today’s modern take on this is with crowdfunding websites where donors pool together small amounts of money from various sources into one big pot for the benefactor.


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site that has been successful in helping artists fund their projects. Using Kickstarter, an artist can gain pledges and rewards based on the amount of money donated to them. For example, for a movie being funded you could receive small things like signed movie posters or more substantial ones such as dinner with the stars depending on your donation size. Since its inception in 2009, it’s helped over 135,000 projects become reality!

Easy to Start:-

If you want to be a part of Kickstarter, it is easy. You can make an account by accessing the website or using your Facebook login. After that, simply fill out some basic information and get started!

No Copyright Issue:-

You retain complete ownership and copyright with the content, even though this project is funded by a group of individuals.


Before you start a Kickstarter campaign, it is important to know that if your financial goal isn’t met then none of the money will be donated and all donations go back to their donors.

This is the basic breakdown of how much money you make when using Kickstarter. It’s not all lost in fees though since they take 5%, but it still works out to about 90% for your project if funded.


Creators such as YouTube stars, who create their own content and don’t belong to a company or network like Disney, often need to fund projects in order to continue producing them. Patreon is an online platform that helps creatives raise funds for ongoing yet smaller (in scope) projects rather than helping fundraise for various stand-alone ones which require larger funding. The site has become very popular with YouTubers because it allows creators the opportunity to interact directly with fans and supporters through donation tiers set by themselves.

As a patron, you provide an artist that you admire with much-needed financial support. You do this by providing them with small donations which are like tips to continue their work; members of Patreon usually create content such as blogs, music, or videos and can use the money for things like ADR (automated dialog replacement) on movies they just filmed.


You can receive your funds by electronic transfer at the beginning of each month. There are fees associated with this option, but you don’t need to meet your goal in order to get them! You may charge 5% of your rising fund.


Indiegogo makes it easy to raise money for your idea. You can even create a campaign without giving up equity in the project or paying fees as long as you meet some requirements and have an account on IndieGoGo itself. In addition, 9 million people visit this site every month looking for campaigns they believe in!


Unlike Kickstarter, if you don’t meet your financial goal but still want to try on Indiegogo, there’s the option of flexible funding. They take out a greater portion in fees compared with other sites like it – however, at least campaigns are not completely for nothing.

Unique Price Structure:-

In a fixed-funding campaign, the site charges 4% as opposed to 5% on Kickstarter, but if you choose Flexible Funding it jumps up to 9%. On top of that, there are processing fees.

Non-profit Discount:-

If you’re a 501(c)(3) organization, the fee is only 3%. In addition to this low-cost structure, your funds can go straight to charity.

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How to get donations on youtube(Method 3):-

Donorbox is a fast and easy way for YouTubers to collect donations from their viewers. It’s secure, so you don’t have to worry about sensitive information being stolen online. Donate using credit cards, PayPal/Google Pay/ApplePay, or with low fee ACH bank transfers!

Want to take your viewers from watching a video straight to donating? With Donorbox, you can embed a link directly in the description box of your YouTube video. The process is completely customized and takes only 1-2 minutes! You don’t even need an extra form or registration step – it’s seamless with just one click!

Steps to Setup Donorbox with Youtube:-

Step1:- Visit Donorbox and Create an Account

Step2:- Go to Campaign Page and create Donate Page

Step3:- Copy Preview Campaign Page URL(Right-click on Preview Campaign Page and click copy link address)

Step4:- Go to Youtube Studio and Click Setting

Step5:- Click Upload Defaults and Paste the link on the Description box then Save it.

Now it shows all your Youtube videos in the Description section. Clicking this link will take your viewers to a Donorbox secure donation page. This page is automatically created as you design the form, but it can also be customized with different colors and logos depending on preferences.

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How to get donations card on Youtube

As it turns out, there is a new feature on YouTube that enables viewers to donate directly from your videos. It’s called Donation Cards and they’re great for engaging members of the community who benefit from different programs. Plus, Google covers credit card processing fees!

Step1:- Create Donation Card

To add a donation card to your YouTube video, click on the “Cards” icon and then select “Donation.” Click create.

Step2:- Select 501c3 Nonprofit you want to feature

This may be your own or one where you are a board member, volunteer, or beneficiary.

Step3:- Enter Card Title and Teaser Text

Step4:- Set Card display Timing

Set the time when the card is shown to your viewer.

When the teaser text is clicked, your viewers are given an option to donate. After the Donation Card closes, it will continue to be accessible by clicking “i” on top of each card or video thumbnail.

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How many subscribers do you need to get donations?

You can get donations even with a few subscribers. However, you need to have at least 100-200 subscribers in order for your video to be seen and shared by people other than yourself.

Can you ask for donations on Livestream?

You can, but if you have small following live videos are not as effective at getting donations as pre-recorded videos from your channel. It is possible for your live stream to go viral and generate significant donations.

How do you get donations on YouTube?

You can generate donations by placing a link in the description of your video and asking viewers to click it. You can also go to a website with a donation form and have people send you money there.

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