How to Get Paid On YouTube(6 Proven Technique)

Planning to earn some money by creating a YouTube channel but confused about how to get paid on YouTube? Click this web page to know details about all the strategies involved.

How to Get Paid On YouTube

Are you planning to open a YouTube account and flourish in the field of YouTube Marketing? Then you are on the right track of making money online from home. But there is one doubt that always strikes in mind before creating a YouTube channel called “How to get paid on YouTube?” For clearing that, we have prepared this guide, stay tuned to know more.

Digital marketing has reached a different business model level these days, and YouTube marketing is one of the most significant opportunities that have created many YouTube stars. YouTube has many users that one cannot even imagine so creating a YouTube channel, and uploading YouTube videos have become a hot business model these days. 

The youths and almost all age groups are participating in flourishing their career in the YouTube marketing field. Though this has become a popular field, every minute more than 500 hours of video are being uploaded to YouTube from various YouTube accounts worldwide.

So, it is not easy to make money by creating a YouTube channel and uploading several YouTube videos, but that does not imply it is impossible. YouTube stars have not become successful in one day or one year; it took several years of patience, hard work, and dedication to achieve that million views or billion to earn some money from YouTube marketing.

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Thus, we suggest not coming to this field with the thought of making money; instead, it is better to choose this way if you like uploading YouTube videos out of passion. This passion and patience can end up getting plenty of notes in your hand, but initially, don’t just open a YouTube channel for earning some pennies.

In this blog, we will try to make you aware of the process of making money on YouTube.

A shortlisting of the How to get paid on YouTube

There are six different ways of making money through a YouTube account,

how to get paid on youtube

  1. Joining the YouTube Partners Program.
  2. To sell out your product reviews or services, thus promoting your small businesses for making them large.
  3. Creation of sponsored content.
  4. Making your fans use their credit card for paying you.
  5. Crowdfunding technique.
  6. Licensing the content of your YouTube channel with the media.

Let’s discuss in brief.

How to get paid on YouTube

1. Becoming a YouTube partners program

Joining this YouTube partners program enables the YouTubers to access various tools, including monetizing their contents via Google Adsense account. After creating a YouTube channel, you need to work on the contents and keep patience to reach the minimum eligibility for joining the YouTube partners program.

The eligibility is a minimum of 1K subscribers, 4K watch hours of video in the first 12 months. Then you can create an Adsense account and can earn through ad revenues. For achieving ad revenues, your YouTube channel must contain advertiser-friendly YouTube videos from which you can make money.

There are other monetization channels, like YouTube Premium revenue in which you will receive a small proportion of the subscription fees when a premium member watches your videos. Then there are channel memberships (30K subscribers required) and Merchandise self (10K subscribers required) to get paid.

Then there is the super chat payments scheme in which your fans need to pay for making their messages highlighted while your live streams for which you have to be of minimum 18 years old.

2. Selling or promoting your merchandise

Selling or promoting your merchandise

You are maybe an affiliate marketer besides a YouTube marketer, so in that case, with the YouTube videos, you can include the affiliate links too in the video description. Or, maybe you also do dropshipping business besides creating YouTube videos. At the end of the videos, you can promote your products or mention specific product reviews in the video description so that the viewers can also visit your affiliate link for making that purchase.

You can even open a different YouTube account to make videos regarding the product reviews you sell and attract more customers. Thus you can make money in both ways. Once you join the youtube partners program, you can sell 12 items of merchandise to the viewers. Thus, merchandise can be a vital part to make money through YouTube.

3. Creation of sponsored content or Brand Sponsorship

Creation of sponsored content or Brand Sponsorship

A popular way of making money through YouTube is by creating sponsored content where YouTube does not take any portion of your earnings. This falls under the category of ‘Influencer marketing’ where you need to contact the brand and get paid by them for promoting their brand or products.

For doing this, you need to first search for a brand to partner with so that your content aligns with their services. If your niche of YouTube channel is video games, you must choose one of the video games’ brands to create sponsored content. You have to make a deal with them like the payments and all like; you can also offer them that you will promote their brand while promoting your videos on social media.

This can help to strengthen your relationships with those brands and thus, to set more deals later. You must be transparent while making sponsored content because it is nothing but a sort of advertising.

4. Attracting your fans to pay you

youtube super chat

There are mainly two things that you can do for making your fans pay you. You can make your fans use Super Chats while you are doing your live streaming. This feature is available when you join the Youtube partners program

With this feature, your fans can comment by making their messages highlighted, and they need to pay for that. There is one more scheme in this respect where you need to encourage your viewers to join your YouTube channel. By becoming a member of your channel, they will receive several badges and live chats with you. 

You can also make your fans aware of the benefits of becoming YouTube premium subscribers so that you can receive a part of their subscription fee when they watch your videos.

5. Using the Crowdfunding technique

Using the Crowdfunding technique

This is a modern technique that YouTubers follow to make money either from monthly donations or personal projects. There are many crowdfunding sites approved on YouTube. For recurring funding, the best choice can be Patreon, whereas, for one-off campaigns, you can also go for GoFundMe or Kickstarter.

You must continue preparing videos on your channel and promote these campaigns through your videos so that all your viewers can become aware of this donation process. Not only YouTube, but you also need to promote these campaigns beyond YouTube on other social media platforms which are known as a multi-platform affair.

6. Content Licensing with Media

It is a significant thing to start with your YouTube channel and making videos to enjoy the success of YouTube marketing. You never know when your luck will strike that is when your one video can go viral. As soon as a video becomes viral, then all media platforms want to copy your video in their content. So licensing your successful works is essential which you can do through two methods:

Content Licensing with Media

  • Updating your contact information on the ‘About’ page of your YouTube channel,
  • Signing up to a video rights marketplace such as Jukin Media.

Few things you must decide before creating a YouTube channel

If you are thinking of opening a new YouTube channel, it is impossible to think that you have not seen any YouTube videos earlier. If you have watched, you will know that there are various topics on which the different YouTube channels are built. Some channels are related to educational tutorials, while some are comedy channels, travel vlogs while some prepare channels to analyze several product reviews or video games’ reviews.

Thus, you need to decide at first the thing that you love to do and select that thing for your YouTube channel. This is called a niche, and you need to decide your niche based on your interests. But, pick up the profitable one because your main goal is to fill up your pocket and choose a profitable niche for your Youtube channel.

Once you have decided on your niche and opened a YouTube account, then you need to focus on the main thing which is content or the videos that you will be uploading. So, start preparing videos and go on doing that even if you are not getting enough views. You do not be a professional video editor for making these videos; you can make use of certain paid or free video editing software and prepare the videos.

The next thing that you can do in all the videos is to make them entertaining and attractive that can make the viewers watch those and build the right audience for your channel. You can also share the video link in all your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to get more viewers through those platforms. 

Do not forget to mention your social media page link in your videos’ video description. So, be consistent and make new videos to make that one hundred or two hundred views to a million views one day because remember that the YouTube stars also used to get those many views initially. Still, the patience and hard-work of continuously uploading new videos have gained them a million views or even a billion.

The Final Thoughts

In this article, we have provided you with all the relevant information that should clear the doubt in your mind regarding “How to get paid on YouTube?” Hope this has been helpful and knowledgeable for you, please remember all the tips that we have mentioned here and go on with your passion for smashing the goal one day.

Thanks for reading, I wish you a successful journey on YouTube!

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