How to Make a Poll on Youtube in 2021

Are you searching for how to make a poll on youtube? If yes, Your search is ended. Here I give you a complete step-by-step process for creating a poll on youtube.

How to Make a Poll on Youtube

Right now, if you want to watch anything on YouTube, you can watch it by searching on YouTube. Still, a lot of people think that we can only post videos on YouTube. Still, recently a new community Tab introduces by YouTube. In the community tab, you can create text images and polls on Youtube, with the help of which you can get more and more subscribe views, like, and share on your YouTube videos and make your videos viral, and due to which you can discuss with a subscriber.

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Why this?

Make a poll on YouTube, with the help of which your subscribers will reply to you. They will see what people are saying, they will also enjoy your videos, and you can also see what your subscribers want so that you can share your videos with their You can make your subscribers better. Your views, likes will grow faster, which will help in monetizing your videos.


If you want to make a poll on YouTube, then, first of all, you should have 1000 subscribers after Making Youtube channel. After that, you will have to monetize your channel. After being monetized, you can make a poll.

How to Make a Poll on Youtube

1.If you want to make a poll, you have to click on the editor in the video manager, you have to first click in a corner above the toolbar. You find the Poll Option.

2. After that, you have to enter any question you want to ask

3. After that, you have to enter the option to vote for your audience.

4. You have to enter the time when you want people to see your full video

5. Below, you have to click on this; after that, you have to click on Save Changes.

6.After that, your poll will be successfully created.

How to Make a Poll on Youtube on Android or iPhone

1. Open your Youtube App

2. Tap on Create( Icon)

3. Write your message or add Image and GIFs or Video or Poll

4. Create Post

How to Schedule a post on Youtube Poll

You can schedule a post depending on when your viewers are more active, it also helps to get more engagement on your Post. For this follow the below steps

1. Open your Youtube App

2. Tap on Create( Icon)

3. Write your message or add Image and GIFs or Video or Poll

4. You find a clock icon in the top right corner

5. Choose a date, time, and time zone to publish the post.

6. Select Done and click Schedule.

The benefit of creating a poll

If you use the poll in your video, your video will grow faster, helping monetize your channel. You can increase your subscribers what they want to improve your video according to them Can create videos. 

What Type of Post You Add

Text Post

To create a text post, enter your message in the text box on the Community tab of your Youtube channel. You can post your text by itself, or with an image, or GIF, or video.

Note:- You can’t be combined Text posts with polls.

Guidelines for Images and GIF:-

  • You can’t add more than 16MB Images and GIFs in a Youtube poll.
  • Only add JPG, PNG, GIF, or WEBP file type in a Poll.
  • Youtube suggests a 1:1 ratio because viewers are able to show images in the feed. Viewers can see the full image by clicking to expand it.

Playlist Post

Copy and Paste the Playlist URL into your Post. You can add any artist playlist you enjoy and your Playlist post is created.

Video Post

To create Video Post you add your own youtube channel video or search for a video or paste another youtube creator video URL.

When you share another youtube creator video on your post, maybe a notification sends to the original creator. Through this notification, the creator knows someone shares their video.

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You will understand how to create a poll in your video. Making a poll helps you in your monetization. Your video grows fast. There are many things you can know about what your subscribers want. We have told you step by step that you can grow your video by creating a poll, and why should it do so?

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