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10 Ways How to Make Money from Blockchain

The potential of blockchain has been derided as a distraction, but it’s more than just a fad that will die. Here, we cover how to make money from blockchain by walking you through the industry and the emerging companies that use it for a variety of business needs.

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger and it has the potential to be disruptive in career, education, and how we live our daily lives. It’s revolutionary. You can make money with blockchain by investing in successful blockchain ventures, trading cryptocurrencies or stocks, partnering on ICOs, and even just by using the technology for yourself for your personal life.

This blog post will teach you about how to get started with blockchain and give you some tips on what you should keep an eye out for when investing in a new project.

What is Blockchain

It’s a completely decentralized public ledger that stores data in encrypted blocks. As soon as information goes up on the chain, it can’t be changed or hacked. Blockchain is transparent, safe, and nearly impossible to tamper with because it’s stored on millions of computers across the globe.

Any new information that enters the chain automatically gets recorded, therefore making blockchain an extremely secure way to track vital economic information.

The concept of blockchain was originally introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto as the root technology behind, the first digital currency introduced in 2008. Blockchain is a decentralized database of information, which is maintained and updated by a network of computers across the world.

The roles of blockchain technology are to record data and know this information in a non-reputable manner so that there will be no single point of failure. Furthermore, blockchain technology has the ability to record transactions and secure this data with cryptography. This means that the system cannot be altered or tampered with by any authority.

Blockchain technology allows you to determine how you want to make money from cryptocurrency. It has become an increasing necessity for small businesses that are looking to decentralize their records and transaction systems.

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Why is Blockchain So Important?

As mentioned above, blockchain makes it possible for businesses and individuals to record transactions in a much easier and more secure way than current methods (e.g. credit cards or banks). It can also completely change how people do business. Blockchain technology allows for more secure, faster, and cheaper transactions between two parties without the use of a third-party middleman (e.g. banks or credit card companies).

Blockchain is going to be one of the biggest game-changers in modern history because its potential applications are endless. It has the potential to disrupt every industry from government to entertainment, to healthcare, to finance, and much more.

It can be used to create smart contracts so that transactions can be done safely without the need for third-party services. It can also eliminate the need for lawyers in certain aspects of legal processes, and reduce costs of new business startups by making it easier to implement trust and transparency between parties.

And the best part? Blockchain technology is here to stay because it has the support of lots of reputable companies, institutions, and governments. It’s already being used by companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Deloitte, Intel, and many more.

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How to Make Money from Blockchain

There are plenty of blockchain-related opportunities out there for the taking. It’s just a matter of finding the right one for you.

How to Make Money from Blockchain
How to Make Money from Blockchain

1. Become a freelancer on an online marketplace

There are plenty of online work sites where you can offer your R&D skills to people who will pay you to locate errors or just simply assist them with the technology.

You could also offer your services as a writer, something that is really in demand right now as many companies need help in translating their subject matter into simple terms that their customers can understand.

2. Create your own online course

There are plenty of online courses that you can create on the subject of cryptocurrency in general and blockchain technology in particular. Many companies are looking for people who can offer this type of advice, though it is not always easy to find them.

You could also create a course related to one of the topics that you have already mastered and are sure that you can teach others. The key to creating a successful course is making sure it provides something new and fresh.

You can start a blockchain course with Teachable and start earning.

3. Create your own crypto token

While having your own cryptocurrency may be a little bit of an advanced concept, you can probably learn how to do it on one of the other blockchain platforms such as Ethereum or NEO.

The key benefit of having your own currency is that it allows you to make transactions without the need for a third party. Plus, if you create something that is really useful, people will want to use it.

4. Build a cryptocurrency wallet

There are plenty of ways to build a cryptocurrency wallet and there are lots of options for finding one. There are various websites available that you can use to find your own custom-made wallet, but you also have the option of using apps that do the same thing, so there is no need to make your own if you prefer not to.

All you generally need is an internet connection and a way to store the required amount of currency on file so that you can always access it.

5. Cryptocurrency Mining

Some digital currencies, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, use a process called Proof-of-Work in which nodes, called miners, verify transactions by solving complex math problems to add a block of coins to the chain.

Bitcoin and Ethereum use an immense amount of energy due to the huge number of miners around the world. It is possible to mine cryptocurrencies using your computer with only slight and affordable modifications. For example, joining a mining pool. The process is simple and not difficult to do.

6. Staking

Staking is a process that occurs when the blockchain network validates the transactions of those who possess coins that have been staked by the network’s owner.

As a usual stakeholder, you will lose no stake when users are able to use your coins for transactions, but you will earn interest for keeping your coins in the wallet and performing timely transactions with them (i.e. no forking).

7. Develop a website devoted to blockchain news

This tip is for cryptocurrency traders who want to make a profit from the blockchain. If you are an advanced trader or successful entrepreneur, start an entire website dedicated to crypto-coins, such as, and use it as a platform for affiliate programs that can be used to make money from the conversion of digital assets into cash or cryptocurrencies.

You can start a website using Bluehost or you can read our guide blogging where to start.

8. Trading Cryptocurrency

This tip is meant for advanced users and professional traders. You can set up your own portfolio of digital assets and tokens in advance and start trading cryptocurrency on a continual basis. And once you learn and have a good grasp of the markets, start trading on a larger scale.

Also, never invest more than you can afford to lose as this is nothing but gambling! Also, always follow the news on the cryptocurrency markets very closely so that you are prepared for any potential upcoming news or events that could affect the prices of your digital assets.

9. Buy and hold

When buying and holding cryptocurrencies, never sell or spend your coins for less than the price you bought them for. This is called a “static” investment strategy in which the investor does not actively make any bets on the market’s rise or fall.

You must invest regularly but do not sell your basket of cryptocurrencies until after a year of doing so, as this can make you lose out on lucrative profits due to volatility in crypto-coin markets.

10. Get involved in the ICO

There are a lot of different ways for you to get involved in the ICO, whether it be as an investor or as a provider of financial services. This is where you get involved with a company and help them to raise money in order to fund their project. If they succeed, they may well make a lot of money and if they fail, you lose out.

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What Makes Blockchain A Good Investment Opportunity?

The benefit of blockchain technology is the ability to make transactions across a network in real-time while maintaining control of your data. The cost is low and the speed is high. Furthermore, once recorded on a blockchain, your data can’t be changed or deleted because it cannot be altered in any way.

Basically, the technology developed by blockchain provides consumers and businesses with the opportunity to make smart contracts that can be used in all the ways that would take time to resolve in the current financial system. This is why you need more than just blockchain for a prosperous ecosystem.

The future of blockchain is promising, as it will continue to become a part of business and commerce around the world. It’s not hard to see how billions of people will benefit from this technology in several areas and business purposes.

Why We Don’t Need Just One Blockchain

There are now hundreds of blockchain projects that use their own unique cryptocurrencies and offer a specific product or service. However, most of the time, one blockchain is not enough to solve all business problems.

For example, you can’t have one place where users can store all the property they own: a digitally secure system for stocks and bonds; a digital wallet for shares in an e-commerce system; and a platform to issue public debt.

The possible applications of blockchain have a lot of potentials, but you need more than one solution to get the whole picture. If you only have one blockchain, you will not be able to use it for storing all the data that is necessary for your business. This is why we need multiple blockchains.

The Future Of Blockchain In Business

Due to its ability to meet the needs of small businesses, there are lots of ways in which blockchain can change our day-to-day life. For example, blockchain can help to create trust in the healthcare industry.

This technology has the ability to prevent fraud by recording information and sharing data in a secure way. With this kind of technology, people can be sure that their health records will be protected and kept confidential.

The use of blockchain technology is also good for financial services because it provides you with an immutable system that will allow users to record information without worrying about its safety or security. The system can also allow users to make transactions in a faster and more productive way.

This technology has the potential to change the way we do business because it has the ability to replace banks and keep our information safer. Banks and other financial services will not be able to offer consumers lower costs or better services as they do today.

The reason is that blockchain can provide any business with a more efficient and cheaper system that keeps records without needing a middleman like an institution or bank.

However, as blockchain is growing and developing, we must be conscious that it has faults too. It’s still very young and some people claim that it will not be a good idea to invest in blockchain projects just yet.

For example, blockchain is expensive right now because of the computation power required to mine the coins. The price of Bitcoin has also been falling recently so it won’t be easy to make money right now.

This article is not meant to give investment advice. It is only a way to get familiar with a technology that has the potential to change our lives.

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Due to its ability to provide such benefits, we believe that blockchain has the potential of being one of the most important technologies in our lifetime. And, it’s not hard to see how blockchain is more than just one solution for all business problems. So, you do deserve more than just this technology. However, it’s not too late to start using blockchain.

However, if you are looking for a product that will give you a healthy profit, it’s better to only invest in the ones that have been proven to work in the past. This is why we recommend you use some of the top DLT products that are on the market today: Ethereum and Bitcoin. They are good for both short and long-term investments because they offer many benefits for your business needs.

Let us know what you think about blockchain, and we’ll share some more information soon.

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