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How to Make Money Selling Photos of Yourself

Do you search how to make money selling photos of yourself? Then you are in the right place.

You can try to sell photos of yourself. It is not that easy as it seems, but you need to learn how things work first. There are some very successful bloggers and photographers who earn enough money with their photography business only because they know the tricks behind selling stock images.

How to Make Money Selling Photos of Yourself

So if you want to make money selling photos of yourself, you should do some research first, before you take the first step. Here are some links to very helpful sites, where you can find everything there is about how to sell stock photos.

I have been selling my own photography under various names for over 6 years now and I can honestly say that my income is in excess of $1 million per year.

I have worked with some of the biggest names in internet marketing over this time and have learned a great deal about how to effectively promote stock images.

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How to Make Money Selling Photos of Yourself

Start a Website for Sell Photos of Yourself

Start a Website for Sell Photos of Yourself

A website is the best place to sell your own images, not just because it’s a prime position in Google search results but also because it’s usually free. However, there are other reasons why you should create a website for selling pictures online, including:

1. Flexibility:- If you’re selling photographs via eBay then there are certain rules that you have to abide by, but if you’re selling images on your own website then there are no restrictions. You can sell prints, digital copies, or canvas’ and it’s also easier to promote special offers for repeat customers.

2. Build a brand:- The website is the main identity of your company so make sure that it has an appealing design and that the photographs on there are of a high standard. A custom header image is also a great way to generate more interest and it gives the impression that you care about your business.

3. Sell non-photographic items:- If you want to sell anything related to your photos then having your own website will let you do this without any problems, but if you try and sell non-photographic items on eBay then there is a chance that your listings will be taken down.

4. The power of social media:- Having a website is great for marketing yourself as people are more likely to buy from you if they’ve seen your work first hand by visiting your site. Twitter and Facebook are both fantastic ways to promote your work to a wider audience.

5. Selling prints:- the very cheapest way of selling prints is through sites such as Redbubble, but you can also sell digital copies and even canvas’ output directly from your site by adding a shopping cart to it. This may sound difficult but there are lots of free and easy-to-use website builders available.

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Start a Youtube channel for Sell Photos of Yourself

You can’t upload photos onto YouTube, but you can add hyperlinks to them in the description. This is a great way to promote your site and also to make money from any photographs that you’ve uploaded for free. You should add at least one photo per video and it doesn’t matter if they’re poor quality images as long as they relate to the content of your video.

Start a Youtube channel for Sell Photos of Yourself

The benefits of starting a YouTube channel for selling photos of yourself come from being able to reach a wide audience and also from the fact that you can show potential customers what type of work you create, which will influence their decision to buy from you.

Some ways in which you can benefit include:

1. A great way to promote yourself:- A YouTube channel is a great promotional tool because it’s fairly easy to get started and there are millions of people visiting the site every day looking for interesting content. If you’re posting videos on a regular basis then this will be an effective way to attract new customers, especially if you discuss topics that other creators don’t cover.

2. Video effects:- There are lots of free tools available online that you can use to create video slideshows with captions and even music for your YouTube videos. You can also add hyperlinks to these videos so that they generate traffic back to your website or social media accounts.

3. A unique selling point:- Having a YouTube channel is the perfect way to show potential customers what type of work you do because people can watch videos in their own time and it’s also easy for them to subscribe so that they don’t miss anything in the future.

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Join Photo Contest for Sell Photos of Yourself

Another good way to promote your work is by joining photo contests because this will attract a lot of visitors to your website. You can submit images for free and it doesn’t matter about the quality as long as you have at least one excellent image on there that’s related to the contest theme.

Join Photo Contest for Sell Photos of Yourself

The benefits of joining photo contests include:

1. A great way to promote yourself:- if you’re submitting your images for free then joining photo contests is a great way of attracting new customers. Some contests have high prizes or cash awards so they’ll generate lots of interest, while others are simply for fun so they can be a good opportunity to get some exposure for your work.

2. Experience and exposure:- joining photo contests is a great way of learning new skills and getting feedback on your work. You can read reviews from other participants and you’ll also get lots of votes which will make your name more well-known. This could lead to increased sales or commissions in the future.

3. Easy to enter:- even if you’re only just starting out it’s possible for you to join photo contests. All you have to do is register with the host website, create an account and upload your image. It can be frustrating if your work doesn’t win an award but every photo contest experience is good exposure for your work.

Sell Photos on Stock Website and Apps

If you are ready to start your own photo stock business, here are the 15 best websites where you can sell photos of yourself very easily.

1. Shutterstock

The largest collection of images and videos, partnering with over 100k content creators worldwide. From $0.17 per download for the standard license up to $350 for exclusive images.

They pay you 15 to 40% (depend on your level) of the selling price. If you upload up to 100 photos in a calendar year, then you are in level1. In Level6 you need to upload up to 25000 in a year.

If you want more money then upload as many photos in a year.

2. Dreamstime

One of the first online stock image marketplaces. Upload your images and videos quickly for free to start selling. Royalty-free media starts at $1 with various selling options available.

People come first at Dreamstime and every user is treated with respect and kindness. It is the world’s #1 microstock site with over 8,5 million royalty-free images.

Each contributor earns 25 to 50% for every sell, for exclusive file additional 10% is added. The Minimum Payment Threshold is $100.

3. iStock

The second-largest photo agency after Shutterstock, owned by Getty Images. They have over 70 million users worldwide and royalty-free image prices starting from $0.50, vector illustrations from $1.

iStock royalty rate starts at 15% for photos, and the exclusive contributor can earn between 25 to 45%.

Whereas Getty images royalty rate starts at 20% for photos.

4. Pay Your Selfie

This is one of the best sites to sell your selfies. It provides a simple and easy interface for people looking to buy unique selfies from real people.

This is one of the top submit pics for the cash app. To earn, you are required to take pictures of yourself while doing a specific activity that Pays Your Selfie assigns you-such activities to include dancing or revealing your tattoo! Alternatively, upload relevant images from your gallery and brands can buy them at various prices ranging between 20 cents to $1.

The higher number in sales equates to how much money will be sent directly into yours if successful; this platform benefits by providing advertisers high-quality imagery used across social media channels or brands.

5. Stylinity

Stylinity is a great site for you to sell your selfies. It provides an easy-to-use interface and attractive design to attract more customers who are looking for unique photos of people like you!

You’re required to take pictures of yourself while wearing outfits from one of their stores. You get paid when someone clicks on your picture and makes a purchase, so you are encouraged to tag different brands in the photo for easy sales opportunities! Payments come at StylePerks points that can be redeemed for cash.

6. SmugMug

SmugMug is your one-stop destination for all of life’s moments. It provides you with storage options, an easy way to show off and sell the photos on a site that doesn’t have what some might consider “stock” images but instead offers tools so clients can find exactly what they’re looking for from their favorite photographers in order set pricing per image if desired.

Earn 85% of your money with this app! Get to keep 15%, and pay only a commission. You can set the price for yourself – something you won’t be able to do on most other platforms because it’s all about what people are willing to give up their copyright/rights in order to get paid more deeply involved in photography, but when they’re using Public Setting, there will always remain some form of the watermark (which could potentially help protect against theft).

7. 500px

500px is a great and probably the most popular stock photo website. It’s an online community of photographers for exchange photos for money.

500px is a platform that allows its users to earn up to 60% on exclusive pictures and 30% on non-exclusive photos. As an added tip, add keyword tags in your photographs so buyers know exactly what they’re looking at!

With over 16 million active members – this site ranks among the most popular places online where people sell their images these days; some even make as much as $150 per picture sold through this app or website (between contests).

8. Etsy

This is a site where you can find all kinds of handmade stuff by the most talented people. If you are good at art, then this website would be perfect for you. You can sell anything that has been hand-made by yourself or buy some great products. You can also create your own store and promote your business in front of many people.

In just a couple of months, I have been able to earn about $50 from selling my own photos on Etsy. This is not much, but it can be a great start and will probably get better and better with time.

You get to keep about 20% of each sale plus 3.5% and Etsy takes 5% as a transaction fee. You need a lot more time invested into marketing your products on this site if you want higher earnings here- so be prepared for lots and lots of work!

9. Foap

You can make money by taking pictures of yourself and sending them to a mobile-based marketplace. You get $10 per photo, Foap charges cover the rest! There are also cash prizes worth around $50+ for winning missions on this site too.

10. Can Stock Photo

One of the largest and oldest stock image agencies, owned by Getty Images as well. Royalty-free media costs $0.08 to $1 with various selling options available, such as traditional royalties starting at $24 for exclusive images.

When you submit photos, Can Stock Photo promises to review the submission within 24 hours. If your photos are clear and meet their quality standards, they’ll get published on their site.

You can get paid $0.25 for every download that’s yours under their Standard License Agreement. Can Stock Photo pays by check or PayPal, minimum payout is $50.

Another way to earn on Can Stock Photo through refer method. If you refer someone and that person sells 50 photos then you receive $5.

Another advantage is your photo automatically show on Fotosearch, which is the largest photography agency. Your photo got more exposure and market potential.

11. Bigstock

Owned by Shutterstock this is another of the largest and oldest stock agencies out there. Standard licenses start from $0.50 with royalties of 85%.

To upload your photo on Bigstock, first, sign up as a contributor then complete Bigstock Tutorial, after that upload your photo then review team check and allow it to show on their website.

Bigstockphoto pays you 30% per download! You need at least $30 for withdrawal the amount through PayPal or Moneybookers/Skrill.

12. 123rf

Owned by Getty Images this is yet another of the largest and oldest stock agencies on the web. Royalty-free media costs $0.08 to more than $3,000 depending on the type of media chosen.

They offer a 30-60% revenue share deal. You can earn more money selling photos of yourself on 123rf if you are an exclusive photographer.

They paid via Paypal, Stripe, Payoneer, or Alipay(for China Only). The Minimum Payment Threshold is $50.

13. Yayimages

Yet another stock agency based in Europe, with standard royalty-free photos starting from $0.15. They have an extensive collection of low-cost HD images for everyone that is trying to sell images online.

Yayimages pay you 50% per download.

14. Alamy

One more large European agency, with a large collection of images and videos, starting from $0.15 for standard licenses. Royalty-free media starts at $0.50 with various selling options available.

Alamy pays you 50% on exclusive images and 40% on non-exclusive images from the final price for every download, which is very good.

15. Depositphotos

One more online stock agency, Royalty-free media costs from just $1 per image up to $499 for an extended license.

Over 10 million stock photos, vectors, and videos are contributed by almost half a million people around the globe. A professional-level membership starts from just $8.33 a month.

They Pay you 30-38%(depend on level) of revenue share on every sell.

16. Creative market

One more unique online agency with a great collection of stock images and videos. There are over 1,000 photographers active on the site.

You just need to open a shop as a creator and sell your photo. The creative market takes only 30% of the commission and you earn the rest 70%.

17. Stocksy

It’s another unique marketplace where all the authors are professional stock photo agencies that provide an exclusive collection minus the standard “agencies markup”.

Stocksy is a true co-operative owned by the photographers themselves. They have some great examples of how to sell stock photos with your face.

They pay you a 50% commission of the selling price per image download with a minimum payout of $100. They also pay you a 75% commission on extended licenses.

Ok, so you see on all these sites you can sell your selfie or photos online or even create an account and upload selfies directly to their platform. They will provide you with a unique link to send your friends or people you meet that are interested in buying selfies.

You can also post the selfie on social media for maximum exposure at no extra cost just by agreeing to allow them to use it for promotional purposes.

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10 Types Photos are Easy to Sell Online

1. Portrait/headshot

If you want to sell photos of yourself then it’s best that you take a photo of your head and shoulders.

2. Use a specific location or a landmark as background

Do you know that if you have a specific geographical location in the photo, then it is automatically qualified as ‘Travel’? It means that your photo can be sold easily on many stock sites and this way you can make more money from the same photo than you can imagine.

3. Take a group or family photo

If you want to sell photos of yourself then it’s best that you take a photo of yourself with other people. There are many stock agencies that allow content with multiple persons, so this is another way to get started selling your own photos.

4. Use a specific object as a backdrop

If you want to sell photos of yourself, then the best thing you can do is take a photo with an object. Photos containing objects are more valuable on stock sites because people use them most often than photos without any objects.

5. Use a pet as your companion

If you have a pet, then it’s another way to sell photos of yourself. Since people love pets, they want to see photos of them and this is one of the reasons why they pay money for such images.

6. Use a setting that inspires people

If you want to sell photos of yourself, then the best thing you can do is take a photo that gives courage to people. Photos containing inspirational or motivational quotes are more valuable on stock sites because people use them most often than photos without any quotes.

7. Take photos with sports equipment

If you are into fitness training or any other sports activity then this is another way to sell your photos online. Since people feel motivated by sports, they want to see photos of them and this is one of the reasons why they pay money for such images.

8. Take photos of food/drinks

Food is a very common element in stock photos, so you can also take your own photo and then sell it online. There are many agencies that allow content with food, so this is another way to start selling your own photos.

9. Take photos of yourself with your family

If you have a family then this is another way to sell photos of yourself online. Since people like to see their loved ones in photos, they will definitely buy them and this is one of the reasons why such photos are so valuable on stock sites.

10. Take photos with your friends

If you have many friends who are interested in photography, then this is another way to sell photos of yourself online. Since people love to see their friends in photos, they will definitely buy them and this is one of the reasons why such photos are so valuable on stock sites.

10 tips to become a good photographer

1. Exposure

Photography is all about light, so first and foremost you need to develop an understanding of the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and how they control exposure. There are whole books written on these topics alone, but if you want to get started quickly then download one of the many free Exposure Guide applications available for your smartphone.

2. Cameras and lenses

Don’t be suckered in by what I call the ‘camera myth’. Yes, a good camera will produce better quality images than a cheap one, but it’s the person taking the picture that matters most. You can buy a very decent entry-level DSLR for around $500 these days, and if your lens is better than this (which most of them are) then you’ll be able to take decent pictures straight out of the box.

3. Composition

Most people who want to learn photography do so because they want to create beautiful images, and composition is the key. If you’re interested in landscapes and nature shots, then viewfinder rules will help you compose your shots better. However, it’s the rule of thirds that I recommend for beginners. Once you understand how it works then simple things like moving a foot or two to one side or tilting your camera upwards will give much more pleasing compositions with added impact.

4. Keep it steady

A tripod is a photographer’s best friend, but obviously, they’re not practical in many situations. If you have to handhold your camera then next time you take short notice if the image is blurry or not? If it is then the shutter speed was too slow so you need to introduce more light. Alternatively, even when using low ISO settings there are other ways to keep your camera steady such as leaning against a wall or crouching down and using your body to help absorb any movements.

5. Focusing

The biggest problem I come across when I’m out taking pictures is that people can’t focus properly, either because they’re shooting in auto-focus mode and forget to switch it to manual, or they forget to change their camera’s focus mode. The latter is normally a button or switch on your camera and it should be an option that allows you to select between auto-focus and manual. For the best results manually set your focus point at around 1/3 of the way into your scene before taking your shot.

6. Quality

One thing that has really put me off photographing certain scenes is the non-stop blizzard of terrible images that I see that have been shot by everyone and their dog. If you’re serious about photography then stick to only taking high-quality images, such as good compositions, vibrant colors, and an appropriate dynamic range. Bad pictures won’t help your cause at all.

7. Megapixels

Great, more pixels on your sensor means got bigger prints right? Well no, not necessarily; you only need to look at the difference between mobile phone cameras and DSLRs to see that there is one rule for print and another for the screen. Remember that most images are viewed on screens rather than printed out so it’s far more important to have a good quality lens and a decent sensor than a high megapixel count.

8. Editing

One of the most downloaded applications for Windows is Adobe Photoshop, so you have no excuses if you don’t want to edit your images as even an entry-level version can be picked up for around $10/month. However, I’m not saying that you should start editing your photographs straight away because without learning the basics of composition and capturing good images in-camera you won’t get the best out of post-editing software. A final tip is to always shoot in RAW mode – if you don’t then many editing applications will down-sample your image whereas if you shoot in RAW this is not the case.

9. Storage

I’ve read countless times that images should be backed up both online and offline, and without a shadow of a doubt this is good advice, but you’re going to need a lot of money and storage space if you want to start doing this for every photograph that you take. However, another thing worth considering is that you can’t take photographs if your memory card hasn’t got any space on it. So buy the biggest capacity card that you can afford and then delete images once they’re backed up.

10. Focal length

An easy mistake to make is not getting close enough to your subject, such as photographing a landscape and never getting closer than 50 meters from the scene, so remember that your camera’s focal length plays a big role in how close you can get to your subject. A lens such as 50mm is perfect for street photography and it’s even better if you use a fast aperture, such as f/1.4 or lower to get in closer with a shallow depth of field.

Frequently asked questions

How much money have you made by selling photos online?

I would say that it’s possible to make $100 – $150 per month if you’re selling digital images for between $10 and $15, just remember that long-term success is down to your work ethic and what niche markets you’re targeting.

How much does it cost to sell photos online?

There are lots of different ways to sell photos online so the costs are going to vary. However, most photo hosting sites allow you to upload images for free so this doesn’t have a huge impact on your income. If you start your own website that we suggest then it cost you $5-$10 per month.

What should I sell – prints or digital images?

It’s possible to make money selling both types of images but digital images tend to be more popular. If you’re just starting out then it’s a good idea to start with digital images because they can be easily distributed and downloaded in a matter of seconds.

What software do I need?

There are lots of free photo editing tools available online that you can use to resize your images and add filters. There are also paid options like Canva that enable you to place watermarks on your photos, create slideshows with music, or add hyperlinks to individual images.

What are the advantages of selling photos online?

The main advantage is that it’s quick and easy to do – just put the image on your website or into your social media accounts, then sit back and watch as visitors see your work and make purchases. It’s also a great way to get exposure and feedback on your work, plus there is the opportunity to increase your income with different types of photos such as travel, people, or landscape which can attract lots of views.

What are the disadvantages?

The main disadvantage is that you will need to market your website on forums and social media in order to get visitors which means investing a lot of time and effort. Some sites such as Shutterstock have high fees so you need to be careful when choosing the right website in order to maximize your income.

How do I find buyers for my photos?

You can use social media, forums, or marketplaces but this takes time because not all buyers are active. A better option is to join sites that have a community of active members who will purchase your work, however, you’ll need to upload good quality images first in order to attract sales.

How do I find Photo contests?

Search on Google or visit forums and groups which will give you details about upcoming photo contests, plus there are lots of Facebook pages that will give you insights into current opportunities. You can also find contests with specific themes or types of images if you’re looking for inspiration.

How do people buy your photos?

The main way in which my customers find me is through social media because it’s free and easy to use. People can look at my website or visit Etsy, but they’ll probably find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I’ve also had a few sales through Facebook after posting there.

What are your secrets for winning contests?

I spend a lot of time looking for new contests and follow everything on social media. I typically enter 10-15 contests per week but you can’t win if your photos aren’t good so it’s a good idea to submit between 5-10 images at a time. I also look for niches where there is currently a lack of competition such as landscape, travel, and nature.

Which camera is best for selling photos online?

It doesn’t really matter which camera you use as long as it takes high-quality photos. I suggest using a DSLR because it has better performance and more features than a compact camera, plus the lenses are interchangeable which means that you can choose the right one for the job.

What equipment do I need for taking photos?

You can take quality images without investing in expensive equipment, but it’s a good idea to have at least one lens and a tripod which will enable you to work more efficiently and get better results.

When a photographer sells photos online, is it a good idea to put his name and copyright icon on the photo or not? Why?

It’s a good idea to include your name and copyright information on the photo itself because it shows buyers that you own the work. There are also potential legal issues when not including this information so it’s best not to take any chances.

What is better for selling photos online? Offering low-resolution images or high-resolution ones?

Most buyers will want high-resolution images with large file sizes because it will allow them to print the image or use it for other purposes. However, there are some cases where buyers want low-resolution images which can be used online. If you’re selling an image as a stock photo then you should sell the highest resolution possible with the lowest sales restriction.

What is a good size for selling photos online?

It depends on the buyer and their intended use, but I recommend going with at least 2,000 pixels wide because it will allow you to print the image or display it in other large sizes.

How do you price your photos to sell them online?

There are a number of factors to consider when pricing your work, such as the price you paid for the camera and lenses. You should start by looking at other similar images but there is no guarantee that they’ll sell for the same amount, so it’s a good idea to have some flexibility in your prices.


This blog post is about how to make money from selling photos of yourself. There are many ways that you can do this, which we’ll discuss in detail above.

You might be surprised by how easy it really is!-  We’ll talk about the different methods for making money with your own selfies and what they entail so you know exactly what you need before starting.

Of course, if there’s something else on your mind or question feel free to ask us at any time using the comments section below. Hope this helps – let me know if I missed anything important!

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