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10 Ways How to Make Money with a Box Truck

In this post, we discussed How to Make Money with a Box Truck, what are the box truck business opportunities and how to be successful in this business.

Most people don’t know that they can make extra cash by using a box truck in their business. In fact, they would never think of it as a way to increase your profits.

But the fact is, it’s an excellent way to quickly add to your bottom line, boost sales and drive revenue.

To make extra profits with a box truck, you just need to know what your target market is and what you are going to sell them. Then take those things right to their door. That’s it! It’s really that simple.

This post will share 10 things to consider that will help create your perfect time with a box truck.

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How to Make Money with a Box Truck

How to Make Money with a Box Truck
How to Make Money with a Box Truck

1. Mobile storage

Here’s another great business idea for a box truck. If you have extra space that you can lease or rent out to other people, why not do it with your vehicle?

All it takes is a few hooks here and there, a sturdy and durable bench seat, some padding on the walls around the truck bed area, and some shelving with strong straps. You can have it up in running in just a few short hours. And it looks better than an ugly mobile storage company that uses shelving from the local big box store.

You can get it customized just to your liking, too – with your own logos and colors. Then you can rent out extra space and use the income to help make a profit on your vehicle, pay off the expenses and make ROI on the mobile storage business idea.

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2. Moving

Most moving companies don’t have a truck at all. They may only use their grip truck from time to time. This means that companies that do provide their own equipment are going to be the most profitable in terms of making money with a box truck.

It’s no secret that moving is a time-consuming and expensive process. Finding ways to make money with a box truck, such as being a moving company, could help you reduce some of the costs associated with having to move.

You must learn how to appropriately work the equipment to make your load move as efficiently as possible. This requires a lot of practice and practice makes perfect.

You can find many moving companies on websites like Thumbtack and, and you can even get help from your friends or coworkers if you prefer.

3. Towing

If you have some equipment that you can use for towing, this could be one of the best ways to make money with a box truck. You can get clients that need their vehicles towed and help them out in the process.

This could be a good way to make money with a box truck because you will be able to fulfill the towing needs of many customers. If you are good at managing things and communicating with customers, this can be another great way to make money with a box truck.

4. Courier service

There are countless reasons why this is a great idea for extra cash. It saves time, gas, and hassle because you can drop off and pick up packages right at your client’s door, or even at their business.

This is done under the same conditions as a courier, but there are some key differences. First of all, you could charge significantly more than a courier company for their services.

Time is of the essence for high-profile clients like government and military agencies. So when you deliver packages on time, they will gladly pay the price. And you can work your own hours, too.

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5. Construction equipment rental

This is a great way to make extra cash from your box truck if you’re a construction worker or businessman. You could rent out equipment or tools like drills, saws, and job site lighting just to name a few things that are in high demand at building sites around town.

But you can even rent safety equipment too like masks, eye protection, and gloves.

This is an excellent idea because it’s great for new construction companies that need to get their feet wet with the construction business before they become major companies.

You can deliver safety equipment to the job site at no charge if you drive your truck right to the site. And then when your client decides to go with a bigger box truck or loader that he needs, you can sell it back to him from your inventory.

6. Buy and Sell Used Box Trucks

Buying used boxes for cash is a great way to make money with a box truck. Box trucks are often priced lower than brand new ones because they are second-hand and have some damage.

As long as you can cover the cost of repairs or maintenance, this can save you quite a bit of money over buying new. You could also resell these units if there is something wrong with them.

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7. Hauling Services

You could start a hauling business by getting the equipment needed and offering this service to several clients in your area.

This can be one of the best ways to make money with a box truck because you will be able to fulfill the hauling needs of many customers throughout your area and make some extra money at the same time.

8. Become an Independent Contractor

Independent Contractors are people who work within a specific business. They have their own businesses and work online. You can work independently without the need to invest your money upfront, but it will be harder to do business.

As an independent contractor, you should take care of your truck and make sure that it is clean and in the best shape possible. This will make you more attractive as a potential candidate for your services.

9. Advertising on truck

If you own a box truck, advertising could be an option for making money with a box truck. Depending on how much space it has, you could start using it as part of your business.

There are companies that will let you advertise on their vehicles. It’s a good opportunity for truck owners to make some extra money as long as they have your logo and/or website on their vehicles.

Some of the best companies will pay you upfront and then later when you get customers from their advertising.

10. Transportation Company

If you can get your hands on a truck, you might be able to start your own transportation company. It’s not as hard as it sounds to start one and it could be very profitable over time.

Looking for clients can take some time, and you could be left to try and make money with a box truck in this business. If you are good at customer service, this could also be a good way to make money with a box truck.

Tips for how to use your box truck for profit

1. Get the right insurance coverage

Don’t be surprised to find that a lot of trucking companies will cut out your personal insurance policy and insist on theirs instead. It’s much cheaper, but it won’t cover as much. If you want to be safe and secure, you need to add your personal insurance policy on top of the company policy, so read the terms carefully.

2. Make sure your load is safe and secure

Loads are an important part of your trucking career, so make sure that you have a safe and secure load each and every time. Any extra buck you might earn? Is it worth the risk? If a truck accident happens, then not only the truck is damaged, but also the surrounding cars or whatever belongs to the owner of that car. So make sure it’s secure and safe.

3. Understand what constitutes a profitable load

The best advice we can give when looking for profitable loads is to look for specialty loads, otherwise known as commodity loads, which are usually more profitable. The owner of the truck knows how much he can get for his load and you will be able to get paid in full once you deliver your load.

4. Follow the rules of the road and stay free from accidents or driving offenses

Rotating shifts and 7 days a week driving is the best way to maximize your earning capacity, but speed limits and other regulations, traffic jams, and road conditions must also be taken into account. If you are not sure of the laws in your area, always ask a truck driver before picking a load.

5. Utilize online services like LoadCentral to find loads in your local area

LoadCentral is a powerful online service that will help you find loads in your area and make you aware of what’s going on around you. You can load a truck in two minutes and find new loads almost instantly.

6. Always have a clear destination for your load

Going back and forth between two different destinations every day will leave you without any profit, so plan ahead and always look for the best possible way to get to your destination first.

7. Be prepared to drive the truck yourself once you have found the load

The biggest mistake most novice truckers make is that they don’t feel comfortable asking to take over the wheel while they are at a new destination.

A lot of people are worried about their licenses since they aren’t allowed to drive semi-trucks. The best way is always to plan ahead and make sure that you can explain your situation in case you get pulled over.

8. Install a GPS and make sure you know the quickest routes to take

One of the most important tasks you must accomplish while driving your truck is always to know where you are going, what time it is, how many hours have passed since your last stop, and how much fuel costs in your current route.

Always have a GPS installed in the truck to make sure that can get all this information on the go.

9. Know your routes and make sure to avoid worst-case scenario outcomes

In most cases, it’s not wise to trust just one driver, especially since you are working with a load. So always make sure that there is a second driver on board and that he knows the route.

If something goes wrong in the middle of your journey and the first driver doesn’t come back for whatever reason, then you will have to get help yourself.

10. Always use a dashboard camera when driving

If you find that the van you have isn’t equipped with a dashboard camera, then install one yourself. It’s an investment that will pay off in the future, especially if you ever need to prove that you didn’t cause an accident or if your truck is attacked.

There are many types of cameras out there, so decide which one best suits your needs and buy it. Just make sure you install it according to the instructions and both record and charge the camera every day before leaving for work.


If you want to make some extra money and you own a box truck, these are some of the best ways for you to get started, but you must be creative in order to make good use of this idea.

If you know of any other ways to make money with a box truck, please feel free to share them with us.

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