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10 Ways How to Make Money Woodworking

In this article, we discuss How to Make Money Woodworking, and what tips need to know for success in Woodworking.

For people who have a soft spot for the natural world and have always wanted to get a piece of their own, woodworking is a hobby that offers mediums for personal expression, both in terms of design and construction.

It may take some time to gain skills as an “amateur” woodworker, but once you do, you can create pieces unique to your specifications that could wind up making it into your home or even on other people’s walls.

Woodworking is also a hobby that can bring you into contact with others who have the same interests and share similar passions. Adding to that, are the social dynamics of sharing your projects and discussions with people who are also passionate about woodworking.

While it can be tempting to take on projects that offer a certain financial reward, it would be wise to remember that there are plenty of other ways to make money from woodworking, even if those involved do not come with an immediate return on investment.

The following article aims to provide an overview of the various ways in which you could make money as a woodworker. We will also look at how you can approach some of the projects that will allow you to make money from woodworking. Mindful of its potentially volatile nature, we will also look at the risks involved in some of these methods.

Woodworking is not only a fun hobby but it can be very rewarding financially as well. You can start out small and make simple projects like a jewelry box, shelves, or garden tools. As you get better and more experienced you can sell your products or even develop your own line of specialty woodworks.

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How to Make Money Woodworking

How to Make Money Woodworking
How to Make Money Woodworking

1. Resale, Recycling, and Salvage

Look for ways to recycle or recover materials from waste, especially if you can see a potential use for them in the future. While you may not be able to turn that old chair into another one anytime soon, the chair you scrapped will soon become a decoration on your office wall, an item of furniture you need to either store or sell locally.

You can also make use of discarded wood by salvaging enough to create several smaller pieces which you can then use in furniture, wall, or flooring. This is particularly effective if you are working with a limited budget for your project.

Recycling and salvaging take some time and effort, but it can also be very rewarding in terms of the end results, both financial and otherwise.

2. Stands, Stations, and Shops

You can also simply sell your woodworking tools to people, who will later have use for them. This usually takes a certain level of planning and organization that may not fit into the kind of formation you would be comfortable with, so it is best to consult an expert if you are in need of a woodworking stand.

You can also sell your woodworking tools through various places and means, whether they be your own establishments or other people’s shops. Take note that it may take some time to build up a following and so selling your tools on the side can be an unprofitable venture, unless you are able to make your skills relevant to the needs of your customers.

3. Consultant

Another way to make money from woodworking is to provide consultation services. In many cases, this can be more profitable than selling products or services separately, as you will not only be charging for the products or services that you are providing, but also for the time spent in researching the client’s needs before making a recommendation.

While consulting can be rewarding, it also entails a lot of risk from the perspective of both time and resources spent researching the subject you are looking to consult on.

4. Revenue Sharing and Crowdsourced Funding

You can also make money from woodworking by offering ideas and concepts for projects that you put out there for public viewing. In many cases, this will involve crowdsourcing funding which you can then use to materialize your ideas.

It is often best to apply for such projects that require lots of research and preparation, rather than launching simple tasks. Crowdsourced funding usually takes the form of a competition where you stand a chance to be chosen by sponsors whose goal is to give you the start-up capital needed to realize your project.

5. Endorsement Deals

You can also allow other people to sell your products or services by offering endorsements for their work and products, whether it be via social media or direct communication with potential customers.

This is a good way to promote your products and distinguish them from others, especially if you can offer relevant information and advice on what features to look out for when purchasing their product.

6. Online Courses and Tutorials

If you have a passion for teaching others and have some experience in the area of woodworking, then creating an online course can be a way of making money. You can use your own videos and photos as well as professionally produced videos (employed by expert trainers) to cater to your customers’ needs.

You may also wish to avail yourself of the services of a professional filmmaker that can help you with your videos so that the end results are of a quality that consumers will be happy with.

Create your course and Tutorials on Teachable and earn.

7. Paid Promotion

You can also make money from woodworking by promoting products and services through your social media channels and other means. This involves getting paid to advertise the products or services that you choose to promote.

This is a good way for you to guide people towards more relevant, quality products, but remember that not everything that comes your way is worth recommending. As such, it is important for you to be choosy in what you do decide to promote.

8. Affiliate Marketing

You could also make money from woodworking by becoming an affiliate marketer and marketing the products of other companies online. This means you can earn commissions when your customers buy products that you independently recommend.

This is a good way to earn extra money aside from the income that you derive from your freelance work.

9. Publishing and Writing

If you have writing skills and can write articles on different topics that pertain to woodworking, then publishing them online can be a good way to make money. This is especially if your prospective readers are professionals in your field.

You just need to start a blog, published your article, and monetize with Google Adsense.

10. Selling Your Skills

This is another way to make money woodworking that does not require you to sell the fruits of your labor, at least not directly. Instead, you can provide your skills to those with projects in mind, whether they be big or small.

You can offer your services to owners of small or large businesses as well as individuals who are looking for a professional touch with their own works. You can also make money from woodworking by providing your skills to people with financial resources at hand.

This way you will not be directly competing with other craftsmen, instead of seeking out those who would like to invest in projects that do not require the investment of time, labor, and material costs (some more than others).

Tips for Make Money Woodworking

Choosing The Right Materials

Wood is probably the most common material used by woodworkers but there are many others that are also used such as metal, plastic, stone, resin, glass, and natural fibers. You should learn what type of wood works best for you and how to look for the wood without dead areas or other flaws.

When looking at the wood grain you should first look at the end grain which contains the knots and knots that have been shaved off. Next, look at the board’s surface which will tell you how difficult it will be to smooth out. Then after you have decided on which type of wood to use you can work on finding the right piece of wood.

Woodworking Tools

There are many different tools used in the woodwork to do a wide range of jobs. With the right tools, you will be able to make projects quicker and easier. To start off you need the right saw although a hand saw can also be quite useful.

You will also need a measuring tape or ruler and a square or compass. There are many other tools that are used including chisels, mallets, hammers, planes, and hand tools.

You’re going to need a few things before you can start building:

• A Kreg jig is an essential tool for building any kind of furniture or box. You’ll want this for every project.

• A powered miter saw is a great investment, as it can do all kinds of cuts – and at a very consistent angle.

• I like to use these heavy-duty clamps while building to keep things together while the glue dries. You’ll want to get a handful of these.

• Paintbrushes – I prefer angled brushes for most jobs, although you may prefer a flat one for painting straight lines.

• Wood glue – this is your friend when building furniture. Get a gallon or two of it.

• Sandpaper – I recommend 120- to 150-grit sandpaper, which is what I use on the majority of my projects.

• Plastic throwaway clamps, similar to those made for hanging anything outside. These are really useful, as they can clamp onto irregular shapes and keep pressure applied while touching up.

• Painters masking tape. This is invaluable when cleaning up the edges of your rough cuts.

• A gallon of your favorite paint color(s) – I use white for everything.

Woodworking Projects

If you are just getting started in woodworking there are many projects that you can start with. You can get small and simple like a doorstop or book holder, votive holders, and even do home decor projects like a small coffee table or vanity chest.

You can also work on creating more complex works of art such as vases, clocks, jewelry boxes, and signs. Whatever your personal taste is; you will learn how to make it yours.

Woodworking Safety

When working in woodworking it is extremely important to be very careful and have complete safety. If a tool is dull, the blade might come out of it at a slower speed and cause less damage.

Keeping your ears protected will help you prevent hearing loss by reducing the amount of noise that reaches your ears. Safety glasses should always be worn whenever you are in the shop because accidents can happen quickly.

Woodworking Resources

Learning how to woodwork takes a lot of practice and is definitely a fun hobby. However, it can be somewhat overwhelming and confusing as you try to learn all of the tools and processes involved in woodworking.

That is why we have prepared this list of the best resources on the web that will help you become more knowledgeable in the craft of woodworking.


The following list of possible ways you could make money from woodworking is by no means comprehensive. This list will help you identify some of the easier ways to make money from woodworking, while also giving you a sense of what kind of projects and their associated costs could bring you quick wins, if not actual money.

You may be surprised at some of the possibilities that are listed in this article, especially if woodworking has been a hobby for many years. You may be surprised at some of the possibilities that are listed in this article, especially if woodworking has been a hobby for many years.

Many of these methods are not just possible but they can also serve as an alternative source of income or even offer a solid cash flow at least part-time. While some of these methods may have their risks attached to them, you will find that most have relatively low risks associated with them.


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