How to Making YouTube Channel

Hey, planning to start a YouTube channel to make some money online but upset that you do not know how to making YouTube channel? In this blog, you will get a detailed guide about the step by step process.

How to Making YouTube Channel

Do you want to start a YouTube channel but not sure from where to start? Don’t worry; we will present a step by step guide to create a YouTube channel and shine in YouTube Marketing’s career. YouTube is the largest video platform where almost one-third of the Internet users watch YouTube videos either for entertainment or educational purposes.

 You can also create a YouTube channel to promote your businesses to make it large because once people start watching your videos, you will gain more videos and gradually start earning from YouTube and enhance your businesses.

You may feel to shift to the Affiliate marketing field because Youtube videos are more time-consuming and hectic to create than writing content for a blog. But, practically speaking, we want to tell you that to create content or more explicitly creating video content on YouTube has become a lot easier these days with modern and advanced software.

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Thus, you can create a YouTube channel. Once you have created a channel, you need to require linking your channel with various accounts of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Because these social networks are the best way to make your YouTube videos viral which falls in the category of Social Media Marketing.

Let us now explore the step by step guide to start a YouTube Channel.

How to Making YouTube Channel

This section of this guide on “How to make a YouTube channel?” will discuss how to start a YouTube channel.

Step 1: Create your Google account and then use it to create a YouTube channel

Sign in to Youtube

If you have a google account from earlier, then there is no need to create your google account again as you can use it to sign in to YouTube with the account with which you want to create the channel.

What to do if I do not have a Google Account?

The simple answer is, you need to create your Google account, which you can choose after clicking on the ‘Sign in’ option on YouTube. You need to follow specific necessary steps to create your Google account, which is as easy as drinking water.

Create Google Account or sign in

After logging in, you need to click on the profile icon and proceed to select “Create a channel.” Following this, you will get two options to use your name for a personal account or a custom name that can be used to create your brand account.

Choose youtube channel name

Then choose the name of your channel and here, we want to highlight one thing that makes sure the name of the channel contains the focus keyword so that it can boost up the SEO of your channel and help to rank it up.

Post this step; you can customize the channel where there are options to add a profile picture, channel description, or links for the social networks. Bingo! You have just created a channel on YouTube!

Step 2: Creating YouTube channel art

youtube channel art

You may be hearing the term ‘channel art’ for the first time. So, let me clear your doubt by saying that it is nothing but a cover photo (in the case of Facebook) for your channel. It is crucial to set a channel art for your channel once you have created a channel. It should contain information regarding what your channel is all about. For create a YouTube channel art Canva is a best option.

This channel art serves as a promotional item when you start linking your channel with the various accounts of social networks. You must include the tagline, channel icon, brand design for brand accounts, and some exciting or attractive characters.

The channel art’s size should be 2560 x 1440 pixels as recommended by YouTube’s best practice. But, as per our experience, we would want to highlight that the image’s minimum size should be 2048 x 1152px so that the image is accurately visible in all modes that come in a file size of 6MB maximum.

Note: you must ensure that the channel icon/logos and text are within the channel art’s safe area. In the case of TVs, the channel art appears as a background image whereas, in mobile devices, they appear as a top channel banner.

You can add the channel art from customizing channel option and uploading an image from the device where you have stored the image after creating it.

Step 3: Add a channel icon

Youtube profile picture

Once you have created a channel on YouTube, it will also consist of uploading a channel icon or the profile picture. The channel icon is the image that appears next to the videos and the channel but ensures that the image you choose is appropriately visible in small resolutions. The size of the image should be 800 x 800px in JPEG, GIF, or PNG formats for achieving this.

For changing the channel icon later, you need to navigate your channel’s homepage and hover over the previous image to get the edit icon button where you can upload a new channel icon as per your needs.

Some Tips to make your channel popular to become a successful YouTuber

Once you are done with the above necessary steps, the next important thing is to create content or video content and upload videos and do that as much as possible within the first few months. Some of the tips besides this we want to highlight are,

Step 1: optimizing the channel description

optimizing the youtube channel description

There is an option to add the channel description where you mainly have to focus on the branding and the content you are uploading to the channel. You can write up to 1000 words so you have to write strategically, including the main keywords so that your video can rank higher in the search engines. This means you have to write an SEO-friendly channel description to boost your ranking in the search engines.

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Step 2: Adding link to various social media accounts is a small way to include Social Media marketing

Add social media account to your youtube channel

In the channel art, you must include the links of social networking accounts so that people can know more about your channel from Facebook or Instagram pages.

Step 3: Addition of a channel trailer

This is important to convert your viewers into subscribers. The channel trailer mainly describes the factor for which they will be watching your videos. So it is a way of introducing people to the video content of your channel. 

Once you upload videos to the YouTube channel, you also need to write the video description efficiently so that the search engines can find the right keywords to make them appear in the first few search results.

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Step 4: Updating the contact details

If you watch the ‘About’ page of any YouTube channel, you will find that they have included their email address which is essential as someone may want to contact you if they like your work and want to include your videos in their content.

These are some of the ways to enhance your channel and hence open various ways of earning more from your YouTube channel. You can also do individual live streams so that more people visit your channel through the live streams.

The Final Words

Thank you for choosing our article to gain information regarding the process to start a YouTube channel. Hope you have enjoyed this and found it helpful for creating a suitable YouTube channel as per your niche. Come back again to know more aspects and tricks about digital marketing scenarios.

Best of luck with your YouTube career!

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