4 Ways How to Unpublish WordPress Site

Here you learn how to unpublish WordPress site, Unpublish WordPress Site Temporarily, Take WordPress Site Offline, and I accidentally published my WordPress site, What do I do?

Unpublishing a blog is just the reverse process of publishing it on the world wide web.

If you have published your site, do ensure that it has been indexed by the search engines and has gained a fair amount of traffic before unpublishing it from the world wide web, because then you will be just throwing away your hard-earned traffic and potential visitors.

If you are looking to unpublish your WordPress site for personal reasons, then do ensure that you have everything backed up in XML or text format, because when an article is unpublished from the world wide web it usually does not get deleted immediately, instead it is kept hidden for some time and then gets deleted at a later stage.

What is WordPress Widget

how to unpublish wordpress site
How to unpublish WordPress site

How to Unpublish WordPress Site

Here are the steps how to unpublish WordPress site:-

Step1:- Log in to your WordPress account

Step2:- Identify the exact URL

Choose Post you want to Unpublish, then click Edit.

Remember this has to be one of your published posts that are available online for other people to read for free.

Step3:- Tap On Setting

Click on Setting on WordPress Post
Click on Setting on WordPress Post

Step4:- Tap on Post

Click on Post on WordPress post
Click on Post on WordPress post

Step5:- Tap on Public

In this step, you find 3 options, Public, Private, and Password Protected.

Choose Private or Password Protected on WordPress post
Choose Private or Password Protected on WordPress post

If you choose Private, the post is only visible to site admins and editors. Once you choose, a pop-up is open for confirmation. After confirmation, it would be private.

Enter Password once you choose password protected on wordpress post
Enter Password once you choose password protected on WordPress post

If you choose Password Protected, then only those with the password can view the post. After choosing it, enter a secure password and save it.

In this way, you can unpublish WordPress site without deleting it.

What is WordPress Child Theme

Unpublish WordPress Site Temporarily

Unpublish WordPress Site Temporarily means either your post is not ready to publish or you want to schedule it.

Click on save draft for unpublish wordpress site temporarily
Click on save draft for unpublish WordPress site temporarily

If your post is not ready for publishing, then click on ‘Save draft’. In this option, Your post is saved on a temporary basis. You can edit any time and publish after complete.

click on immediately for schedule your wordpress post
click on immediately for schedule your WordPress post

If Your post is ready but doesn’t want to publish it immediately, then click on ‘Immediately’ in the Post section. Then Calendar and Time pop up are Open. Set preferable time and date, then Save it.

I Accidentally Published My WordPress Site, What Do I Do?

If publishing a site is not what you have done by mistake, then delete the article from “posts” and republish it in order to get rid of any errors which may be present in your previous post.

To do this on WordPress, select the article you wish to delete by clicking on the trash.

Click on Move to Trash to delete your Published post on WordPress
Click on Trash to delete your Post

You can do it by two methods, Either tap on “All Posts” on the Post section then Identify Post and click on Trash. Or “Click Edit” that post and click “Move to Trash”.

How to Unpublish WordPress Site to Search Engine

If you want to unpublish your WordPress Site to Search engine means you don’t want to index your Post or Website on Search engine.

Tick mark on Discourage search engines from indexin this site and click save changes

For this Tap on Settings, then click on Reading. After that Tick mark on “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” and Click Save.

Take WordPress Site Offiline

The process of taking your WordPress site offline is almost the same as deleting a blog from the world wide web.

Steps to take WordPress site Offline:-

Step1:- Log in to your account and click on “Settings” which is located below “Dashboard.”

Step2:- Go to the left sidebar of this page and select “General.”

Step3:- Then scroll down till you see a button that says “Delete Site.”

Step4:- Click on it and type in your password then press enter.

Step5:- WordPress will delete your site.

Finally, it will show you a message which says “Successfully Deleted.” Check if everything is fine within your dashboard by logging in to your account once again.

How do I handle a missed schedule error in WordPress?

A missed schedule error in WordPress occurs when one of your scheduled posts is published earlier than expected. This can be due to several reasons such as a time zone difference between your computer and the website you are trying to access, multiple users, having access to your WordPress site, or unauthorized changes being made to your WordPress site.

Although these occurrences do not happen often, they can cause serious problems if they go unnoticed. In this case, simply edit or delete the scheduled post.

In order to handle this situation, you must go into your WordPress account and click on “Posts” located below “Post” in the sidebar. After that, you will see a list of all active posts on your WordPress website.

After going through each page, select the scheduled post in question and make any necessary changes.

Alternatively, if you would like to delete the scheduled post, simply click on “Trash” located next to it. If you choose this method of handling the issue, do not forget to check the box of said post and select either save or publish.

Once done, visit your first page and verify that the error is resolved.


Is it possible to unpublish your WordPress website without actually deleting it?

The simple answer to this question is yes. The “Private” button in WordPress is not the same as the “Delete” option. This means that the content you published in your website’s pages and posts will still be there – all you are doing is removing it from public view so search engines like Google will ignore indexing them.

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