I Have a Domain Now What Different Things to Do Are

Is a question rise on your mind, I have a domain now what different things to do are so I got benefited by buying a domain name? If yes, I give 8 different solution.

I Have a Domain Now What

I am pretty sure that you are searching for this in the Google search console because either you have purchased a domain or registered a domain name with your hosting account or maybe not. If you plan to start your business online to sell your products and services, then buying a domain is the first step because it is the domain name that represents your online presence.

So, as you have purchased a domain, you may have some idea about what you want to do but feeling confused about the point from where to start. Don’t worry; we are here to help you with the things you need to do after buying a domain name.

The simple thing that you need to do after you have registered a domain is to build a website or blog. Don’t worry; it is not that much difficult as it seems to be because there is no pre-requisite knowledge that you need for creating a website.

What is a domain name?

Though most of you know what is the domain name of a website, we will give you a brief overview here. A domain name is a string of characters that has a mapping to an IP address. Since IP addresses are a long numeric string, it is tough to remember. Therefore, domain names are the best way to remember for the people to write this name in their Google search address bar to directly enter into the site.

Thus, for better ranking, you must buy a domain name with good search engine optimization to attract more traffic to your sites and become more successful.

In this article, we will offer you a clear explanation of the steps you need to perform post buying a domain. Let’s see the steps below:

I have a domain now what different things to do are

1. Getting web hosting plans or hosting packages

As mentioned earlier, you need to build a website or blog using the domain name that you have bought. So you have to get specific web hosting plans to launch the website and make an online presence. If you are a newbie in this blogging field and want to do your business online, we suggest you go with Hosting packages of Bluehost, a2 hosting, Fastcomet, and Chemicloud.

Let me catch the thought that is coming to your mind about free web hosting packages! Yes, there are certain free hosting plans, but they are not good if you want to earn some money from your blogs. There are various hosting plans offered by these web hosts like shared hosting, cloud hosting, or dedicated hosting.

2. Linking the domain name with hosting plans you bought

If you have purchased a domain from your hosting account only, then this step can be skipped. If the domain name and hosting are of two different companies, you must point your domain name to the hosting server.

This can be done by copying the NameServers from your hosting account and then changing the NameServer after logging into the domain provider. In case of additional help, you can also contact the support team of your hosting account.

3. Install WordPress

Once you completed the previous step, the next step is to install a website builder to easily design your site. Though there are many website builders, WordPress is the commonest and the most popular website builder platform. 

Login to the cPanel interface and scroll down to find the WordPress installer from where you need to install WordPress. You have to fill in some settings like the domain name, site name, description, and then clicking on ‘Install’ to finally install WordPress through all of these settings can be changed later too.

You can then login with the admin username and password to enter the WordPress dashboard for creating a website. From there, you can install various WordPress themes as per your liking and customize them as you want. There are many free WordPress themes or some premium WordPress themes from different other places.

4. Setting up an email address

For running your business online, setting up a professional email address is essential because regular Gmail or outlook mails do not look so professional. Besides business communication, it is also useful to make your customers aware of your website’s products and services.

Since you have opted for a hosting package and opened your hosting account that comes with an email creation option. For running your business online create a professional email address like

It is very easy to set up your email address via web hosts by navigating to the “Email addresses” icon. Moreover, you can also reach out to your hosting support to help create email addresses.

5. Securing your social media accounts

Securing your social media accounts

Social Media marketing is one of the essential factors in the field of blogging. You have to create various pages in all of your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc., and share multiple posts regarding your products and services to attract more buyers thereby increasing the traffic.

Therefore, it is essential to keep all your social media accounts related to the websites/blogs secure so that those can be prevented from the man of middle attack.

6. Domain Flipping | One more thing that you can do after buying a domain

domain for sale

One more business model you can do with good domain names is becoming a domainer or domain investor. There are several domain name marketplaces where you can list and sell your domain name at a much higher price than your buying price.

Therefore, you must choose a domain name that has some capability to boost up your search engine optimization. This can be done by either buying an exact match domain or a partially match domain. For instance, if you are an affiliate marketer promoting some appliances, you can take the domain as or The former one is known as the exact match domain since the full keyword has been used whereas the latter one is known as the partial match domain as it has a part of the keyword ‘bull’.

You can also go with branded domain names that many potential buyers want to buy if they’re going to establish their online presence by their brand or names. Thus if you have registered a domain name and do not want to build a website or blog, then it is best to list them so that you can earn some extra money as it is one of the best business models too as explained above.

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7. Secure Your Domain

After Purchase your Domain Name, It is very important to Secure your Domain Name from Hackers, viruses, and threats. Otherwise, it is affect your online reputation and your Business.

8. Add SSL to the name of your domain 

Has the tiny green clock ever been seen on our web address bar? This is the SSL. In the Stable Socket Layer, SSL helps secure the information sent from your web browser to your website server from personal details and credit/debit card information.

A website that uses SSL has an “HTTPS” in front of the name of the web server, e.g., In addition to a google score, SSL will improve consumer morale and avoid cyber-threats on your Website.

9. Create an LLC for your market or organization 

You will still have to launch the company if the domain is part of launching a new business. LLCs and companies provide more protections and other advantages as you can act as a single owner or a company. Because of their low cost and accountability security, LLCs became familiar with many online-focused businesses.

10. Label the company name

Register the trademark for your newly founded band if you are serious about preserving it. Trademarks protect against adverse breach by authorizing trademark holders to take court steps to seek restitution or breach properties, such as a violated domain name.

The Conclusion

I hope this article has helped clear the doubt on your mind related to “I have a domain now what?” There is no use in just buying a domain and wasting the active days before renewal. Thus put your domain name to work so that you can get something in return rather than just investing your money in that domain.

Thanks for reading till the end, I hope you have found it useful. Come back again to know more tips and tricks to construct a stable path in your blogging career!

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