Kajabi Vs Teachable: Which One Is Better

Do You Want to Know Which One is better Kajabi Vs Teachable for Your Online Course or eCommerce or Blog? Then You are in the right place. We give you a brief explanation about my Kajabi Vs Teachable.

Kajabi and Teachable are two different platforms that offer features for online business, with pros and cons. We will go over the pricing of each in detail so you can make an informed decision on which platform suits your needs best!

The number of people turning to online learning for their education is on the rise. As college tuition costs continue to evolve, more and more individuals are seeking programs that can be taken at home or work while still providing them with an affordable opportunity in acquiring new skills they need- all without leaving behind a life as well!

Kajabi Vs Teachable

Which LMS platform should you use?

This is a question that often arises in business today. There are many different types of content management systems (CMS) out there, such as Kajabi vs Teachable which we will be looking at today to decide between them for your online course needs!

Running a course can give you even more opportunities for success. With all of the tasks that need to be completed, it is possible not only to make some fast cash but also to build up your online business in new ways and with fresh streams of revenue flowing through every day!

All you need is some knowledge and passion for the subject that interests you. If teaching doesn’t come naturally yet, start with beginner-level courses! As long as your learner gets something out of it then they will be able to grow into more advanced topics on their own time through active participation in discussion forums or group projects (or even individualized feedback from instructors).

Learning is not a chore, it’s an opportunity. Whether you want to build your own website or learn about sleep training for babies online courses are there waiting with everything from cooking classes and astronomy lessons so when the time comes that someone can teach what they know in their spare time around work or childcare needs we’re all set!

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What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a platform for digital creativity. It’s one of many “all-in-one” services that provide creators with ways to sell online courses, memberships, and coaching programs from their bedrooms or offices around the world!

Kajabi has been around for a little over 10 years and according to their website, they serve about “40k+ serious experts-entrepreneurs and influencers worldwide.”

Kajabi is definitely all-in with their platform, but it’s not just about that. They have lots of customizable templates so you can make your own website or email; they also offer analytics and marketing automation features that will help get insight into the customer base for more personalized experiences!

Kajabi customers have been drawn in by this app’s all-inclusive design that makes it easy to save time, money, and hassle.

Kajabai promises to provide you with so many benefits, including hosting your website and blog. One reviewer says that it’s really reasonable for the price of Kajaibai!

New users are also given a helpful onboarding experience with Kajabi. One reviewer said, “I thought their onboarding process was pretty strong in that they sent you email training which helped me set up my account.”

People also highlighted the fact that Kajabi is constantly improving their product (multiple people said things like “they are always innovating to improve things”), which is important.

What is Teachable?

Teachable is an online course platform that allows entrepreneurs, creators, and businesses to create their own courses with videos lectures quizzes, or anything else they want for sale on the site.

Teachable, a company that claims to have been around since 2013 and is used by “100K Creators” (compare this number with Kajabi). They allow users the opportunity to share their knowledge in order for others can learn from them as well.

Teachable customers are often impressed by the platform’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface. In addition, they find that it is thorough enough for them as well their students’ needs with its wide array of features which includes making products look professional or engaging content consumption from both an educator’s perspective.

Kajabi and Teachable both offer the idea of an “all in one” service, but there are slight differences as to how they want their users’ businesses to function. For example, while Kajiab appears more focused on sharing knowledge with others through its platform; TeachingTable seems like it wants you to be able to bring your entire company under one roof.

What I like about Kajabi vs Teachable

Kajabi is a one-stop-shop that has everything you need to run your business. It integrates with other tools seamlessly, giving users all of the essential features they could ask for in an online marketplace and more!

Kajabi is a great option for those who are looking to independently engage their students. It has all of the engagement tools that you could want, like communities and assessments so they’re never left bored during class time!

This is a great site for those who want to make their own unique designs. You can choose from 10+ different themes and there are plenty of customization options available as well!

Kajabi offers lecture-specific automation, but Teachable lacks these features. For example, you can set up tags for each lesson that will send out an email or promo video when a student finishes it!

What I like about Teachable Vs Kajabi

Teachable gives you the opportunity to create unlimited courses with all their plans, while Kajabi only allows for a certain number of students and courses at higher levels.

It’s a lot less expensive than Kajabi – almost 3 times cheaper! It makes the product much more appealing to beginners because they can try out apps before deciding if it is worth their while.

The best course to host an Online course is Teachable. This platform has better compliance and certification courses that will make your lecture go smoothly!

Teachable has a free plan, but it does come with a 10% transaction fee. Whereas, Kajabi offers no-cost plans for their premium subscribers and above all!

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Kajabi vs Teachable Pricing

The price is one factor that can make or break an online course. It doesn’t matter how good the content maybe if you don’t have enough money to implement it, and this holds true for any tool with additional features as well – they won’t help unless your budget allows them!

We’ll take a look at Kajabi and Teachable to see how they compare in terms of pricing.

Kajabi for Pricing

Kajabi for Pricing

Kajabi offers three different plans with unlimited hosting and bandwidth, video storage for free. Additionally, they have 0% transaction fees!

The Basic Package starts at $149/month and includes up to 3 products, as well as the ability for 1,000 active members.

The company’s most popular plan is called the Growth Plan and it costs $199/month. On this plan, you can have up to 15 products with a maximum of 10,000 active members per product!

The Pro Plan ($399/month) is the best option for those who want to make their websites stand out. With this plan, you can have up to 3 different sites on one account and still stay under budget!

Teachable for Pricing

Teachable for Pricing

Teachable offers a one-of-a-kind pricing model that is compared to Kajabi. You can host unlimited videos or students on their hosting plan, and even more importantly get access to unlimited support for both video storage & playback as well as technical assistance from experts if you ever need it!

Some transactions may incur small fees, but you’ll find that most of the features offered are available across all packages.

The lowest tier is the Basic Plan that costs $39/month and you pay 5% transaction fees. On this plan, customers will get access to features like coupons, dripping online marketing campaigns for sales opportunities as well as an email list builder in order to better engage with potential buyers of your products or services!

The Teachable Professional plan has an affordable monthly fee of $119. You don’t have to worry about transaction fees, as it is inclusive in the price! Plus you get access to all features.

I like the flexibility of Teachable pricing. You can pay as you grow and it’s a more beginner-friendly model, even though I’m sure most courses will succeed at any level! So maybe start out on the Basic plan if that sounds good to you?

Which one is better Kajabi vs Teachable for Pricing?

Don’t let the price of Kajabi scared you off! Teachable offers many features in an affordable package. With the same level of video hosting, quizzes, and unlimited access for one year as with more expensive competitors. it’s easy to see why so many educators choose this platform over others when they need quality without the cost being a factor.

Kajabi vs Teachable for Course Creation

The job of an online course platform is to let you create your own courses, deliver them and engage with students.

In this chapter, we’ll be looking at the features that Teachable vs Kajabi has to offer when it comes to creating courses and engaging students.

Both Kajabi and Teachable allow you to add video, audio, pdf, etc. They also provide unlimited hosting for all types of content on Wistia through their respective platforms which makes them very similar in terms of what can be used within your courses.

Kajabi for Course Creation

Kajabi makes it easy for you to build courses, coaching programs, and membership sites without any coding. They provide the tools necessary in their dashboard which is accessible through an intuitive user interface designed to help new users easily create a site that reflects their brand identity!

Kajabi for Course Creation

To start creating your course, log into Kajabi and go to the top right corner. On this screen, there will be an option for “New Product.” Clicking that button will take you through a quick signup process where we can get started designing what should come next!

Choose from three different course types to create your perfect training:

Mini-Course, Online Course, and Drip course. Drip content is an easy way of delivering valuable information regularly and ensures it stays at the top of students’ minds long after they’ve completed the last lesson!

It’s easy to create categories, classifications, and segments within your courses. The “Create Class” tool enables you to do this easily by giving extra levels for posts that will help structure the online course more effectively than ever before!

The platform gives you the freedom to create your own assessments and videos, or blog posts within each lesson.

Every lesson has an interactive homepage that’s full of information and allows you to keep track.

You can also add things like educational modules or blogs, assessments, and quizzes to each course. These will help you customize the experience for your customers!

Teachable for Course Creation

Teachable for Course Creation

Teachable has a more streamlined user-friendly interface that makes it easier for instructors to upload content. You can start creating courses directly from the admin area on Teachable.

Teachable’s user-friendly dashboard lets you enter details like course title, subtexts, and author name easily – without any coding. You can also add a small introduction to the writer of your content for enhanced authority.

Teachable logo and branding

Your brand will be connected to your product in a variety of different ways. You can include branding via thumbnails and promotional videos, as well as curate the page where people who buy are taken after making their purchase from you!

Teachable course price

There are plenty of other options to help you manage your courses: course pages, curriculum, and pricing. You can also create coupons or bundle content with a special offer for students who enroll in specific classes that interest them most! Reports & certificates keep track of all things related so it doesn’t get lost during the move – like comments.

The course can be edited and added to with a few clicks. Previewing options is possible, as well as publishing the final product for all clients or even after making changes on your end too!

Teachable’s course creation editor is a great tool for designers who want their work to have an impact. It nudges you in the right direction like making SEO-friendly decisions, such as creating:

Teachable domain edit

Friendly URLs (“UnfriendlyURL” doesn’t really roll off your tongue), To-the Point Page Titles, and Short Metadata Descriptions which are less than 160 words long!

Teachable page create

Teachable’s new Course Builder allows you to create 10 sales pages for your courses, but it also needs a primary page.

If you don’t like how your course is structured, don’t worry – simply select “Delete” from the admin sidebar and it will be removed. However please make sure that this isn’t something you want to be done before deleting a class since once deleted they can never come back again!

Which one is better Kajabi vs Teachable for Course Creation?

Teachable’s user-friendly design allows for greater flexibility when uploading content. The ability to upload different types of files in one module makes it easy and quick!

Kajabi vs Teachable for Course Analytics

With both platforms, you can track your student’s progress and the performance of the course video. So they are great for seeing how many people have completed each lesson or quiz with their students as well!

Kajabi for Course Analytics

Kajabi has a built-in data analytics platform that measures important metrics like churn rates, revenue, and subscription metrics.

kajabi 3rd party integration

Kajabi’s insight-driven technology aims at providing you with a clear, streamlined view of how your business is doing. They also provide progress reports and detailed actionable insights for businesses so that each one can focus on what they do best while identifying problem areas in order to eliminate them completely!

You can use Kajaib’s mobile app for on-the-go access, as well as keep up with your progress through an online dashboard!

Teachable for Course Analytics

Teachable’s reporting options are extensive, and they include the ability to make your own reports. Click on “Reports” from within Teachable’s left sidebar for more information!

The reports you’ll be able to view are based on:

The lectures a student has completed, their video statistics, and quiz scores. You can also see leaderboards for active users who have taken some form of assessment in their platform or engaged with videos from that user’s assignments/meetings across all devices where they used the app!

These reports get even more detailed information about the different types of students. They do this by revealing which ones are paid, discounted, or free and how many there are in total for each group!

With Teachable, you can optimize your course for more success with Google Analytics. With seamless integration and an easy interface to measure customer preferences in real-time, this will let you evaluate what works best while keeping track of metrics that are essential to teaching online.

You can track your ads from the Facebook Ad Center to see which ones are most successful. The paid plans also provide integration with pixels that capture sales page views and purchase events, so you’ll know if any visitors convert into customers!

Which one is better Kajabi vs Teachable for Course Analytics?

Teachable’s innovative features for marketers, combined with its integration into other analytics tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels make it a clear winner.

Kajabi vs Teachable for Automation

Kajabi vs Teachable for Automation

Kajabi for Automation

Kajabi has a range of features that will enable you to automate tasks in your membership site. These automatons are called When/Then rules and can be used for some interesting purposes!

For example, You can also send your student an email if they haven’t logged in to the members’ area for a certain number of days. Find out why and see what you can do about it!

If a student fails an assessment, you can point them to specific content that they should watch before taking the quiz again.

Automations are fun and easy to use. They can be a powerful tool on the platform, which is why you should invest some time in learning how they work!

Which one is better Kajabi vs Teachable for Automations?

The clear winner is Kajabi. Teachable doesn’t have any automation feature and in fact, I am not aware of other hosted online courses that offer this sort of capability.

Kajabi vs Teachable for Course Certificate

Kajabi vs Teachable for Course Certificate

Kajabi for Course Certificate

Kajabi is not currently able to allow its users the option of creating and sending certificates natively.

kajabi integrate with zapier

If you want to send certificates of completion, then using an external solution like Google Slides is the best way. You can even automate it all with Zapier!

Teachable for Course Certificate

Teachable’s certificate templates are designed to be customized and easily personalized. Teachable has three different certificates you can choose from, which have professional designs with a variety of colors for your unique style!

Which one is better Kajabi vs Teachable for the Course Certificate?

The clear winner is Teachable because it provides ready-to-use certificate templates that you can access right from its dashboard. This is perfect for teachers and learners who don’t want to spend hours trying to design engaging certificates themselves!

Kajabi vs Teachable for Course Content Locking

Kajabi vs Teachable for Course Content Locking

Kajabi for Course Content Locking

Kajabi is an innovative way to ensure that your students only access the content they’ve completed. As a teacher, you can set prerequisites for each module and unless one of these requirements is met in advance then the user won’t be able to view any lessons or blogs on Kajabi!

kajabi content lock

If the pre-requisite lesson has an Assessment that requires a passing grade, then before he/she can access the module after finishing it successfully; the student must pass the quiz first.

Teachable for Course Content Locking

Teachable also allows you to lock your content, but it works pretty differently. In order for compliance at the course, the level is enforced and students need selected one of three options: Enforce Lecture Order, Enforce Video Watching, and Enforce Graded Quiz Completion.

For example, you can make sure that the user goes through all of their lectures in order and finishes any quizzes they have before moving on to another lesson in the case of Enforce Lecture Order and Enforce Graded Quiz Completion.

Teachable course compliance

But the most interesting thing about Teachable is that it offers an ‘Enforce Video Watching’ option. This requires your students to watch at least 90% of all videos before they’re marked complete.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on Teachable or Kajabi- your content can always be drip-fed. With both platforms, it’s easy to set up a schedule of when the students are allowed access and what time period they will have access for each piece in their curriculums; either based on enrollment OR by date/time range as well!

If you’re a busy educator, then set up email notifications for when the new content is available. The only difference between Kajabi and Teachable is their default notification times – with spiking in Kajabi’s case!

Which one is better Kajabi vs Teachable for Course Content Locking?

The winner is Kajabi because In the Teachable course compliance is a bit restrictive.

Kajabi vs Teachable for Themes and Page Builder

Having a website for your brand is essential, no matter what niche or business model you have. Teachable and Kajabi both allow users to build websites on their platform which can serve as an excellent marketing tool!

Kajabi for Themes and Page Builder

Kajabi for Themes and Page Builder

Kajabi offers 12 different themes suitable for any digital product, including webinars and online modules. With a wide range of options available there’s sure to be one that will fit your needs – whether you’re looking into building an event registration site or just want something minimalistic!

It’s easy to get started with Kajabi because the dashboard is straightforward and designed for you. Simply pick your theme from this pre-built list, install it. then customize everything in order to make it uniquely yours!

The 40+ pre-built sections of the page builder make it easy to create your own unique layout. You can choose from a variety of different templates, including one that has video backgrounds and pricing tables for courses listed in order without any hassle!

You can change the colors of all elements on your page, modify spacing with ease to create a more aesthetically pleasing layout. You are also given options like adding animations and customizing what’s visible when you’re browsing from mobile or desktop devices!

Teachable for Themes and Page Builder

Teachable for Themes and Page Builder

Teachable doesn’t have any site themes capability. What they do offer is the ability to create a default template that will be enabled on all of your school’s websites, saving you time and effort!

The theme area allows you to upload your logo and customize color settings but it’s not very customizable.

With the Teachable drag-and-drop page builder, you can create your pages in no time. The interface is simple to use and has prebuilt sections that will save tons of work!

However, you have very few customization options for these page sections. For example, it would be hard to add animations or change column width settings on mobile devices with this layout without making some major changes that might disrupt the original design intent of your website!

Which one is better Kajabi vs Teachable for Themes and Page Builder?

The Kajabi page builder is much more powerful than Teachable and it lets you build unique, beautiful pages for your website that won’t feel like they’re from another time.

Kajabi vs Teachable for Sales and Marketing

It’s an undeniable fact that the two main components of any online course platform are sales and marketing. They both have their own set of skillsets, but there is significant overlap between them when it comes to features offered by these platforms as well!

For example, both platforms allow you to create coupons and bundles of your courses in order for people who are interested can buy more at once. You also have the option whether it’s a one-time fee or a recurring payment method that suits their needs better so they don’t need to worry about making another purchase soon again!

Both platforms have a direct integration with Stripe and PayPal, meaning that your customers can pay you either by credit card or through their existing account.

Kajabi for Sales and Marketing

Kajabi’s flexible, multi-tiered system means you can create as many different levels for your products. It also gives us complete control over what content customers see on each tier!

Kajaib makes it easy to offer various price points and subscription lengths in a single store so that buyers know upfront exactly how much they’re getting with their purchase.

Kajabi has a great feature that enables you to add a “Gift This Course” pricing option for courses on their platform. It’s not possible natively with Teachable, but this is an awesome extra!

Kajabi’s checkout pages give you the freedom to build your own with customizable options like logos, intro videos, and offers details. You can even add testimonials for a convincing storefront appearance!

The platform also allows you to set up different ways of collecting data from your customers. For example, on the checkout page where they are asked for their shipping address and other details like name or email which makes it possible to sell physical products too!

Kajabi cart abandonment

Their abandoned cart feature lets you automatically track and send an automated follow-up email to those who leave your checkout page without completing the purchase. This is a great way of making sure they don’t forget about you!

kajabi upsell

Kajabi has some handy conversion tools for your checkout pages, which you can use to increase the likelihood of customers becoming regular buyers. You might offer them a bump order or a 1-click upsell on their visit after they check out – these will make it much easier than before!

Kajabi at this point doesn’t have the ability to handle EU VAT on its platform, and you’ll need a sales tax management solution from any third-party service.

kajabi pipelines

Kajabi’s Sales Pipeline Builder is a feature that can help you set up entire marketing funnels in an easy and quick way. You don’t have to worry about any complicated steps, as Kajiab will take care of it for you!

For example, if you want to offer a lead magnet for growing your email list and are using Kajabi’s Freebie blueprint then they will automatically create the landing page that is linked with it as well. This makes setting up this process quick & easy!

This is a really handy feature for running marketing campaigns, especially if you have little or no experience in the field. You can build entire funnels with Kajabi and create stand-alone landing pages that will help generate leads; this includes customizing templates too! The library has 20+ well-designed landing page designs available which are yours to customize further using their own builders.

kajabi email template

Email marketing is a tried and true strategy for generating leads. Kajabi provides full control over email campaigns so you can send personalized messages to your customers at any time of day or night, as well as create broadcasts with scheduled content in advance. But if it’s not because there are many ways that work together seamlessly when using both internally like ConvertKit too!

Kajabi lets you create a separate registration page for your affiliates and as soon as someone signs up, they can automatically become an affiliate of yours. You have complete control over when this happens with the option to either approve them right away or disable approval entirely!

Kajabi also allows creating affiliate links. Users just need to copy your affiliate link and promote it.

Teachable for Sales Marketing

One of the downsides to Teachable is that you can’t offer multiple pricing options for your online courses and memberships. Meaning if a customer wants less content in their package, they are stuck with just one tier or option on this site!

PayPal is an excellent option to accept payments from your customers on Teachable. If you charge a one-time fee for the course and use US Dollars, then PayPal can be used by all of its users because they are only available in this currency!

This is an important consideration for anyone planning to build membership sites or if their audience is mostly outside the US.

Teachable’s checkout page design is well-optimized out of the box and it also lets you add custom elements to your own – testimonials, bullet points for features/benefits, or even a money-back guarantee badge.

However, you can’t add a promo video or your product image to the checkout page on Teachable.

Teachable order bump

Now, Teachable allows you to add an order bump on the checkout page.

A feature that’s missing from their list is the ability to track abandoned carts and how many sales were made each time someone left your site without buying anything – this would really help with customer retention!

Teachable EU VAT Tax Collection

Teachable’s integrated support for handling EU VAT digital taxes makes it easy to take care of what can be a complicated task. Depending on your customers’ location, the correct tax percentage is automatically added to their purchase price and they receive an invoice with all details about how much was charged in addition to any applicable sales or use tax rates!

Teachable is a great platform for content creators, but it does not have the capability to build sales funnels or landing pages. If you want this functionality then click on over and use Leadpages or ClickFunnels!

Teachable has very basic email marketing capabilities. It allows you to send broadcast emails but does not offer any type of automation or segmentation, so it will take more time and effort on your part than other platforms like Mailchimp or ConvertKit for this feature.

In order for an affiliate to sign up and become approved, they need your school’s approval as a student. You have no way of creating a separate registration page or automatically approving affiliates without manually doing it yourself!

You can’t able to create an affiliate link for your sale page as an owner. For Promote users need to copy your sales page and paste it on a link generator to create an affiliate link, which is frustrating and additional work.

Which one is better Kajabi vs Teachable for Sales and Marketing?

The winner is Kajabi because of Pre build Pipelines, automated email marketing, easy to create affiliate marketing links, and an easy and more advanced way to set up a check-out page.

Kajabi vs Teachable for Student Discussions

No matter what form of education you’re looking for, interactive discussions with your teacher will help build understanding and bridge the gap between student learning in a classroom environment.

Kajabi for Student Discussions

Kajabi offers a platform for student forums with its ‘Community’ feature. This allows holistic peer-to-peer and mentors communications, allowing students to discuss ideas or problems they’re facing in order to address them more efficiently than ever before!

The page admin has the power to organize and prioritize the communication feeds so that students don’t lose track of things in between discussions.

Teachable for Student Discussions

Teachable’s “Teacher-to-Student” platform makes it easy for instructors to enable comments on every learning session. Simply click that bottom button and students can respond in real-time!

The instructors can control, enable and allow for comments moderation. They are also able to attach files or links in order to create a discussion about them among their peers from other classes that they may be taking at the same time as you!

Which one is better Kajabi vs Teachable for Student Discussions?

In this case, both Kajabi and Teachable provide a good platform for discussions between Teacher and student. You can choose anyone.

Kajabi vs Teachable for Customer Service

You must what type of Customer Service Provided by both Kajabi and Teachable because you are totally new to those platforms. Your whole work has vanished if you do not find the solution to your problem in the middle of course creation.

However, The Kajabi and Teachable platforms offer a wide variety of courses for those looking to learn new skills. The two Platforms also invest heavily into customer training, with Kajiab hosting what it calls Hero University where users can find different trainings on how best to create their own course or market themselves as an instructor within the site’s ecosystem; while Tethable provides its own teaching platform through TeachableU which helps newbies get started in no time at all!

Kajabi for Customer Service

Kajabi offers 24/7 live chat support. I can tell you from experience that nothing beats this especially when it comes to course launches or if the customer needs help during off-hours, because their team is always on hand and ready for whenever someone might need them!

Teachable for Customer Service

Teachable customer support

Teachable offers a variety of ways for users to get customized help. Targeted tickets can be sent and addressed in the shortest possible time, while live chat is available right away or as an option during business hours if you’re seeking professional advice on your account through email responses from 8am-8pm ET seven days per week with Chat Support between 10 am -5 pm(Mon-Fri) only for Professional plan members who have paid into this service over time.

Which one is better Kajabi vs Teachable for Customer Service?

I am convinced that the customer service team at Kajabi has better responses than other companies because I have interacted with them on behalf of many clients. They are more responsive, and usually provide high-quality solutions for my customers as well!

Kajabi vs Teachable Pros and Cons

When it comes to choosing between Kajabi and Teachable, there is no comparison. Both platforms offer different features that are worth considering for your business or personal needs but in this section, we will cover all the Pros and Cons of each!

Kajabi Pros

14 days free Trail

Kajabi offers a free 14-day trial, but it requires you to sign up for an account and provide credit card information. This could be a barrier for some people who wish to try out the service before making any commitments or purchasing Kajaib books outright!

Third-party integration

Kajabi will offer you 8 native integrations for 5 email providers and 3 analytic tools, as well as a Zapier integration that can be used to link your Kaja account with 500+ other popular business services.

0 transaction fee

Kajabi is one of the more expensive in terms of monthly premiums, but it offers a better deal for creators. Kajaib does not charge transaction fees which means they keep more money from products and memberships sales (compare to Teachable).

Native membership features

Kajabi specializes in membership features, where creators can sell specific products to their members. However, Teachable does not have a dedicated “membership” feature and instead relies on course bundles or subscription pricing for similar experiences.

Kajabi Cons


Kajabi is a great option for creators who want to take their business online. It starts at $149, which can be expensive when compared with Teachable’s plans that range from $39-$299/mo depending on how often you’d like your course updated.

No free Migration

There is no Migration assistance to help you move from another platform to Kajabi.

Teachable Pros

In build course completion certificate

Kajabi doesn’t offer built-in course completion certificates (you would have to use a third-party tool like Canva and set up a certificate), whereas Teachable offers some templates for compliance that you can customize.

In Basic Plan, you can add 2 Admin

Kajabi only allows for 1 admin user on their “Basic” plan, but Teachable offers more functionality and room to grow with 2 administrators.

Teachable Cons

14 day free Trail on Pro Plan Only

Teachable offers a free trial for their Pro plan, which is not as generous and may be an issue if you want to try out premium features.


When it comes to which platform is best, the answer will vary based on what you’re looking for. If your goal is to create a membership site that can be used by other entrepreneurs in their own business endeavors, then Kajabi may be the perfect solution. However, if you are simply looking for an easy way to sell online courses or digital products without all the hassle of hosting them yourself, Teachable might work better. The choice is yours!


Can I offer coupons or promo codes through Teachable?

You can use the Promo sheet feature in Business to issue promo codes for any of your courses. These promo codes can be used to distribute coupons, discounts, and special offers to students.

Can I create and sell multiple courses on Teachable?

Yes, you can create an unlimited number of courses on Teachable. However, there are restrictions to the number of students that can enroll in each course depending on your plan level.

Can I cancel my Teachable account anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your premium subscription at any time. The cancellation will be effective immediately and any active course you have will remain accessible on the platform.
You get a 14-day free trial to test the features of premium plans. You cannot host your own website or sell courses using a free account.

What can I do with a free Teachable account?

You get a 14-day free trial to test the features of premium plans. You cannot host your own website or sell courses using a free account.

Can I migrate courses from Kajabi to another platform?

No, there is no facility to migrate courses from Kajabi to other platforms.

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