Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio

Are you thinking Managed WordPress hosting convesio is good for your Website or Not? Then You are in the right place. Here I give you the best WordPress hosting convesio reviews, Features, Pricing and set up a website on best hosting for WordPress convesio. So read the complete article till the end.

Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio

Convesio is a highly-rated managed WordPress hosting platform that claims to offer unbeatable 100% uptime. This service was created with developers and agencies in mind, as it helps them rid themselves of tedious server administration tasks so they can focus on what’s important – their creative work! Does Convesio live up to its promises? What are the distinctive features of this hosted solution? Above all, is Convesio the best option for your site’s needs? Find out by reading my review or checking out my tests which show how well this new web host performs against others currently available.

I tested out this new web host myself by running two separate tests: one of CPU usage during peak hours when traffic was high; and another test checking load times from different Datacenter around the world (just as clients would). I’ll tell you right now, my findings were quite impressive.

Before that, you must know

What is Convesio?

With a set of servers at various locations around the world, Convesio is able to ensure that its WordPress hosting services are always available for customers. By using Docker containers technology and scalable CDN networks, it’s constantly uploading your website content so you can enjoy fast loading speeds no matter where you or your customer may be located.

If you want your site to be more secure, reliable, and up & running 24/7 then Convesio is the right choice for you. Their robust security features will help protect from hackers and spammers while their hosting services ensure that your website stays safe all day every day.

Convesio offers a variety of inexpensive yet powerful web hosting options with excellent customer service so that whether you’re new or experienced in internet marketing, they have what it takes to meet any need!

WordPress is the most widely used content management system in the world. Now, with Convesio’s 3-click deployment process for WordPress sites, you can have a new site up and running after just minutes of work! This makes it perfect for both beginners who don’t want to learn coding or more experienced developers that need something quick due to tight deadlines.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio a Game Changer?

Convesio is the first self-healing, automated platform as a service to create and administer WordPress sites. Convesio is an innovative new management solution for your WordPress site that’s powered by Docker containers.

Docker Hosts are physical or virtual computers running Linux with the component responsible for building and running containers being called the docker daemon.

Convesio Features:-

Convesio is the one-stop-shop for all your WordPress needs. They have a clear and easy-to-use interface that will allow you to create high-scale sites without any worry, with no need for load balancers, Docker containers, or database clusters! Convesio handles everything so that you don’t have to worry about these technical details – they’ll lead the way in this unbeatable solution.

Managed hosting platforms primarily offer two types of service: shared and VPS. Shared hosts are for basic customers, while advanced users have the option to opt-out with a more robust solution in the form of VPS. Although both hosting solutions boast their own set perks, issues such as slow speeds or lack thereof can be easily mitigated by using Docker containers – an operating system-level virtualization environment that helps you build a high-quality website faster than ever before!

Fast Caching:-

Convesio is a hosting company that offers WordPress-optimized servers, which means they have their own built-in caching system to help you keep your site speedy and up all the time. When you sign with them as your host, there’s no need for installing any external plugins because theirs does it all! This also helps prevent taking up extra storage and high CPU usage on your site while hosting with them.

Free Migration:-

Convesio can help you migrate your website from any host to Convesio without incurring an additional expense. Their team of experts will work quickly and efficiently, completing the project within 48 hours.

Self Healing:-

The auto-scaling system of this website is as fast and agile, always ready to provide access. If something happens that makes the site inaccessible for an unknown time frame, then its systems will immediately deploy another copy so everything returns back in no time at all.

Automatic Backup:-

Convesio makes backing up, cloning, or restoring your site easy. You can set up advanced backup and retention policies to determine how often you take backups and long you keep them with just a few clicks. This system also helps protect the files of your website without risking corruption by giving it an alternative location for all its data in case something goes wrong and corrupts everything onsite. Plus scheduling is super simple – between every 3 hours and every 15 days!

Auto Scaling:-

Who would want to be a system admin these days, when you can just set it and forget it with Convesio? Your website will automatically cope if your traffic suddenly surges. All the resources are scaled by sliding a slider on their interface! Not only does this happen for scaling up, but also descaling of those resources is automated too; all without any human intervention required. It’s made possible because they’re using multiple containers that help manage load together – no need to worry about anything else.

No Lock-In:-

Convesio is committed to providing the most transparent website hosting solution. That means they won’t lock you in with any contracts – if you need to move your site elsewhere, just make a few clicks and be gone! Being one of the cheapest and yet most reliable WordPress cloud platform providers on the market today, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Application Monitoring:-

In order to ensure the highest level of security and satisfaction, its system is constantly scanning your site at the WordPress application level. This means that any changes made by you or anyone on your team will be checked for approval before they are ever applied.

Security Monitoring:-

Their services help you monitor and scan for security issues while also providing a variety of security features to edit the code, configurations, environment variables in order to prevent problems from occurring.

Speed Optimize:-

Convesio is the smartest server you’ll ever host. Powered by Google and Amazon’s fastest networks, Convesio features parallel database query processing for lightning-fast speeds plus built-in edge caching to ensure your site loads quickly with time-saving optimizations. HTTP/2 ensures your site loads in a snap thanks to its amazing speed optimization capabilities which also has other awesome benefits like saving data bandwidth as well!

Clustered Database:-

WordPress is equipped with a powerful MySQL server to power your website. It ensures that every web request can be processed in no time, ensuring the user experience doesn’t get bogged down by slowness and/or errors.

24/7 Customer Support:-

Convesio makes sure that your website is always up and running, with specialist staff available at all hours to give you the help you need as soon as possible. Whether it’s a small adjustment or some quick advice, they have got your back!

Moneyback Guarantee:-

Convesio hosting is a great option for anyone who wants to ensure their site’s security and performance. They are also willing to give you 30 days of free trial without taking your credit card information so that you can make sure the product works well before signing up with an expensive plan! This way, if it doesn’t work out you don’t have any risk involved.

How to Setup a Website on Convesio

Step1:- Visit Convesio

Visit Convesio and Start with 30 day free Trail or You have already had an account then sign with the credential.

Step2:- Click on Create your first Site

convesio create your first site

Step3:- Choose Location

choose location

Here you have only 3 options for choosing a location, United States, Australia, and Europe. Choose any one as per your targeted audience.

After choosing click Deploy.

Step4:- Set up Database and click Close Job Console

setup database

The database is automatically created. After complete click on Close Job Console.

Now Successfully set up your Website on Convesio.

convesio overview section

In Convesio Overview section, You find lots of information about your WP Version, PHP Version, Web Server, Traffic that comes from which country, Most visited Page, Most Slowest Page, HTTP Error code, Disk usages, and many more.

Domain Section:-

Add Domain on Convesio

The domain tab in Convesio Domain panel is a place where you can assign an official and recognizable name to the website, which will make it easier for people who find your site during search engine results. You simply have to copy-and-paste information from IP addresses into the DNS settings of your favorite registrar or hosting provider – this way they point visitors at their rightful destination when they come looking for you through web searches.

Security Section:-

add ssl certificate

In Security Tab, You can add an SSL Certificate to your Website. Convesio provides Free LetsEncrypt SSL Certificate.

And also you can activate X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection, X-Content-Type-Options, Referrer-Policy, Content-Security-Policy, and Strict-Transport-Security.

Backup Section:-

backup setting on convesio

The backup procedure is the easiest thing you can do to protect your business from mistakes or accidents. You may categorize backups and view information such as the total number of articles, comment numbers, file number, WordPress version in minutes when you check your website snapshot. Every day there will be a new backup uploaded with all its content on our server for future use too!

Setting Section:-

System Setting:-

php version set on convesio

Here you can set the PHP version on the drop-down menu. By default higher version of PHP is set but if some plugin does not support your website PHP version you can set it accordingly.

Auto Scaling:-

Auto Scalling on convesio

If you want to use your site for a different purpose, and need more or fewer containers than what it is currently configured with, They will adjust accordingly. They’ll add containers if you need them so that the load on your website doesn’t make things slow down too much. Likewise, should demand decrease below our predetermined minimum threshold of traffic flow through your server cluster – such as when an unusual event has drawn in a lot of web visitors at once but not many after – They may remove some container resources from operation until there’s been enough time since then where they have gotten back up to speed again.

Cache Setting:-

cache setting on convesio

By default Content Cache is disable, You need to enable it. After Enable both static and dynamic content is cache.

You can set exception rules for the caching for your website.

Convesio Pricing:-

Convesio offers 4 different plans that cater to every budget. The Foundation plan ($50/month) comes with an impressive package of 5GB storage, 512MB memory, and 10,000 monthly visits – if you exceed the visitors limit its auto-scaling system will surge all traffic without going down! This is also a good option for those who are more concerned about performance than features: Conveiso provides global CDN via Cloudflare and fast inbuilt caching among other goodies at this price point.

If you already set your business or website and want to boost growth then you may choose a Growth($100/month) or Performance($150/month) plan that is good for you.

In the Growth plan, it can handle up to 50,000 Monthly Visits with 1GB Memory. While in the Performance plan, it can handle up to 150,000 Monthly Visits with 2GB Memory.

The agency plan is for those who generate more than 150,000 monthly visits. Conveiso provides a customizable package in the Agency plan. Where you can add multiple websites at a time, which cost you $350/month.

Convesio Pros and Cons:-



Convesio promises 100% uptime so that your client’s website performs at peak levels. With Convesio, they can outperform their competitors and keep up with the changing market demands.

Docker Containers:-

Convesio uses the latest in OS-level virtualization to balance out traffic and ensure that your site is always available. With easy scaling for any size of the website or network connection, you’ll be able to get whatever kind of performance you need at a price that can’t be beaten!

Free trails:-

Convesio is here to help you find the perfect website for your business. You can try their service and use it free of cost for 30 days, plus they have 2 more features – a platform that allows you to host two sites completely free; book yourselves in with them on one of their demo sessions so that we can explore how our services could work together.



The price of the Convesio hosting platform is higher than that of other platforms and it offers no exclusive features. Furthermore, with three out of four options for hosted WordPress sites on this platform, you can only host a single website when compared to competitor’s plans.


Convesio is a next-generation WordPress hosting provider that offers fast and reliable service, high-performance servers for quick web surfing, strong security features to keep your site safe from hackers or malware threats. Convesio also has many user-friendly apps that will make it easier than ever before to create an awesome website!

Convesio provides powerful tools like one-click installation of WordPress which makes the process easy as well as plenty of affordable tiers with our special discount starting at just $50/month.

Hosting is a very important part of business and should not be ignored because Convesio offers next-generation features that you won’t find in even popular hosting providers like Bluehost or Hostgator. They have overall great performance and are top on the line, so it’s no wonder they’ve been such successful companies for people looking to invest in managed WordPress solutions at an affordable price. For those who want to make their website last years while growing into something big with quality service, investing in Convesio will bring them success!

Is Convesio A Managed WordPress Hosting?

Yes! Convesio is a Managed WordPress hosting company that provides services to critical businesses. They are one of the few WordPress-specific hosts out there that offer high availability hosting for your website, which can be crucial in preventing downtime and giving you peace of mind with your site’s uptime.

What is the difference between WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting?

While shared hosting allows you to host any website on their servers, managed hosting companies only allow you to host WordPress sites. This means that if your site is not built-in WordPress or doesn’t use one of the many plug-ins available for it, then these services may be unable to provide service. Shared hosts are often cheaper than a managed server.

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