Squarespace VS WordPress For Blogging: Which One Is Best?

Do You Want to Know Which one is best Squarespace vs WordPress for Blogging, Photographers, eCommerce, podcasting, musicians, restaurants, developers, local business? Then you are in the right place. Here I give you brief information between Squarespace vs WordPress.

Squarespace vs WordPress

Before that, you must know

What is Squarespace?

Squarespace is an easy-to-use website builder that comes with everything you need to create a beautiful professional site. You don’t have to know any code, and your whole site can be managed in one place. This makes Squarespace the more beginner-friendly platform.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system that gives you more power than regular website tools. You can fully customize these websites, but only if you know how to code. However, this comes with the benefit of having greater storage space and scalability compared to other platforms like it. Overall, WordPress provides a powerful tool for building your own platform from scratch by giving you control over every aspect of the design and functionality!

Let’s start to discuss Squarespace vs WordPress

Squarespace vs WordPress for blogging:-

Squarespace VS WordPress For Blogging

To create a website that shows off your blog, choose Squarespace or WordPress. Both websites have unique tools you can use to design and publish an online journal full of fresh content. For example, with the help of templates on both platforms bloggers are able to upload their own images and text while controlling how each piece looks in relation to other elements within the site’s layout. In addition, they’re also beneficial for building simple sites without any coding knowledge because all pages must be created from predesigned layouts which allow users control over colors schemes as well as fonts used throughout articles.

Blogging Tools in Squarespace:-

Squarespace offers a variety of customizable blog-friendly templates for free. Blog posts can be displayed on the homepage as either a single reverse chronological feed or in an organized grid format that allows users to sort by multiple categories, making it easy to run your own blog with friends or coworkers!

Squarespace allows you to tag your blog posts, categorize them by topic or theme, edit the content as needed, and also excerpt each post. You can even automatically send a link to each new post to social media feeds like Facebook and Twitter when it’s published on Squarespace.

Blogging Tools in WordPress:-

WordPress is like Squarespace in that both have plenty of free templates for bloggers. WordPress also has built-in features to help you tag and categorize content, as well as plugins to connect with social media.

WordPress is a great choice for serious bloggers who want complete control over their website’s design. WordPress has built-in access to HTML, which lets users customize the look of their site with code if needed. Squarespace does not have this feature and it may be difficult or impossible to use third-party plugins on the platform as well.

However, In WordPress, there are many plugins within the system as well so if anything goes wrong or bugs out on you in terms of coding or functionality issues there will be no need for extensive troubleshooting because someone has already probably created what is needed specifically for whatever problem arises!

The blogosphere is a big part of what makes WordPress so unique. If you are able to create an account, anyone can comment on your posts without signing up for another site first. Since there’s already more than 20% market penetration by websites that use WP as their content management system (CMS), it’s likely that someone will come across your post and leave feedback regardless of whether or not they have signed up before with different commenting accounts elsewhere in the past.

WordPress can save multiple versions of web pages and posts, which is a really useful feature because it allows you to go back in time instead of losing work due to lost connections or crashes. Squarespace doesn’t even have an autosave function like that so I’ve been bitten by the bug many times while editing blog posts!

WordPress has a media library that makes it easy to locate and edit images. However, Squarespace does not have this feature yet but is making updates to the site so users can access files easier.

So, Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for blogging?

For Blogging WordPress is better than Squarespace. Squarespace offers great blogging tools, but WordPress is still the cream of the crop when it comes to this feature. After all, every single site built with WP has commenting abilities and you can always install plugins later if you feel like adding more features. So Start Create a Website with WordPress.

Squarespace vs WordPress for SEO:-

Squarespace VS WordPress For SEO

In a crowded market where competition is stiff, you need to differentiate yourself. That means good SEO practices will be crucial for your business’s success.

Squarespace for SEO:-

Some of the SEO features provided by Squarespace:-


Squarespace automatically creates a sitemap for you to help search engines understand how all of your pages are related. A sitemap is essentially just an organized list that shows what content on your site exists and where it’s located, but Squarespace makes the process much less time-consuming: instead of having to create one yourself from scratch every time you publish something new or make changes, there’s now no need!

Image Alt Text:-

With alt text, your website becomes more accessible and search engine friendly to anyone who uses a screen reading tool. Additionally, it helps the bots understand what each image is showing so they can properly index them on Google’s search results page (SERP).


If you want to change a page’s URL, all that needs to be done is setting up the new one and Squarespace will automatically send visitors there!

WordPress for SEO:-

With WordPress, you can use a variety of SEO plugins that help to assess and improve the quality of your on-page search engine optimization efforts. For example, some such tools are Rankmath which automatically suggests improvements in this regard. Unfortunately for Squarespace users, however, there is no equivalent tool available at present.

Squarespace doesn’t provide rich snippets. Rich snippets are bits of data that enhance your search results by (1) displaying contextual information such as ratings, pricing, and reviewer to search results and (2) by letting search engines get a more detailed idea of what your page or post is about.

By hosting with a self-hosted WordPress, you can ensure that your website is configured in such as a way to meet Google’s Core Web Vitals requirements. Additionally, the fastest page speed times possible are available when using this type of platform which allows for greater control over technical SEO setup.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for SEO?

Squarespace is a good all-in-one package, but WordPress has better SEO features. With tools like Rankmath SEO Plugin, it’s the best solution if you really want to get serious about your site’s rankings in Google searches. Squarespace provides just enough customization for basic use and maintenance; however, with its limited options compared to WP plugins and services (like 301 redirects), I would not recommend Squarespace SEO service as an optimal choice for advanced users who are looking into ranking their website higher on search engines.

Squarespace vs WordPress for eCommerce:-

Squarespace vs WordPress for eCommerce

If you want to create an online store, Squarespace and WordPress are two of the best tools. If using Squarespace is more your style, it provides a one-stop-shop that contains all of your sales tools in one place. On the other hand, if creating with WooCommerce sounds better for you then use a plugin on any given site built off WordPress as this will provide many benefits such as customizable form creation capabilities!

Squarespace for eCommerce:-

Squarespace makes it easy to start selling online with your business website, which already comes fully integrated as long you’re on the Business plan or above. This includes all sales tools like an integrated eCommerce store and a professional look that’s totally seamless. For additional shipping features, tax functionalities can also be added by browsing through extensions in their marketplace.

For serious selling, you’ll need to upgrade to an eCommerce plan. The Basic Plan is $26 per month and the Advanced Plan costs $40 per month – both include unlimited products/donations as well as a professional email address for your business! You can also create promotional popups with ease using Shopify’s Business plan – it charges just 3% on every sale made through its platform!

Squarespace’s e-commerce features can be limiting if you have a large inventory or want to sell digital products, but it is still easy and simple for creating catalogs with attractive product pages.

WordPress for eCommerce:-

WordPress is a fantastic blogging platform, but it doesn’t have any built-in tools for selling products. Luckily there are many plugins available that allow you to add comprehensive eCommerce functionality to your site. Popular options include Ecwid and WooCommerce; BigCommerce now even has its own WordPress plugin too!

WooCommerce is a great way to kick-start your eCommerce business because it has all of the tools you need and can be customized.

One main benefit that WooComerce offers, in addition to having everything you would ever need for an online store, is its flexibility which allows businesses to align their branding, sell whatever products they want while also being able to integrate with other platforms like blogging services.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for eCommerce?

Squarespace offers built-in sales features that can help you sell right away. WordPress is a good choice if it has a more powerful store feature than Squarespace, but you will need to install plugins before selling on the eCommerce plans.

Squarespace vs WordPress for Easy to Use:-

Squarespace vs WordPress for Easy to Use

Squarespace for Easy to Use:-

The Squarespace interface is very easy to use. You can change the font colors and heading sizes with just a click of a few controls in their style editor, which makes it straightforward for anyone who’s new to website design or coding!

The drag and drop editor is a clever tool for editing content on your website — just locate the section you want to change, click an edit button, and start tweaking it. You can even add text from other sections of your site into this one by dragging them in!

WordPress for Easy to Use:-

WordPress sites are easy to maintain from the moment they’re set up. Depending on your hosting provider, setup may be a bit fiddly but once you’re done maintenance is simple and responsive.

The main difference between the WordPress and Squarespace approaches to content management is, in my view, editing on-page.

This was a pretty straightforward answer but you could make it more creative by adding an anecdote or comparison that makes this information memorable. For example: Whenever I edit something on the page rather than through the back end with WordPress I always get frustrated because before every change there’s usually about 3 minutes of clicking around trying to find where changes need to be made only for me to realize those edits don’t actually take effect until after publishing!

Aside from a few minor setbacks, WordPress is one of the most efficient and versatile pieces of technology to manage your website. If you are willing to put some extra time into the configuration, it’s possible to add customizations that will make content management similar to Squarespace. However, be careful as these tools can cause performance issues on site which may affect search engine rankings negatively.

The recent introduction of the WordPress ‘Gutenberg’ editor has made content editing more like Squarespace’s layout engine. This makes it easier to move around the page than in previous versions, but Gutenberg is less flexible with its overall design and structure options.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for Easy to Use?

With Squarespace, you can easily modify your design by simply dragging and dropping features onto your pages. WordPress is more complicated because it requires coding knowledge to make changes. This makes Squarespace much better for beginners as they don’t have to deal with the technical side of website creation or management.

Squarespace vs WordPress for Security:-

Squarespace vs WordPress for Security

Squarespace for Security:-

Squarespace is a service that takes care of hosting your website and its security. If the system gets compromised or hacked, it’s Squarespace that needs to fix these problems. You have no responsibility on this matter since you only pay them for their services. Finally, they are responsible for making backups too if necessary in case anything happens to your content on the site.

WordPress for Security:-

Since WordPress sites are built by the site owner, it’s up to them to keep their version of WordPress and any plugins or themes they’re using updated. This is because a failure in updating can make your website extremely vulnerable for hackers who want access to all sorts of information like usernames/passwords & more!

You can’t just install any old plugin or theme, because many of them contain malicious code that could compromise the security of your site. You need to be very careful about what you add and make sure you’re regularly backing up all content on a regular basis.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for Security?

There is a high risk of security breaches on WordPress sites because there are many ways to modify the site, and hackers can exploit this. Ideally, websites should rely less on user actions as that opens up the way for errors/security issues. On the other hand, Squarespace users have limited access which makes it difficult for them to introduce vulnerabilities into their website (Squarespace has teams assigned with resolving any problems if they arise). So in short I would say that using Squarespace is more secure than WordPress.

Squarespace vs WordPress for Content Ownership:-

When creating a website, it’s important to check up on policies regarding content ownership. You don’t want to give away your rights unintentionally after all!

Squarespace for Content Ownership:-

Squarespace allows you to keep your content on their website. However, they only license the template and if you decide to leave your site will no longer look like it did when first created.

Squarespace allows you to make a website, but there is one catch. According to their fine print, they can do whatever they want with anything on your site. They are allowed to host it and distribute it for the purposes of improving Squarespace itself!

WordPress for Content Ownership:-

When using WordPress, the most important thing to remember is that it’s open-source. This means anyone can access and modify the code as they please which ensures there are no limitations on what you could want out of your website or blog. However, this also leads to its biggest downfall since without any coding knowledge getting started with a new site might be difficult for some users who aren’t tech-savvy.

If you use WordPress, there’s one catch that can be a bit of a hassle: Your hosting service will most likely have the same licensing terms as Squarespace. However, this shouldn’t pose too much of an issue because at least your content remains yours and won’t get taken down if something goes wrong with copyright law or for any other reason.

Which one is Better Squarespace vs WordPress for Content Ownership?

Although both platforms offer roughly the same deal, WordPress is better because it is open-source software and you are completely free from licensing terms. It’s important to check if your hosting provider has similar policies though.

Squarespace vs WordPress for Maintenance:-

Squarespace vs WordPress for Maintenance

Squarespace for Maintenance:-

Squarespace is a website builder that takes care of the maintenance for you. With updates being tested and pushed to your site automatically, Squarespace allows users to focus on designing their sites instead of worrying about backend processes or changes.

WordPress for Maintenance:-

Being in charge of WordPress updates is a great responsibility, but it’s also necessary for keeping your site secure.

You must keep up to date on the latest version of WordPress and make sure that you’ve configured everything correctly on your server so that there are as few vulnerabilities as possible. This may include updating plugins or themes regularly as well because things like security patches can be released at any time.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for Maintenance?

When it comes to website updates, WordPress is just not as easy and convenient. Unlike Squarespace that does all of the manual work for you, WordPress users need to do everything themselves.

Squarespace vs WordPress Price:-

Squarespace vs WordPress Price

When choosing between Squarespace and WordPress, you’ll have to pay in very different ways. If you want something free then check free website builder.

Squarespace Price:-

Squarespace offers a wide range of all-inclusive plans, which are available starting at $12 per month. With each plan you get hosting, templates, and domain registration (when purchased annually). The more expensive plans also include eCommerce for online stores.

WordPress Price:-

If you want to use WordPress, expect your wallet to be open for other expenses such as web hosting. Web hosting is the most important of these costs because it holds all of the data needed in order for people around the globe can access and view your website on a computer or mobile device.

For Web hosting, You can check our post on Cheapest Host For WordPress. Or You can go with our Top suggested Web hosting Bluehost, Hostinger, and Fastcomet. The benefit is You got Free Domain for 1 year and it cost you $3 to $5 per month.

WordPress themes are a great way to customize your website. There are free options available but the best selection is for sale, which ranges from $39-$120 depending on the quality of what you want. In return, each theme will be yours forever! You find the most premium Theme on Themeforest.

You can use free WordPress plugins, but the best ones are often for sale. For example, WooCommerce (an eCommerce plugin) sells extensions up to $299. You find some WordPress Premium plugins on Evanto Market and Plugins’ price starting from $10.

If you’re like me and want to build a website that’s large or complex, it might be worth your while to hire a developer. Hiring developers can get expensive sometimes!

A WordPress site is very complicated, so it’s hard to give a definitive answer on how much it really costs. However, you can choose cheaper themes and plugins in order to stay within your budget.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress Price?

Squarespace is an easy-to-use website platform. They offer four affordable monthly pricing plans ranging from $12 to $40 per month, which covers everything you’ll need for your site live in a beautiful way. In contrast, WordPress itself is free but will require additional services like web hosting if we want it live on the internet without any hassle and those costs can be pricey depending upon what plan one chooses or their skill level at coding etcetera so I greatly appreciate Squarespace’s flexibility with this regard as well.

Squarespace vs WordPress for Template:-

Squarespace vs WordPress for Template

Squarespace for Template:-

With Squarespace’s drag-and-drop editor, you can easily add galleries, slideshows, and more. If that isn’t enough for you and the thought of custom CSS makes your head spin – don’t worry! You have a built-in code editor as well with options to apply different coding languages like HTML or Javascript to customize templates on this site builder platform.

When you use a Squarespace template, the one thing that can be frustrating is when sidebars disappear. I think this happened because so many people are now using mobile devices for their browsing needs. This means it’s redundant to have them on websites anymore and they’ve been removed from most of these templates as an attempt to get rid of having excess things in your way while viewing sites online, but if you’re creating something with a business focus such as promoting e-newsletters or ads then removing sidebar space might not work out too well!

WordPress for Template:-

In the WordPress Themes Directory, you find more than 10000 free or lite version WordPress Template. Also, you find some premium Themes for WordPress on Themeforest.

You may encounter some compatibility issues with your WordPress theme occasionally. These can only be fixed by editing the CSS code directly, which is a tedious process for those who are not well-versed in web design.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for Template?

WordPress is the ultimate winner in a template shoot-out. The sheer quantity of themes available and their flexibility ensures users will have plenty to choose from, but you should always source your WordPress theme from a reputable source as some can contain malicious code which compromises security for sites.

Squarespace vs WordPress for Email Marketing:-

Squarespace for Email Marketing:-

Squarespace has introduced a new feature that you can use to send HTML emails and newsletters. It is called Squarespace Email Campaigns, which allows users to design and create email marketing campaigns all within the platform of their website-builder interface.

Some Squarespace users will enjoy the email marketing feature that comes with an “all in one” approach — and maintaining brand values across all communication types is commendable.

Squarespace makes it easy to drop blocks from your Squarespace site (products, blog post summaries, images) straight into an e-newsletter. You can get visually pleasing results without worrying about a learning curve too much.

WordPress for Email Marketing:-

Because WordPress is Open source, WordPress doesn’t have any email marketing service. You need any third-party plugin. WordPress users who use a separate email marketing app will enjoy more advanced features than those in Squarespace’s campaign tool. This is because WordPress can be used with apps like Gravity Forms, AWeber, and GetResponse to take advantage of the additional tools they offer for data capture and broadcasting e-newsletters.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for Email Marketing?

A monthly subscription to the service costs $68 but there is a limit of 250,000 messages for that price in Squarespace but if you use Mailerlite for WordPress, You got 10000 free mail to send per month and save up to 1000 email addresses. That is huge. I think WordPress is better than Squarespace for Email marketing.

Squarespace vs WordPress for GDPR:-

Squarespace vs WordPress for GDPR

GDPR is a set of regulations that protects users and consumers in the EU. These rules must be adhered to by any user, but especially if you are operating a business website.

Squarespace for GDPR:-

Squarespace is designed to be a code-free solution for the majority of its users. It’s targeted at a non-technical audience, but it fails in this mission when comes to GDPR compliance. Squarespace requires user engagement with different technics and challenges that comply with GDPR requirements.

WordPress for GDPR:-

WordPress is more suitable for a developer compared to Squarespace but it might take some time if you are not familiar with the tools and code required. WordPress has an advantage, though, because its entire ecosystem of plugins can be used to aid developers in making their website GDPR-compliant. Also, the WordPress Codex (online documentation) is good enough to familiarize yourself with all the tools you can use for GDPR compliance. So, WordPress wins this round too.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for GDPR?

As far as GDPR compliance in concerned, it really depends on your level of expertise and how much time you’re willing to dedicate. With that being said, you might find it easier working with WordPress rather than Squarespace if you want to give yourself the best chance of meeting GDPR compliance requirements within a short timeframe.

Squarespace vs WordPress for Website Migration:-

Yes, you can migrate your website to a new platform. This means that it is possible for you to switch from WordPress and Squarespace as well! However, migrating content isn’t always an easy process since transferring data may not be straightforward sometimes given the different platforms they are on. Just like both of them have their limitations when importing or exporting data through migration processes with each other.

Website Migration From Squarespace to WordPress:-

If you want to export your content from Squarespace, it’s going to be a little more complicated. First of all, if you don’t already have a WordPress site set up – including finding hosting and transferring over the domain name – this is going to take some time before everything goes through smoothly.

Website Migration From WordPress to Squarespace:-

Squarespace has a built-in import tool for moving your WordPress site across, as well as helpful guides to walk you through each step. It’s pretty straightforward – set up a Squarespace site, pick your design, then use the Advanced option to transfer content from your WordPress.org website into it!

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for Website Migration?

Squarespace has a lot of steps to follow when making the switch from Squarespace to WordPress. However, they have lots of guides on how you can successfully complete your migration depending on whether or not it’s an online store.

Squarespace vs WordPress for Customer Support:-

With their 24/7 email and live chat support, Squarespace makes it easy for businesses to communicate with them at any time of day.

Open-source platforms, like WordPress, are great because you can install and set up your own site without any help. However, this also means that the platform does not come with customer support; many paid themes and plugins include some additional assistance from their creators though. Additionally, if you’re using a specialized web host to power your website they may offer installation services as well!

Why You Use Squarespace over WordPress?

  • Squarespace’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up a website, so you shouldn’t experience any significant difficulties.
  • If you want to build a website using WordPress but need features that aren’t available in the core installation, this means sourcing plugins and integrating them with your site. Squarespace’s pre-built eCommerce tools & apps for lead generation forms, themes, etc., makes building websites easier than ever before without having to source third-party scripts/plugins.
  • With self-hosted WordPress, you have to sort out hosting and domain names separately. But in Squarespace, you don’t have to worry about hosting and Domain.
  • Squarespace is largely responsible for the security of your website. If you use WordPress, there are additional factors to consider when it comes to safeguarding a site from hackers and phishing attacks.
  • Squarespace provides 24/7 customer support through email and lives chat. On the other hand, it depends on whether you have commissioned a developer or agency to provide WordPress site support if available at all.

Why You Use WordPress over Squarespace?

  • With WordPress, you can build any kind of site; in comparison to Squarespace, it is more flexible.
  • Working with the right developer and web host can end up meaning a much better technical SEO setup for your WordPress site.
  • You can personalize your website with a vast range of WordPress plugins — paid and free. Squarespace is more limited in terms of the offering available to you, but it includes some features like pricing tables or contacts forms that have been popular for years now.
  • On a WordPress site, you have more control over your content — with Squarespace, it may be difficult to export some of your website’s data.
  • The multilingual capabilities of WordPress are much more advanced than those of Squarespace. For instance, in a multi-site project with WordPress, each site can have its own language and localization files whereas this is not possible on Squarespace.

WordPress Pros And Cons


When it comes to website creation, Squarespace and WordPress both have their strengths. For the average conventional business site that just needs a simple way of creating an online presence with pages and blog posts, I recommend using Squarespace because everything is already set up for you— from intuitive onboarding design all the way through clean responsive templates. However, if your requirements are more unconventional like membership access or eCommerce capability then these features don’t exist on SquareSpace so I would suggest trying out WordPress instead which has much broader functionality than one might expect!

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Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for local businesses?

We would recommend going with either of these platforms but we recommend WordPress because it offers a wide range of templates to choose from that are suitable for any type of business.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for Artists?

We would recommend going with either platform since you can easily showcase your art on these platforms without too much coding knowledge. Unfortunately, there’s not much difference between the two platforms since they both have basic customization features.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for blogs?

We would recommend going with WordPress because it has more features available including SEO plugins, social media integration, and even the ability to run ads on your blog. It’s also easier to build a website from scratch with WordPress rather than starting from one of Squarespace’s templates.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for charities?

We would recommend going with WordPress if you want to create an online store or manage membership areas but it’s not as good for creating visually appealing templates. Squarespace is better for creating beautiful templates if you’re willing to pay a higher price point.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for real estate?

We would recommend going with WordPress because it offers a wide range of plugins to add products and even create drop shipping businesses. On the other hand, Squarespace has a limited number of templates and you can’t customize them or add new features.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for hotels?

You can also go with either of these platforms because they have similar capabilities in terms of SEO-friendliness and mobile readiness. WordPress, on the other hand, has a wider range of available features like eCommerce and membership areas.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for weddings?

We would recommend WordPress because it’s a more complete platform with features for managing events, creating custom blog posts, and building an online store.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for developers?

We would recommend WordPress for developers because it offers the most flexibility when it comes to coding. Even if you’re a beginner, there are tutorials out there that will teach you how to build your website on top of WordPress’s platform.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for news sites?

Squarespace allows you to create templates that are SEO-friendly and mobile-friendly while WordPress requires some coding knowledge depending on the extent of customization you want. You may find it easier to customize your site with Squarespace but if you’re a developer then you may find WordPress more flexible.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for non-profits?

We would recommend going with WordPress for non-profits because it helps you create custom donation pages to fundraise, supports events and ticket donations, and even has a full membership area so you can expand your network of members and supporters. On the other hand, Squarespace doesn’t offer these features.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for lawyers?

Lawyers can go with either of these platforms depending on their business needs. WordPress, on the other hand, has more features available like membership access and eCommerce capabilities while Squarespace is more focused on building a basic website.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for restaurants?

With WordPress, you have the freedom to customize your restaurant’s website with any features that fit your business needs. You can also create blogs and even beautiful online reservations with plugins. On the other hand, Squarespace offers only templates and not the ability to customize or personalize.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for eCommerce?

I would recommend WordPress because it offers a wide range of plugins to add products, create drop shipping stores with third-party providers like Oberlo, and use themes to make a visually appealing store.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for musicians?

We would suggest going with WordPress as it gives you more options for playing audio on your website, recording and uploading new songs, and helping fans stay up-to-date.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for podcasting?

Again, we would recommend WordPress for podcasting because it allows you to create categories and tags for your podcast, supports custom post formats like audio and video, and has a multitude of plugins designed to help you easily record and edit new episodes.

Which one is better Squarespace vs WordPress for photographers?

We would recommend WordPress for photographers because it offers more options like creating galleries, designing portfolio layouts, writing blog posts, and styling your work with a full range of plugins.

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