How to Make Money as a Music Producer

By: Ashish

1. Make soundtracks Yes, It is also possible to make money by creating soundtracks for movies and commercials. If you can compose original music, you can charge more than $1000 per song, whilst if you just have to write music and use existing tracks, the price will be lower.

2. Streaming Streaming services are the new way to make money as a music producer. These services allow the user to listen to music and make money off of it. A great example of a streaming service is Soundcloud.

4. Release your own albums You could release your own albums in order to make money. Indeed, the first time that you release an album is the most difficult, but it is not impossible either; it is a good idea to listen to other albums or songs in order that you can identify with them.

5. Remixing If you think you're a mix master, you may want to try remixing. A remix can be for a song, a video, or just about anything else. And if it's a rap song…you'll probably want to get paid!

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