How to Make Money Woodworking


1. Resale, Recycling, and Salvage Look for ways to recycle or recover materials from waste, especially if you can see a potential use for them in the future. While you may not be able to turn that old chair into another one anytime soon, the chair you scrapped will soon become a decoration on your office wall, an item of furniture you need to either store or sell locally.

2. Consultant Another way to make money from woodworking is to provide consultation services. In many cases, this can be more profitable than selling products or services separately, as you will not only be charging for the products or services that you are providing, but also for the time spent in researching the client's needs before making a recommendation.

3. Endorsement Deals You can also allow other people to sell your products or services by offering endorsements for their work and products, whether it be via social media or direct communication  with potential customers.

4. Online Courses and Tutorials If you have a passion for teaching others and have some experience in the area of woodworking, then creating an online course can be a way of making money.

5. Paid Promotion You can also make money from woodworking by promoting products and services through your social media channels and other means. This involves getting paid to advertise the products or services that you choose to promote.