What Is the Domain Name of a Website

Most people ask us what is the domain name of a website? What is a Domain name? How does the domain work? if you are a beginner same type of question rise to your mind.

In this article, I try to address all your questions and solve your confusion.

What Is the Domain Name of a Website

What is the Domain name of a Website?

A Domain name is the address of your website. When an internet user enters your domain name on the web browser, they simply land on your website and access your website.

Let’s say some of your friends send a letter to your home address. They must know your Street address. so that letter has arrived in the right place.

Same thing what Domain name does for a website.

However, Computers don’t understand human language. So Computers use IP addresses.

then, What is IP addresses?

An IP address or Internet Protocol is a unique set of numbers that is assigned to every computer on the internet.

But it is very difficult to memorize a series of random numbers for every single website you want to visit on the internet.

because of this problem Domain name system or DNS, or takes the domain name, these kinds of the web address that humans understand like biggyblog.com or facebook.com and translates them into IP address that computer understand and communicate.

So instated of memorized a series of numbers, you can simply remember a domain name like biggyblog.com. Right?

When an internet user enters your domain name into a web browser, the browser uses your domain name to find the correct IP address and, in turn, passes back the website associated with that IP address.

A domain name is just like the contact name of your mobile phone. You don’t need to remember the phone number or you have no idea where the people are located. You just only need to touch the contact name and the rest of the work done by phone.

In simple words, a Domain name is to provide you a human-friendly way to locate websites on the internet.

How does the Domain name work?

After you enter a domain in your internet browser, then it first sends a request to a worldwide system of servers that sort the Domain Name System (DNS).

All these servers afterward lookup to your nameservers linked to all the domain names and also forward the request to all those name servers.

As an example, If Your Site is hosted on A2hosting, subsequently its name host info will probably be such as this:



These name servers have been computers handled by your hosting organization. Your hosting organization will forward your request to the pc wherever your website is currently stored.

This computer is known as an internet server. It’s a special software mounted(Mostly Apache). The internet server now fetches the internet site and bits of data related to that.

Finally, it then sends back this data into the web browser again.

A Domain name is a combination of the letter or number or both. Its use with different Domain extensions like .com, .net , .org, or more.

You must register a domain from a domain name registrars before its use. Every domain name is unique, no one can register the same domain name after someone register it till expire domain. But someone registers that domain with a different extension.

For purchasing a domain name need to pay an annual fee of $10 to $20. You can get a free domain, if you domain name registration and buy web hosting for 1 year from Bluehost.

What are the Different Types of Domain Name?

There are different types of Domain names available in different extensions. Just like .com, .net, .org, .xyz. The most recommended domain extension is .com.

Top level domain(TLD):-

All these are in the Maximum level in the DNS structure of Their Internet. There are Many Different Types of TLD’s, Becoming :

Generic top level domain(gTLD):-

The best famous generic TLDs comprise .com, .net, .biz, .org , .gov and also .info – all these are able to be enrolled with anyone, any place on earth.

But some of the new gTLD’s recently released possess various restrictions such as .agency, .biz, .xyz, and many more.

How to Get a gov Domain

Country code top level domain(ccTLD):-

Country-code top-level domain is domain name extension for a specific country like .in for India, .us for the USA, .uk for the United Kingdom.

This type of extension mainly targeted specific country audiences.

What is the difference between a Domain and a website?

While websites and domains are tightly attached. After enrolling for a domain name, Want to utilize it to get a website, you will first have to build a website, then find web hosting for this, therefore it could be shown online presence around the internet.

What is web hosting?

Web site hosts are companies that own house, serve, and continue maintaining files for a couple of sites. Think of a web hosting corporation including a shopping center that has several individual retailers.

In the event you would like to open a retail store in the shopping center, you can lease space and place up a shop. Just enjoy a purchasing facility, website hosting companies enable one to lease space in their servers, in which you are able to store your website documents and make sure they are accessible for visitors to view.

Because you’ve registered your domain, you may utilize it at any hosting organization you need.

I try to explain what is the Domain Name of a Website. I hope you understand and like my explanation.

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