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What Report Identifies Browsers that May have had Problems With a Website

What report identifies browsers that may have had problems with a website?

You can find the report that identifies browsers that may have had problems with a website on Browser & OS section.

what report identifies browsers that may have had problems with a website

It is a good idea to consult Google Analytics before making changes on your website that may work differently in various browsers, operating systems, or screen sizes. For instance, if you are considering changing the layout of your site and want to know how it will be perceived by different users then using this information can help you make an informed decision about which way best suits most people’s needs.

The Browser & OS Report is an insightful, in-depth look at how the web browser and operating system affect internet usage. The report offers six main sections: 

  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • Screen Resolution
  • Screen Colors
  • Flash Version
  • Other

Browser and OS report on Google Analytics

Why Browser & OS report helpful?

  • Identify drops of Sales/Traffic
  • Developers are still struggling to convince people why they should fix their broken sites for Internet Explorer.
  • Testing new or existing function and content
  • Testing newly released software or devices
  • Create New website-Understand which technology to use
  • Check Conversion rate to see if there is an issue with different platform

How to Find Browser & OS Report On Google Analytics?

Step1:- Visit Google Analytics and login with Credential

Step2:- Tap on Audience

Step3:- Click on Technology

Step4:- Tap on Browser & OS

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