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What Report Indicates the Last Page Users Viewed Before Leaving a Website?

What report indicates the last page users viewed before leaving a website?

You can find the report that indicates the last page users viewed before leaving a website on Exit Pages.

What report indicates the last page users viewed before leaving a website

What are Exit Pages?

The exit page is the last impression visitors get of your website. It’s important to have a high-quality and functional exit page as it can affect how people view you in general – if they are leaving because something isn’t working, that could reflect badly on your brand.

You’ll be able to see them as a percentage in Google Analytics under “Exit Rate” or Exit Page Data”.

exit pages on google analytics

How to Find Exit Pages on Google Analytics?

Step1:- Visit Google Analytics and login with credential

Step2:- Tap on Behavior

Step3:- Tap on Site Content

Step4:- Tap on Exit pages

Why Exit Page is Important?

Understand Visitor Behavior:-

Bounce rate and exit rates are two important analytics to use when trying to understand if your visitors are engaging with your site. You can tell a lot about the user just by looking at these numbers, but it’s also good for understanding how efficient you’re being with their time on the website too! If there is an unusually high number of exits from one area or product page in particular, then that means that either something needs fixing up within this section or they might not be interested in what you have to offer here.

Increase Leads:-

If you want to increase your email list, try adding exit-intent popups. You can also use content upgrades if you have a blog and offer people something in exchange for providing their emails when they download an eBook or subscribe to the newsletter. This strategy is especially effective with eCommerce stores that are trying to drive up sales by capturing leads as customers close out of pages on which specials were offered only briefly before exiting altogether without making any purchases at all!

What is the Difference between Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate?

It can be difficult to distinguish bounce rate from exit rate, and the definitions Google provides make things more complicated because both are measuring the same thing – how many people leave a page after viewing.

One difference is

Bounce rate measures how many people come onto your website then immediately exit without interacting at all – like by posting comments, browsing around some more pages, or following hyperlinks out of there – meaning just one Google analytics session was recorded for them instead of multiple visits per day as would’ve been expected otherwise.

While the Exit rate is a little bit different, which measures the percentage of users that is last in the session. In general, its show how often user exit after viewing any number of content on your website.

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