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What Report Indicates the Pages of a Website Where Users First Arrived

What report indicates the pages of a website where users first arrived?

You find the report that indicates the pages of a website where users first arrived on Landing Pages.

what report indicates the pages of a website where users first arrived

The Landing Pages report shows you what pages are greeting your website visitors the most. These landing pages can often be a visitor’s first experience with your site, and it is important to make sure they have an engaging one!

If you have a great homepage, but most of your visitors are coming to your site through links on blogs or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it would be helpful for them to know who they’re connecting with when they land. You may want to include information about what you do in the opening section (or at least make sure that this page is easily accessible), so readers unfamiliar with the organization can get an idea right away.

Landing page on Google Analytics


If you want to know how engaged your landing page users are, look at the number of pages they visit after landing on it. The more engagement a visitor has with an initial view of your site, the higher their level of return is and so this should be one factor in determining which content material gets promoted or not.

Avg. Session Duration:-

On average, how long do people typically stay on your website? That number isn’t entirely accurate for a few reasons but can be useful as an objective way of comparing page performance.

% New Session:-

The percentage of visitors who land first time on your Website.

Bounce Rate:-

A low bounce rate is a goal for most websites. It means more visitors are viewing your site and staying engaged with it, which increases the likelihood of conversion into leads or sales.

A lower than average bounce rate reflects website traffic that remains on site long enough to engage in some way – whether by clicking through an email newsletter signup form, entering their contact information into a lead generation form, or simply browsing additional content pages within the site before leaving again.

Where to Find Landing Pages on Google Analytics?

Step1:- Visit Google Analytics and log in with Credential

Step2:- Tap on Behavior

Step3:- Tap on Site Content

Step4:- Click on Landing Pages

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