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What Report Provides Data on How Specific Sections of a Website Performed

What report provides data on how specific sections of a website performed?

You can find reports that provide data on how specific sections of a website performed on the content drill down section.

What report provides data on how specific sections of a website performed

What is a Content Drilldown report?

The Google Analytics content Drilldown section is a great place to see how your site’s taxonomy works. You can get insight on the number of page views, bounce rate, exit rates, and time spent in each URL you have on your domain so that you know which are working well for people and why they’re not performing as expected.

The report also lets businesses notice if there are duplicate pages competing with other URLs or sections within their sites because this could be affecting conversion numbers negatively by confusing visitors into bouncing out before taking any action – whether it be purchasing something or signing up for an email subscription list! Breakdown reports such as these allow companies to make informed decisions about where improvements should happen first when attempting A/B testing campaigns across multiple platforms.

Why Content Drilldown report is Important?

You can use the Google Analytics Content Drilldown Tool for a more thorough audit of your content inventory. Once you have an idea where to target, Content Drilldown report help in:

  • It can help you find content with great value that needs more eyeballs on it.
  • Navigation of your Website
  • Topics that you need to cover
  • Block contents from bots and the Public for internal purposes
  • That content optimize more for better SEO

Where to Find Content Drilldown Report

content drilldown

Step1:- Visit Google Analytics and login with Credential

Step2:- Click on Behavior

Step3:- Click on Site Content

Step4:- Click on Content Drilldown


The Content Drilldown report in Google Analytics is a hidden gem that can help you determine what content resonates with your audience the most. If search bots see little-to-no consistency, they will stop crawling through your website and rank it lower on their list of results. Keep them happy by making sure there are clear paths to follow – or risk losing visitors from one page to another!

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