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What Report Shows a Visual Representation of User Interactions on a Website?

what report shows a visual representation of user interactions on a website?

Visual representation of user interactions on a website shows on Behavior Flow Report.

What report shows a visual representation of user interactions on a website

What is Behavior Flow report on Google Analytics?

Behavior Flow is an analytics tool in Google Analytics that shows you exactly what path people take while visiting one of your websites by showing each step (or “page”) visited as well as information about how much time was spent viewing this particular page – providing valuable data about user interaction with every aspect of our business including product pages, blog posts, customer service portals, etc.

The Behavior Flow report is the most valuable tool in your arsenal. With it, you can see how people go about interacting with different parts of your site, what they find engaging, and which pages lead to their ultimate exit from the said page. You’ll then be able to determine where on the website users are spending their time, as well as why this might be happening so that you may adjust accordingly for a more successful experience overall!

Why Behavior Flow Report is Important?

  • In this report, You find which Post or Page is engaging on your Website.
  • Also, you can find which content has to issue.

Where to find Behavior Flow Report on Google Analytics?

Step1:- Login to your Google Analytics account

visit google analytics

Visit Google Analytics and log in with credentials.

Step2:- Click on Behavior

Click on Behavior

Click on the Behavior drop-down menu, which is left side of the Page.

Step3:- Click on Behavior flow

Behavior flow report on Google Analytics

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