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What Report Shows the Percentage of Traffic that Previously Visited a Website

What report shows the percentage of traffic that previously visited a website?

You find the report that shows the percentage of traffic that previously visited a website on the New vs Returning visitors report.

What report shows the percentage of traffic that previously visited a website

What is the Difference Between New Vs Returning Visitors?

New Visitors:-

You may not realize it, but you are a new visitor to this site. If you visit our website from your desktop computer at work and then visit again on your iPhone/Android device later that day, Google Analytics would consider these 2 visits as 2 different visitors in their system. They will now take into account how often they see someone coming back so if we know the user has been there multiple times before with either the same or different devices (such as navigating through using Chrome), they won’t be considered “new.”

New Visitors can differ depending on what type of browser is being used when accessing an online service for example; those who use Microsoft Edge browsers might have one set of data stored while those who use Safari could have another due to you may not realize it, but you are a new visitor to this site.

Returning Visitors:-

Returning Visitors are loyal and have visited your site before. Google sets a 2-year expiration date on New Visitors, counting them as Returning Visitors if they return from the same device within two years. If someone has not visited in more than two years, he or she will be considered a new visitor when returning to visit again!

Where to Find New Vs Returning Report?

Step1:- Visit Google Analytics and login with your Credential

Step2:- Click on Behavior

Syep3:- Click on New Vs Returning


New visitors are people who have never come to your site before and returning visitors are those that came back at least once. The ratio of new visitors to returning visitors can tell you about how well your inbound digital marketing techniques work across the web for bringing customers.

Seeing what kind of information these two groups look upon is helpful because it shows where there might be room for improvement with website content, structure, and design or which pages could use some more attention from a business perspective if they’re not getting enough views yet like one particular page showing them all their products listed together instead of just having an individual listing so maybe when someone sees something they want but don’t know what else would go good with it then they’ll see everything linked under this product’s page.

This can also allow you to see how many returning visitors are really coming back because of the links on your website but how many came in via other sites so whether or not people have been directed to your site that way for the first time and they’re seeing what’s there this could be a good opportunity for finding out if some particular webpages or content aren’t being looked at that much or if they are then maybe there’s room for improvement on those pages.

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