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What Report Shows Which Types of Mobile Devices Visited a Website

What report shows which types of mobile devices visited a website?

You can find the report that shows which types of mobile devices visited a website in the Mobile Device section.

What report shows which types of mobile devices visited a website

What kind of visitors are you getting? To find out, we’ll need to delve into your Google Analytics data. You can start by clicking on Audience in the menu and then Mobile after that. Once there, click Overview for a summary view of how many people come from different devices (smartphone or tablet). For this website, about 69% of all visitors came from desktop or laptop computers while 26% used smartphones only and 4% used tablets only when they visited our site!

Mobile overview on google analytics

Now, you can see what devices people are using to visit your website. And now that we know this information, it’s time for the main event: Behavior and Conversion metrics! Within Behavior, we notice a correlation between visiting from desktop or laptop computer and less bouncing rates while also looking at more pages per session (almost double!) as well as spending more time on-site – in both cases significantly higher than mobile visitors. Desktop/laptop users were far more likely to convert too.

Mobile device section on google analytics

In the Overall device section, You also know what kinds of smartphones or Tablets visitors used when accessing your Website. Which can help you with what kinds of devices you should use when testing new functionality or features on your website. For this go to Audience>>Mobile>>Devices.

Mobile device operating sysytem on Google Analytics

What’s even more helpful is knowing the operating systems that people used. And now you can with this website as it provides a detailed report on how many visitors are using each type of OS device. For example, in order to use our site from your smartphone or tablet, 27% were Apple iOS users and 5% were Windows-based devices while Android accounted for almost 80%.

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