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Which Default Traffic Source Dimensions does Google Analytics Report for Each Website Visitor

Which default traffic source dimensions does google analytics report for each website visitor?

You can find default traffic source dimensions does google analytics report for each website visitor on the source/medium Section.

Which default traffic source dimensions does google analytics report for each website visitor

Why Source and Medium are Important?

As the world becomes more and more connected, it is important to know where your customers are coming from. Google Analytics can provide this information for you by giving in-depth analytics on how people interact with your website as well as who links back to yours. Source tells you which sites link out to yours while medium gives a breakdown of what type of links they were – whether that be social media or news articles, etcetera. It is important to know who links back to you in order to optimize the strength of your online presence.

What is a Source In Google Analytics?

Google Analytics sources are how you can see where your website traffic comes from. Whether it be people visiting your site through search engines, social media sites, or other websites – this information should never come as a surprise to anyone. As Google says on their support page: “The source of web analytics data is typically either the domain name (e.g., that referred visitors visit after clicking links within another website, linking ads in newspapers and magazines, banner advertisements online” When there aren’t any original details for what might have brought someone to your webpage outside of direct user input like browser history or bookmarks- then said visitor came directly into contact with your site through a link.

Source Types in Google Analytics:-

There are a number of different types of sources that you can track within Google Analytics, some of which are mandatory while others are optional. These include Organic – this refers to visitors who found your website through a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing Paid Search – traffic from people who land on your website from a paid search engine listing. E.g. Paid Ads Social – visitors who found your site through social media Advertising – people who land on your website due to an ad they saw across a number of different websites Referral – people referred to your site by another website that you don’t own Affiliate – someone who signed up for something using your website as a referral.

What is a Medium In Google Analytics?

When you’re looking to optimize your website for the best experience possible, it’s important to know what Mediums are. The word “Medium” is often used as an umbrella term that covers different kinds of traffic coming from a variety of sources. For example, Organic medium would include any inbound traffic generated by search engine optimization and social media marketing efforts while Referral includes all visits driven by links shared on other websites or blogs such as Twitter and Facebook posts.

While these three categories cover most online visitors who find their way back home with one click, there are many more Mediums worth mentioning which can help provide even greater insight into how people interact with your site: Paid Media being one example where companies invest significant amounts of money into advertising and pay per click platforms like Google AdWords in order to drive traffic back to their website. Paid Media is important because you have control over how much it costs, where it’s displayed, when it appears, etc – unlike other mediums which take time and effort to optimize for.

How to Find Source/Medium in Google Analytics?

source and medium in google analytics

Step1:- Visit Google Analytics and login with credential

Step2:- Click on Acquisition

Step3:- Tap on All Traffic

Step4:- Click on Source/Medium

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