Wix VS Google Sites: Which One Is Better?

Do You Want to Know Which One is Better Wix vs Google sites for You? Then You are in the right place, Here I give you brief information about Wix versus Google Sites for Blogging, SEO, eCommerce, Price, Small Business, and many more.

Online website builders Wix and Google Sites have different sets of functionality, design customization options, affordability, etc. This makes it difficult to compare them because they occupy very different positions in the list of contemporary web building tools.

With intuitive web design tools, hundreds of mobile-adapted templates, and powerful customization features the Wix website builder is a great option for users who need to build an online presence. Google Sites offers simple cloud website building with basic functionality but can be suitable for creating everyday websites that are not too complex or demanding.

Google Sites is a relatively young platform in the range of website building apps, but it also has some advantages that made us choose Google over Wix for this comparison. Even though both services are similar in terms of features and functionalities, we chose to compare them based on our personal experience with each one as well as their performance from different perspectives such as user-friendliness/ease of use, functionality & design options, etc.

Wix VS Google Sites

What is Wix?

With all the powerful features and tools out-of-the-box, Wix is a perfect pick for web development of any kind. Whether you’re looking to build your own business website or just set up an online store, their platform makes it easy even if you are not tech-savvy so don’t worry about that!

The Wix website builder was founded in 2006 and it has quickly won the attention of web designers around the world. The number of paid subscriptions is over 3.8 million, while sign-ups have reached 147 million globally with an increasing growth rate each month.”

As users of Wix website builder, Wix provides honest reviews on the tools and plans. To get started with a free unlimited plan allows you to explore and test out the system for as long as you need that before deciding whether it comes up to your needs or not. If so, upgrading at this stage is critical; otherwise moving forward will be impossible since features are limited in free mode only if paid subscriptions aren’t chosen soon enough! Thankfully though there’s quite a selection of these options available from which to choose when looking into Wix’s pricing structure.

Their mobile-adapted templates are 100% customizable and you don’t have to be an expert in web design to make a website that meets your requirements. Simply choose from hundreds of designs and then pick some custom colors or add HTML if you’re looking for more control over aesthetics. The Wix free plan is still available with limitations, while paid plans offer more functionality and customization options.

What is Google Sites?

With Google Sites, you can create ordinary projects like school sites, intranets, portfolios, and event websites. The system is intuitive enough that even those without any web design background will be able to master it in no time! If what you need are more features than the basic ones offered by this website builder platform then I would recommend trying out another one.

Google Sites is a part of the Google Apps suite and works as an integral part of Google Drive storage. One good thing about using this service is the fact that everything will be kept safe in your account, so you won’t have to worry about losing any data unless there’s a problem with your internet connection.

Although it doesn’t offer powerful web-building tools, Google Sites is a great option for creating simple sites that don’t require advanced features. Basically, if you want an easy solution to share files and collaborate with your coworkers then this website builder might be exactly what you need!

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Wix vs Google sites for Blogging:-

Wix vs Google sites for Blogging

Wix for Blogging:-

Wix unveils the opportunity to connect a blog with your website. While you can write, add, edit and update posts on this feature-rich integrated blogging engine, future scheduling is available here too! You may also integrate social media options or enable Facebook/user commenting if desired. Additionally, select from customizable templates or set up SEO parameters according to a preference for best results.

Google sites for Blogging:-

Google Sites also does not have a blogging engine, meaning that running a blog is impossible here. The only thing you can do if you want to start an informational project or news portal on Google Site is using the blank template and customize it from scratch. Another aspect of note with this service is its ability to design internal/intranet websites for teamwork in developing projects well too!

Which One better Wix vs google sites for Blogging?

Wix is a free website-building platform that offers users the ability to create high-quality blogs. It’s impossible with Google Sites, but Wix features an excellent blogging engine making it easy for anyone to get started on their blog quickly and easily!

Wix vs Google sites for eCommerce:-

Wix vs Google sites for eCommerce

Wix for eCommerce:-

Making your online store stand out among others is a challenge. However, with the right adjustments in place and by using Wix’s eCommerce engine you can make it happen! The website builder gives its users tools to create product galleries, show window display options for their stores, special offers/discounts when necessary or desired as well as customizable templates. With this much power under your belt, there should be no stopping you from creating an amazing Internet presence that customers will love!

Google sites for eCommerce:-

Google Sites is not an eCommerce engine, so it’s impossible to start a web store on this website builder.. You can only provide general descriptions of your products (and of course, images of them), but that’s pretty much it. No shopping carts, no product options for adding to the cart, checkout process, or anything similar. What you would be able to do with Google Sites is give information about your eCommerce store and offer special deals/promotions if you want, but that’s about it.

Which One better Wix vs Google sites for eCommerce?

Wix is a rich website builder tool for generating eCommerce websites in a fast and efficient manner. It offers numerous customizable options which include product galleries, special offers/discounts, etc to help your online store stand out among others and attract more customers!

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Wix vs Google sites for Easy to Use:-

Wix vs Google sites for Easy to Use

Wix for Easy to Use:-

Wix is a website builder that features unmatched customization and ease of use as well as the ability to build any type of site you want. It requires no coding or web design experience, so even those with little tech knowledge can make their own sites.

The website builder’s control panel is quite intuitive and easy to work with, as its WYSIWYG editor allows users to watch their progress while they make adjustments. It especially helps those who are new to the program because it makes creating a layout simple by letting you pick from pre-made elements or create your own design using drag & drop functionality.

The structure of the service includes a dashboard and editor, both with similar graphic styles to that which is used throughout. This makes it simpler for users to get accustomed to it.

With the options that are offered, even a novice can learn how to use this website builder in just several hours. It takes some time and practice with memorizing where buttons are located as well as learning new functions for editing pages or adding widgets; however, it’s easy enough no one needs any prior experience!

With the Wix ADI tool, you don’t need to know any code or technical skills in order to build a website. Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) guides you through every step of the design and gives out guidelines for what your site should have on it so everything is already done when you get there! All that’s left is filling in some content where necessary.

With Wix’s vast knowledge base and live chat/ticketing system, you can always reach out for professional assistance when needed. For premium support, VIP subscribers can contact the specialists through email or phone call to get their questions answered quickly.

Google sites for Easy to Use:-

Google Sites has a very easy-to-use interface, which makes it accessible even for beginners. It takes only several minutes of practice before you can create your own website without any help from others! If you have already created an account on Google, all the tools are available in your list of services so that there is no need for further registration. You just choose one template and customize it away with its convenient WYSIWYG web editor where everything will be done right inside the browser window itself.

To edit the document, click on “Document” and select a section. Underneath each section is an editing bar with options for formatting text or inserting media elements/widgets like images and videos. There are also pop-up windows in case you want to add something else outside of this interface’s capabilities; these items will be inserted without any transitions (meaning that they’ll appear immediately).

The website design process happens on the same screen, making it super easy. You can use elements and options that are visible at a time with no chance of mixing anything up in theory. It takes from half an hour to one day depending upon your interest and experience for you to explore the service fully.

Google Sites is a straightforward website builder, but if you have any questions about the site’s features or functions, they provide an extensive Help Center which contains useful tutorials and how-to articles. In addition to this resource, Google allows users to submit feedback containing screenshots of their current page so that it can be easily analyzed by support personnel in order for them to fix whatever issues may exist with your account.

Which one is better Wix vs google sites for Easy to Use?

With its rich features, Wix provides an intuitive and simple web design environment. However, Google Sites cannot boast the same quality result with an easy approach.

Wix vs Google sites for Mobile responsive:-

Wix for Mobile responsive:-

Wix’s mobile editor lets you manage websites from various devices and view them in Mobile View mode. The drag-and-drop design simplifies the process for newbies while allowing on-the-go edits with their integrated app.

Be aware that edits made in the desktop version of your project will not show up on mobile. If you only make edits in the mobile mode, they won’t be visible to everyone else who views it on a computer.

Google sites for Mobile responsive:-

Google Sites doesn’t have an integrated mobile editor, so websites created with the website builder won’t be mobile optimized. However, you can manually activate a menu toggle to switch between desktop and phone themes which will make your project viewable on any device through responsive design.

Which one is better Wix vs google sites for Mobile responsive?

Wix is great at mobile optimization. Wix allows you to manage your website in desktop and mobile modes with their integrated editor, but Google Sites requires manual activation of the mode for each site made on it which isn’t very practical or convenient.

Wix vs Google sites for Third-Party Apps and Extension:-

Wix for Third-Party Apps and Extension:-

Wix makes it easy to add extra performance and features, without writing any code. They have an advanced app market that has a bunch of widgets, extensions, and other products for your use. You can pick what you want from there based on the type of site or project that you are working on.

You can select between free and paid widgets here. You choose the elements to include in your site. Popular Wix Applications currently includes Site Search, Newsletter signup form, Customer reviews, Form Builder Appointment booking Get Subscribers, etc As you see from their names alone these are helpful tools for building a website.

With Wix Editor X, you can create responsive websites for any device – from mobile to desktop. This intuitive interface allows drag-and-drop opportunities and supports high-end design features like docking media integration flex layouts grid layout stack & scale breakpoints advanced sizing control unique Wix system font support and many more.

Wix VELO is another unique feature of the website builder that you should check out. It’s an open full-scale web development platform that helps make app creation faster. You can create your Wix site by working in their visual editor, adding custom functionality through Velo APIs, and connecting with databases all while coding directly into its IDE on top of everything else!

Google sites for Third-Party Apps and Extension:-

Google Sites provides a wide variety of cloud-based applications, including Documents, Sheets, Calendar, and more. This makes adding documents to your Pages easy as pie so you can add things like charts or presentations–or any other images (like diagrams), YouTube video forms with specified locations on the map — all from the Google Cloud!

To create a page, simply add an element to the block. You can use multiple elements in one block and they will appear randomly on your screen with regard to each other’s positioning regarding their distance from each other. The content formatting includes font, color list alignment link options which are all standard tools of word processing programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs for example. It is possible that you may end up creating more than one page but they’ll be found at the top menu when clicking through pages.

Which one is better Wix vs google sites for Third-Party Apps and Extension?

Wix provides a broad range of customizable features and generous integration options. The website builder allows users to access its App Market with hundreds of free and paid widgets that can be used for any project type, specialization, or other parameters you have in mind.

Wix vs Google sites for Template Edit:-

Wix for Template Edit:-

Wix offers the best quality of ready-made templates in their niche. Their overall number of themes is above 550, which are mobile-ready by default and fully customizable if you expect better design choices. If you want to manually customize a theme before it goes live on your website, Wix has an editor that can help with this process.

With a one-click design system, Wix allows you to adjust your template perfect for all types of mobile and desktop devices. The Wix Template Gallery is regularly updated with advanced designs that will help users find the perfect fit for their business website. If none of those templates suit what you’re looking for, choose from thousands that are customizable by blanking out sections or starting completely new ones!

To edit the designs, you can add new blocks to integrate widgets and extensions that set up layer parameters. You may then apply multiple effects like animated backgrounds all depending on what website niche your website belongs in as well as what kind of result you’re looking for.

For those users who don’t have coding skills or just want to save time, Wix provides the ADI tool. The Artificial Design Intelligence feature lets you create a website with few clicks of your mouse by asking simple questions and providing step-by-step guidelines based on what content is submitted.

Google sites for Template Edit:-

Google Sites is very limited when it comes to templates. The website builder only offers 8 templates in 3 categories: personal, work, and education. There isn’t much room for customization as the design options are pretty basic—all Google sites look similar (in terms of positioning) because they’re all made up of elements that can be easily edited against each other, but what you actually put on them varies site by site depending upon your content formatting choices. No coding is needed to edit pages or add new ones.

As you work with the website, keep in mind that there are three different sections of your control panel. The first section is inserted and it offers all kinds of elements to add to your site like text boxes, images, embeds, etc. These include layouts and popular add ons (calendar tables).

The Pages section allows you to pick and add the required pages for your website. Themes allow picking a preferred theme that differs in color variations, fonts, backgrounds etcetera.

The website builder lets you edit the HTML codes to have deeper design flexibility. You can use a Preview button that shows how your edits will look in real-time and allows for multiple contributors on one project as well as having access to recent updates of templates recently updated by other users.

Which one is better Wix vs google sites for Template Edit?

When it comes to design development and customization, Wix beats Google Sites by a landslide. The website builder has hundreds of mobile-ready templates that are 100% customizable while the themes on Google Sites offer limited customization options only.

Wix vs Google sites for Portfolio:-

Wix for Portfolio:-

Wix, a website builder with nice functionality and flexibility is great for portfolio creation. It’s useful to artists, photographers, models, or any creatives who want to show off their work online in the best light possible. Wix has access to different kinds of templates including ones catered toward specific niches (photographers have options like “landscape photography template”). These can be customized as you need them!

Wix’s mobile-friendly templates make them viewable on any device, and their blog connection allows you to stay in touch with viewers. Not only that, but Wix also offers image galleries for your portfolio as well as slideshow creator tools! They even have hosting space for HD videos so they can be seen clearly by all users of the site. With an SEO Wiz tool at your fingertips too there is no longer a need to worry about promotion; just sit back and relax while people start finding out how awesome your website really is!!!

Google sites for Portfolio:-

Google Sites might not have the most impressive portfolios, but it’s still possible to create one. In your dashboard, you’ll find a template that can be customized and filled out with required sections.

Your portfolio should include your name, contact information, work descriptions, and other important details. You will also need to upload any of the projects you have done or create a project (or several) that would showcase what you can do for others. Having extra widgets/extensions are a bonus as well!

Which one is better Wix vs google sites for Portfolio?

Wix website builder can help you create a powerful portfolio with its extensive integration options and SEO promotion tools. Google Sites, on the other hand, is best used to create simple projects such as portfolios due to its limited features for creating an online portfolio.

Wix vs Google sites for Price:-

Wix vs Google sites for Price

Wix for Price:-

When exploring the system, you can pick a free plan that lets you test Wix’s unlimited functionality during an unlimited time interval. Once ready to begin working on your website and going live with it, upgrade to one of our paid subscriptions: Standard or Business/eCommerce plans.

A low monthly payment of $13 can get you free domain name connections, hosting without annoying ads. If that isn’t enough for your business then go with the unlimited package at only $17 a month to gain access to 10GB storage space and more bandwidth usage. For those who need even higher amounts of video storage (2 hours) professional logo services, etc., there is an option in between these two called ‘VIP’ which costs around $39 per month but gives priority support along with integration tools like Google Analytics.”

If you’re just starting out eCommerce, the Business Basic plan by Wix is a great option. It has everything needed for your business to get started and grow: hosting with unlimited bandwidth, an online payments acceptance system (credit card fees apply), fully customizable websites/eCommerce stores, etc. If you want more features such as special apps for entrepreneurs or eCommerce platform integration then look into their other plans – Unlimited ($27) and VIP ($49). Finally, if it’s end-to-end services that are what exactly will be required of your needs in terms of functionality and tools available to use then check out Enterprise at $500 per month.”

Whatever website builder you choose, each of them comes with a free domain connection and a 14-day money-back guarantee if for some reason it doesn’t work out.

Google sites for Price:-

The Google Sites website builder is a free tool for anyone to make their own web page. As soon as you finish your webpage, there are two options: either connect the domain of your choice or use any from those offered by Google at no cost whatsoever. However, this service has very limited features which make it difficult to create functional websites with – especially if they require complex functionality like e-commerce sites and social media platforms!

Which one is better Wix vs google sites for Price?

Google Sites proves to be a cheaper solution. However, the website builder is free and it offers poor functionality when compared with Wix’s plans that can help you create professional websites for affordable prices.


While both Wix and Google Sites make it possible to create a website, their approaches differ greatly. One major difference is that the features sets of each system are completely different from each other as well as between free versions and paid plans. In fact, even looking at only the free version comparisons makes Wix preferable for all user categories compared with Google Sites’ limited options in this category alone! This opinion remains true when considering how much more useful paid plan advantages can be seen to be.

Wix scores are higher than Google Sites in a comparison of the available website creation platforms. If you’re still not sure, know that some users prefer using Google Site’s collaboration tools to create work with their team members and share best practices via email or chat messages on projects they are working on together as a group. However, if your plans include creating advanced commercial websites with unrivaled visual appeal and extensive performance features, Wix is clearly the top choice for this endeavor!


Which one is better Wix and Google Sites for Small Business?

Wix is a better option for small businesses. Wix Pricing plans are cheaper when compare with google sites for small businesses.

Which one is better Wix vs Google Sites for Business Owners?

Wix is a better option for business owners. As I said earlier, You can get more features in WIX which you cannot find on google sites.

Which one is better Wix vs Google Sites for Reseller?

Google Sites is a better option for resellers. You can host multiple client websites with it. As I said earlier, google sites offer a free domain name which you cannot get in the case of Wix.

Which one is better Wix vs Google Sites for Price?

Google Sites proves to be a cheaper solution. However, the website builder is free and it offers poor functionality when compared with Wix’s plans that can help you create professional websites for affordable prices.

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