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WordPress Theme vs Template

Here I explain your difference between WordPress Theme vs Template. Also explain Benefits of WordPress Themes, Benefits of WordPress Template. Which one to use WordPress Theme vs Template?

WordPress Theme vs Template

What is WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes are the presentation layer of your website, basically, it is the face.

A WordPress theme is made up of a combination of files that work together to produce the user interface you see in front of you. WordPress themes are primarily written in PHP, HTML, and CSS. A good understanding of these languages will enhance your ability to create WordPress Themes.

A theme decides how your website will look and what features it will have. WordPress themes allow you to change the overall appearance of a site by changing the stylesheet and template files.

Some of the free WordPress themes have a fixed design which you cannot change, but there are some free premium themes also available in the market that allows you to customize them with your choice.

There are two types of WordPress Themes available for download.

1. Free WordPress Themes

Free WordPress Themes are available for download from the WordPress Theme Directory that is a community-driven collection of themes submitted and rated by webmasters and users.

You can also find free premium themes on various other websites online for your personal or commercial use. Many bloggers are using the free WordPress themes available on various websites.

If you are not comfortable with coding then free themes will be best for you. You can also customize free WordPress themes according to your needs.

2. Premium WordPress Themes

Premium themes provide greater flexibility and features. On the other hand, Premium WordPress Themes are made by professionals with high-end graphics for the effective presentation of your website.

To use premium themes, you need to buy them first and then download it from the respective websites. These themes are costlier than free themes but they come with several features.

What is WordPress Child Theme

Benefits of WordPress Themes

Now, let us take a look at some of the benefits of using WordPress themes for your website.

Benefits of WordPress Themes

1. WordPress themes are easy to use and maintain

WordPress is an open-source technology which means, you can make changes in the code or design as much as possible without violating any copyright policy.

You may not be able to do coding with the premium WordPress Themes but these themes are easily manageable through their back-end interface.

2. WordPress Themes make it easy to add new features

WordPress is a platform that allows you to add new features and tools via plugins. Now, if there is a plugin available with the theme then it makes your job easier.

For example, if you are using a responsive premium WordPress Theme that has a built-in slider plugin then it will be easier for you to add new functionalities to your website.

3. WordPress Themes are flexible and search engine friendly

As already mentioned, WordPress is an open-source technology which means anyone can develop themes using the code. This makes theme development easy and benefits people with less expertise in coding.

It also provides flexibility in theme design. Search engines also love WordPress Themes because of their open-source nature which means you will get better results in the SERPs.

4. WordPress Themes are secure and reliable

One of the major benefits that come with using WordPress is its security features. Since it is an Open Source platform, thousands of developers around the world are working on security issues and vulnerabilities of the platform. This makes it one of the most secure platforms available online today.

5. WordPress Themes are regular updated by the developer community

Many people use free themes but they forget to update their themes regularly. According to statistics, only 20 percent of all downloaded themes get updated at least once a year.

This leaves you with old and outdated themes which may have several security issues. In order to avoid these security risks, maintain your website as well as theme updated as often as possible.

6. WordPress Themes help in increasing search engine ranking

According to various studies, websites developed using WordPress are more likely to appear on top positions in Google search results. This is because of its easy-to-use interface, SEO-friendly plugins, and flexible platform for theme development.

7. WordPress Themes are convenient to update your site

When it comes to updating any website, many bloggers take a lot of time. But it doesn’t happen with WordPress Themes as you can make changes within few clicks.

Most of the premium WordPress themes come with an option to choose styles, colors, and other options that are available for your website without having to go through any code.

8. WordPress Themes help in saving time

As discussed above, you don’t need to spend much time updating your site as it is a quick and easy process. The website usually takes a few days to finish work on a single theme but for WordPress, you can save your time if you hire the right service provider.

9. WordPress Themes are cost-effective

There are many paid themes available online that offer great quality services at reasonable rates. These premium WordPress themes offer you all the features that you may need for your website.

11. WordPress Themes provide better customizability and control over the website

There are thousands of different WordPress themes available online which offer different levels of customization to match your requirements. For example, you may need a theme that is simple yet elegant or modern and fully loaded with features.

In order to get all these benefits for your website, you will have to modify or tweak the code according to your requirements which may be a difficult task for many people.

If you prefer having complete control over the contents and layout of your site, then WordPress is certainly the best platform that can help you accomplish it in an easy way.

12. WordPress Themes provide full scope for SEO

WordPress is an open-source platform so there are thousands of plugins developed by the community which can help you in making your site more search engine friendly.

There are also various tools and widgets which you can add to get better visibility on major search engines. Also, themes developed using WordPress are SEO friendly because of their flexible code and easily readable URLs.

13. WordPress Themes save your time and energy as you can hire a professional service provider

There is no need for you to learn coding skills as there are several companies today that provide complete themes with all the necessary tools and functionalities at reasonable rates.

What is WordPress Template

WordPress template is a pre-made or predefined layout that you can use for your website. These templates have been built with specific designs and layouts so the user can easily set up a website according to their personal preferences.

What are Different Types of WordPress Templates?

For a better understanding, let’s divide all the templates into the following categories:

i) Header Templates

Header template is the first thing that users notice on your site, so it should be catchy and elegant. This category contains header styles that are suitable for any kind of website. For example, you can see the header template of this blog which is very classy and stylish so users can get a hint about the site.

ii) Full Width Templates

Full-width templates are designed to use maximum space on your page. These templates take up the full width of your webpage so you need not worry while designing them.

iii) Multi-Column Templates

Multi-column templates are perfect for business websites as they provide better readability and display options.

iv) Fixed Width Templates

Fixed width templates are made to adjust with the website’s background so they don’t look odd when the user scrolls up and down on the webpage.

What is WordPress Template Framework?

WordPress Template framework is a complete package that includes all the necessary things such as HTML template, CSS files, AJAX caching support, JS files, etc. These templates are specially designed to work with the most popular WordPress themes.

Benefits of WordPress Template

There are several benefits of using WordPress templates which include:

Benefits of WordPress Template

i) Easy Installation

Most professional themes provide recommended installation steps so you don’t need to worry about anything as they are quite simple to install.

ii) Updating

It is very easy to update the templates as there are separate files for HTML, CSS, and JS. You need not worry about losing your customized changes as all you need to do is to upload new content in those files.

iii) SEO Friendly

As WordPress templates are coded using standards, they are also optimized to work with search engines. So, you can expect better visibility on SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

iv) Magnet for Customers

There is a full scope of customization and modification as these templates allow users to make changes in HTML and CSS files which means even novice users can easily make changes in the design and layout of their website.

Difference Between WordPress Themes vs Templates

WordPress themes are pre-built designs that can be used for any kind of site, but you cannot make changes in them as this needs coding skills. Also, they include CSS files to change its look, which means you need not modify every single file.

On the other hand, WordPress templates are ready-made designs that you can use to set up your site in no time. You don’t need coding skills to modify these templates and there is a separate file for CSS and JS changes which makes it easier for novice users.

So, these are the basic differences between WordPress themes and templates. If you want to set up a site in no time then templates are best for you.

The process of creating professional WordPress templates is not easy, but elite designers spend enough time with their clients to understand their requirements before they start working on the template development process.

WordPress Theme vs Template – Which One to Use?

In order to create a stunning professional website, it is necessary for you to consider the functionalities and features that are available in WordPress themes and templates.

You can make use of free themes if you don’t want any advanced functionality because these free themes do not contain advanced options. On the other hand, you can opt for a premium WordPress theme because these themes come with advanced options and help you to create a great website.

Premium WordPress template developers always keep beginners in mind so they provide clients with all the necessary things required to develop a fully functional website. In this way, users need not worry about anything as their expertise level won’t stop them from creating a great website.

There are certain things that you must keep in mind when buying a WordPress template, for example:

i) Cross-browser compatibility

Before purchasing any template you need to check its cross-browser compatibility so your site looks good on all browsers and mobile devices.

ii) Pre-built Layouts

Most people like to use pre-built layouts instead of starting from scratch, but you need to make sure that your chosen template has all the necessary features required for creating a great website.

iii) Custom Post Type UI

If you want some pages that are not based on posts like product pages then you must choose a theme or template that supports this feature.

iv) Custom Widgets

Widgets such as Flickr and Twitter help you to integrate social media sites with your site, so it is important for you to choose a template that supports customizable widgets.

v) Support

Support of the theme or template developer matters a lot because problems will arise at some point in time after you purchase any theme or template. Rightly chosen WordPress template developer provides you with full support so you can get help when problems occur in the future.

vi) Customization

Being a novice user, if you are new to WordPress then it is better for you to choose a fully customizable premium WordPress theme instead of free themes. This is because the free themes do not provide enough customization options for you to make changes.

vii) Pay if Needed

Don’t pay for features that are unnecessary for your site, but only choose the features that are important for you. If there is no need to have a particular feature then simply skip this option because it just wastes your money to buy unwanted things.

You must know that a template is not a website. It just provides you with a layout and some basic things to get started, but it is your site’s content that makes the real difference.

So, WordPress templates are ready-made designs that can help you to save time and money when developing your website.

In case if you find any difficulty in developing your own site then you can seek WordPress template services because it helps your site to get started within a very short time.

Should i buy a WordPress theme vs template?

The WordPress templates provide you with the ability to open a new site in under an hour while it takes hours to create a custom theme from scratch, so why do people still buy themes when they can download free ones.

1. Quality Assurance

There are free WordPress template developers who don’t put a lot of work into quality assurance and manual testing of their templates. This means that the free templates may contain errors, bugs, and vulnerabilities which can lead to site crashes and also affect your SEO.

On the other hand, WordPress theme developers pay a lot of attention to quality control because they have well-defined processes in place for testing their themes so you don’t have to worry about site crashes and vulnerabilities.

2. Modifications

If you want to modify any free template then it is not possible for you because most of these templates come with tough licensing restrictions which do not allow you to change or tweak any part of the template.

As a result, you may need to hire WordPress developers who can customize your desired template as per your requirements and save you money and time.

3. Customer Support

When using free templates you may not get customer support because they are mainly developed by hobbyists or students who work in their own spare time, which is why you may need to wait for a long period before your problem gets resolved.

But when you buy premium WordPress themes then you can get instant support from the developers because they are professional companies who work in a well-defined process to resolve any query in less time.

4. Short Release Cycle

There is no release cycle in the case of free templates because anyone can upload outdated versions to their website and share them with others, which means you will be using obsolete themes that can potentially affect your SEO.

On the other hand, when you buy premium WordPress themes then they come with a strict release cycle and will be updated regularly to keep up with changes in WordPress and new plugins.

5. System

The free templates are based on old PHP and MySQL versions while most of the premium WordPress themes are built on the latest PHP and MySQL versions which ensure you a better site performance, security, and support for the latest WP features.

6. Design

The free templates suffer from poor design as they are not tested properly so the layout, coding structure, and color scheme may cause problems in loading your website which can also affect your SEO.

On the other hand, premium WordPress themes provide you with a better code structure and clean design which can boost your site’s performance and also improve your SEO.

7. Protection

Most premium WordPress theme companies offer a Money Back Guarantee that protects your purchase from any potential problem or issue regarding this template. In case if there is a problem with the template then you can get a full refund.

How to Use Templates in WordPress

Generally, there are two ways to use WordPress templates:

1. Download and install the template

You can download and install a free or premium template on your site according to your requirement. However, you must have some knowledge of coding because it is not easy as using a normal WordPress theme.

2. Use Template Marketplaces

There are many free and premium template marketplaces where you can find any type of template with different styles, designs, layouts, and color schemes.

5 Most Popular Theme Market Places

1. Themeforest

Themeforest has the largest collection of themes for both designers and end-users along with free and Paid WordPress themes that are suitable for different niches like education, portfolio, blog, etc.

2. Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes is one of the most popular theme marketplaces for WordPress premium themes, plugins, and training courses. It is trusted by more than 3 million users across the world.

3. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes have more than 60+ WordPress themes that come in both free and paid versions like Divi, X, Motif, etc.

4. Studio Press

Studio Press is also one of the most popular WordPress theme marketplaces which have 200+ best-selling WordPress themes like Genesis framework, foundation, etc. You can use these templates for your personal or commercial sites.

5. Woo Themes

Woo Themes is also a popular theme marketplace that has more than 250+ best-selling WordPress themes in different categories like business, magazine, form, etc.

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